Safe and Secure Longboarding Techniques

670px-Skateboard-Step-14Longboards are usually skateboards that are wider and longer than the common types of skateboard currently available in the market. There are many variations in the length and width of Longboards. Also, there is no standard measurement to identify Longboards from the most common types. Commonly, the Longboard is a board that is certainly 100 centimetres or even longer. They are wider and for that they are more balanced and comfortable at a very high speed. Since there is no standard, so you have to know some safe and secure techniques to ride a board comfortably.  These are as follows.

  • Foot Braking: This is the really an easy technique. You have to balance one foot on the Longboard and use  another foot to stop. This method is not recommended when longboarding at a very high speed, because you have to slow down the board before completely stop.
  • Slide Braking: This can be a very good way to use when using a downhill Longboard. While using this technique, you have to turn the board sideways and then stop. Slide Braking can be performed from the both sides (front and back side). Wearing hand gloves is very important when you will ride very fast. It is important because you have to touch the ground to keep balance before stopping. If you are not riding fast, you don’t have to wear gloves, but it is important to be secure.
  • Air Braking: This method is required to slow down the board.  Air Braking is not a good choice to stop the board completely, but it will help you to slow down enough. Using this technique, you can stand upright on the board and fully stretch your hands. When you stretch your hands, your body will work as a resistance and will help you to slow down.
  • Craving: This technique used for downhill longboarding to control the speed. It is advisable to lean your body right to left to make ‘S’ shape. It will allow you to control the speed properly.
  • Drifting: Drifting is a movement in which the board seems to lose traction as soon as you are going for a turn. It happens when the Longboard lose control in the mid-turn. This method is usually used in downhill longboarding to minimize the speed around a turn.

Once you understand the best way to stop and slow down, there are some additional techniques that you can follow when longboarding:

  • Slalom:Slalom is a technique, which is used to avoid all types of obstacles during longboarding.
  • Skogging:It is a method that skaters carry out mainly for fun and while using the legs to push the skateboard.
  • Pumping: Pumping is done to gain momentum during riding without turning and pushing off.
  • Boardwaking: This method includes cross-stepping and lots of expertise is needed to perform it. Besides, you will be able to move your feet in different ways or techniques like twisting, hopping and jumping.

In the above discussion, lots of Longboarding techniques are described. Obviously all the techniques are very important and you should follow all of those to ride safely. Read more about speed control of longboarding in the next article.

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