Roller Skating What To Wear – Choosing The Right Skating Outfits

“Roller Skating What to Wear?” wonder you when having a plan to go out for skating with your family or friends this weekend. Then, this post is exactly for you.

Roller skating is a perfect chance to let loose, show your style, and of course, have a great time rolling. Of all items available out there, choose ones that are safe, comfortable, and fashionable.

Here are some!

The Importance of The Right Roller Skating Outfit

The Importance of The Right Roller Skating OutfitHaving proper outfits can do wonders for your roller skating experience.

  • Safety: First in lịne, never go out for skating without checking your safety gear. At least, take along a fitted helmet with you, as well as knee/elbow pads and wrist guards.
  • Comfort: The right choice of cloth will make you feel comfy moving around on the skates. Especially when you are doing tricks, comfort will come in to play and be a great help.
    And as you feel comfortable with your clothes, learning and practicing will be much easier. The tricks are tough enough to handle, you definitely don’t want to struggle with your outfits at the same time.
  • Confidence: Outfits that match your body and fashion sense will boost your confidence. When having more flexibility on your skates, your performance will also be more on-point. Love the moments when eyes are on you appreciating your visual? Go for the outfits that you feel loved when wearing them.
  • Speed: Besides comfort and confidence/ flexibility, outfits can also play a great role when it comes to improving your skating speed. Great skaters look effortless when they are skating; they don’t want anything to drag them behind by unnecessary items.

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“Roller Skating What To Wear” Must-Know Before You Roll

Protection Gears

Protection GearsAs you might ask what to wear for roller skating, we bet that you are at the entry-level. Then, ready to get blisters and small injuries and you can get familiar with the sport.

Fortunately, wearing protective skating gear will minimize the pain and hurt as much as possible. We can never stress enough the importance of the protection gears when it comes to skating. Just hope you will respect your body!

From head to toe, there is a helmet, two wristguards, two elbow pads, and two knee pads. All the gears have to be the right size that fits your body.

Please make sure that the helmet is comfortably fitted around your head, so it will not move back and forth or cause any distraction when you are skating. The straps on the helmet and pads should also be tight yet elastic enough to keep them in the right place while not hurting your skin and veins.

Outfits For Roller Skating

Protection gears are checked – Great! Let’s now start with your outfits from the ground up.

Practical and comfortable criteria are the most important, so the roller skater often prefer the loose and functional clothing that makes it easy to move around and it must also provide some protection. Meanwhile, the casual and carefree aesthetic is also essential, which creates an anti-establishment touch.


SocksMany pro speed skaters do not wear socks, but their skates are all feather inside, and they are custom-made to be a perfect fit for their feet. However, at the entry-level, you should always wear socks because a good pair of socks is the most important item in a skating outfit.

When you skate, your feet can be quickly gnarly, thus, wearing socks that are moisture-wicking and breathable instead of going bare-footed will help keep your feet warm and dry inside. Without them, you might even end up having blisters on the toes or ankles.

Do not go for whatever socks in your ward, but choose ones accordingly to how your roller skates fit and feel.

The higher the sock is, the more protective it becomes to cover your shin and lessen the possible injuries – especially when you are wearing shorts.


DenimDenim jeans are one of the most popular options for skating outfits – HOWEVER, not all the jeans and styles are recommended, except for those which are stretchy and durable. A good pair of jeans should be also built to handle well in sweat in and rough ditches while you are skating.

Besides the jeans, a trusty T-shirt going with jeans is safe for a laid-back skating experience, whether you are skating outside or on a rink. Without feeling comfortable, you might suffer the whole break time rather than you are loose and fun as you might have with the roller skates.

Jeggings are good as well. And they match well with blouses so you will have many outfits options. Jeggings are actually even more stretchy than jeans while still giving you that body-fit feeling. Cute and casual, go for it. Especially, we recommend the denim jeggings on cold days so that you can both roll comfortably and keep warm at the same time.

Tees and Comfortable Shorts

Tees and Comfortable ShortsA pair of skate shorts will give a cool-kid look and keep you comfy in summer. They are one of the most favored items by skaters, thanks to their diverse designs and texture patterns. A suitable pair of shorts should be a loose fit and finish at your knees.

If you are just looking for something casual, then cargo shorts with large pockets will be a great choice and you should put on protective knee pads or a pair of long socks to protect yourself from possible injuries.

Oversized tee, crop-top, tank-top, you have so many options to team your shorts with. Depending on what you pair them with, they will come out with a trendy match for skating around.


DressesAlthough dresses look great and are always safe on casual days, many of you might clear them out when planning for a rolling-skate day. Short dresses seem to be ideal for stage performance only, while the long dresses are too prolix.

In fact, you can still wear them, but with more caution, especially if you still need a lot of practice, or you might end up suffering from falls, slips, and tumbles sometimes.

To fit your dress for skating situations, you should go for skate dresses which are inspired by the clothing of skater – they are often above the knees, having the A-line skirt combined with the fitted waist. You can also mix-match those dresses with a long pair of tights, leggings, or biker shorts. These combos will create another layer of protection and still keep your gout and freedom, while they are also perfect for all seasons.


NotesBesides above, we also recommend some further notes like the following – Take notes of all now:

  • Layers are good. When you get overheated, you can strip off easily.
  • Don’t feel like you have to wear something conservative for skating. Unleash your creativeness, as long as it gives enough safety and comfort.
  • Add some neon colors/ patterns in your outfit selection; these colors are eye-catchy with the rink background. They also give a touch of the retro vibe to your overalls.

How To Choose Roller Skating Outfits?

How To Choose Roller Skating Outfits

  • Purpose: With all the tips on Roller Skating: What to Wear above, it is time to pick up an outfit by asking yourself first: “Do you skate for fun or for serious practice?”
    If you just gonna chill on your skates, some fit clothes do no harm.
  • Durability: The next thing to consider about the skating outfit is its durable because you will need to stretch and shift your body a lot to move faster and further.
    So materials and the sewing techniques are important when choosing your skating outfit, meaning they are strong and resistant enough to withstand all the frictions on the move.
  • Textile: You will get hot quickly when you skating, especially on speeding up or doing tricks, so to avoid discomfortable sweating situations, you must be careful about the material’s textile.
    An outfit with seat-absorbing features will do a great job of keeping you cool.
  • Form: Generally speaking, the ideal clothes should be loose so that the air can circulate and reduce sweat. Second, it’s all about comfort again. Anything that goes with “loose a bit” is good, dress up as much as you want and be the coolest kid on the rink. Show yourself!
  • Budget: Skater apparel usually does not cost you an arm and a leg, but if you want something more affordable, thrift shops are the place-to-go. And not just will you save your budget on clothes; there will be thousands of styles to hang around with. Feel free to mix, match, and be a fashionista!

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The Bottom Line

“Roller Skating What to Wear?” – You now have the answer. As long as your outfits make you feel confident, flexible, and appropriate, you make the judgment calls. And don’t forget the gears, as your body is well protected, you will have more chances to dress up as you want.

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