Santa Cruz Sugar Skull Pintail Has Got Incredible Features

Santa Cruz is among the leading Longboard manufacturers and has released some incredible models. Santa Cruz sugar skull pintail is one of the top models released by the company which is equipped with some incredible features.  Let’s have a look at the features supported by this model, which makes it better than other models available in the same price segment.


Santa Cruz Sugar Skull Pintail DesignWith 43.5 X 9.9” size, a user can easily move around the longboard and maintain his balance. A beginner as well as an expert rider can use this board to fly down the streets as it comes with a perfect design, which makes it good in balancing and turning ability. This model has sugar skull rose’s graphic all over the board, which gives it a modern look.  So, if you are looking for a funky longboard with incredible features, then this model is the best option.


Santa Cruz Sugar Skull PintailThe quality of the material used in a longboard majorly affects its performance. Santa Cruz sugar skull pintail longboard is made up of North American Maple material, which is considered as one of the top materials used in a longboard. Since, high quality material is used; a heavy rider can also easily use this board to enjoy longboarding.


Santa Cruz sugar skull pintailApart from the design and material, components are one of the most important factors which are responsible for the overall performance of a longboard. Wheels, trucks and bearing are some of the major board components which describe the Longboard performance.


72 mm 78a Road Rider wheels are used in this model, which makes it easy for the rider to ride in difficult situations. Moreover, a rider can easily perform some advanced level board tricks without any difficulty as high quality wheels are used, which reduces the chances of wheel bite.


Santa Cruz Sugar Skull Pintail Wheels and TrucksThis model comes with 180 mm Road Rider trucks which provide better stability. A rider can easily enjoy a fast ride without facing any difficulty because of the use of high quality trucks.


Longboard bearings are judged on ABEC ratings and this model comes with ABEC 3 bearings, which are the top rated longboard bearings. Because of the use of ABEC 3 bearings, a rider can easily adjust his speed and maintain his grip and balance over the board, which allows the rider to enjoy a smooth ride even at high speeds.

Santa Cruz Sugar Skull Pintail BearingsSince, high quality components are used a rider can easily expect a smooth and comfortable ride in different locations.

These are some of the amazing features supported by Santa Cruz sugar skull pintail longboard. If you have still have a question regarding this model, then you should contact the customer service. You can either call the customer service agents or drop a mail and the company will resolve your query within 24 hours. A good customer service is also another important factor behind the stupendous success of this model. So, buy this model as soon as possible to get the most out of longboarding.

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