Safety Gears You Must Have in Best Longboard Downhill Racing

Since the evolution of skateboards, racing is a crucial part of skateboarding culture. Downhill racing is a famous longboard racing and is also considered as the most difficult racing associated with the longboard. The difficulty level in this type of racing is too high that one mistake can cause a huge loss to the rider.

Helmets or gloves are the basic security gears that are worn by every rider before taking part in a race. If you are taking part in downhill racing, then you must have best longboard downhill and safety gears. Let’s have a look at some of safety gears which will keep you safe in case of any accident.

Full Face Helmet

Full Face HelmetA rider normally wears a helmet that covers the head only. Since the difficulty level in downhill racing is too high, it’s better to wear a full face helmet that will keep your head as well as face safe. If you fall from the board during downhill race, then this type of helmet will protect your head, jaw and your skin.

Wear High Quality Gloves

Wear High Quality GlovesGloves are being used for performing skills on Longboards. In this type of racing, there are several sharp turns which can be taken only by performing some skills. You need to bend your knees and take help of your hands to make a sharp turn in downhill racing, so it’s better to wear high quality gloves so that you do not hurt your hands while taking a sharp turn.

Wear Reinforced Cycling Shorts

Wear Reinforced Cycling ShortsYou must be wandering that ‘how can cycling shorts can protect you’. Cycling shorts are made up of finest material mainly plastic which protect your hips and side legs from having the skin taken off in case you fell from the board.

The plastic stuff used in these shorts will keep your hips and side legs safe and make sure your skin is not ripped off no matter at how much speed you have fell from the board. Top sports manufacturing companies design these shorts, so get a pair of these shorts before taking part in downhill racing.

Knee Pads and Shin Guards are Important

Knee Pads and Shin GuardsKnee pads and shin guards are quite important in this type of racing. If you fall from the board, then you will definitely roll down a certain distance. This will hurt your knees badly as the skill will get off when the knees will hit the roads. So, protect your knees by wearing knee pads. These knees pads will make sure your skin is not ripped off no matter how far you fall from the board.

These are some of the additional security gears which must be worn before taking part in downhill racing. These safety gears will definitely affect your performance but without these safety gears you might hurt yourself so bad that you can’t take part in any race in future. Apart from these safety gears you must have the best longboard downhill as it is specially designed for downhill racing.

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