Scooter For A Broken Foot – The Best Mobility Aid In 2022

Are you suffering from foot injury? You want to go out but do not want to bother others? Don’t worry, we will recommend a scooter for a broken foot.

A knee scooter is a unique design for people with ankle injuries, sprains, broken legs or any foot-related injuries. It will bring comfort to your feet.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s find out these wonderful and super useful scooters.

Is a Knee Scooter Better than Crutches?

You cannot compare which one is better. What you need to know is the difference between their advantages and disadvantages. From there, based on your needs, you will know which one is better for you.

Here is a comparison of the scooter for a broken foot and crutches.

Scooter for a Broken Fo

Scooter for a broken fo

  • There are knee pads, keeping the feet and ankles non-weight bearing
  • It allows a long-distance travel
  • The ground stability of this product is better than crutches
  • It does not create weight for the body, easy to move
  • You can avoid slipping on the floor


  • It is inconvenient when moving in tight spaces
  • The cost is higher than crutches



  • Crutches are more commonly used than scooters
  • They are convenient for moving in tight spaces, go to the bathroom, up and downstairs, and so on
  • They are suitable for people with good body condition


  • You have to take time to get used to the usage
  • A crutch may be unstable, difficult for you to carry things when moving

Thus, you can rely on the advantages and disadvantages of scooters and crutches, you can know which is better for you depending on your needs. For example, if you only use equipment to walk for about a week, crutches will be better for you because your injury is not too severe. On the other hand, if you have a serious injury and are expected to recover within 3 months, I recommend using a scooter, which allows you to move around freely without having to brace yourself.

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The Best Scooter for Broken Foot: List of Top 5

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Now, we will dive in the details to find out the top 5 best scooters for a broken foot of year.

KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter

KneeRover Steerable Knee ScooterThis scooter suits perfectly if you want to recover your foot, ankle or even lower leg from injury or surgery. This steerable knee scooter is really trustable mobility aid due to its great features.

The looking handbrake and rear disc brake of this scooter are modifiable, giving to you the extremely good stability when you move. Additionally, this feature helps you to control the scooter simpler as well.

If you are looking for a knee walker that can be used both inside and outside your house, then this one will please you at best. The scooter is designed carefully with four non-marking rubber wheels. Each wheel is 7.5 inches, helping you to move on any terrain without getting any trouble. Besides, a 3.5 inches thick contoured knee platform and a free basket also come along with the product, providing you a full set of mobility aid.

Of course, you will like its quick folding ability. This feature allows you to fold the handlebars in just a few seconds. So that you will not have to think each time you want to carry the scooter around or store it.

Although the brake and the wheels work well, you still have to be careful every time you go on a slope or hill. The reason is that the front tires are quite easy to be thrown off the brake. For example, when you are climbing a slope and you squeeze, the front tires may suddenly jerk and make you fall off. That’s not good, isn’t it?


  • The price is reasonable
  • The scooter basket is sturdy and big enough to hold things


  • It is hard to assemble
  • The radius of the scooter turning may not big enough to please you

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KneeRover KneeCycle

KneeRover KneeCycleAs an alternative mobility aid for crutches, this knee walker works greatly to help you recover from injuries.

This product has a special control mechanism. In order to maneuver this scooter, you have to steer automotive-style tie-rod handlebars. In fact, these handlebars make you more comfortable using the scooter because it provides enough turning radius. Additionally, when you need to tighten or loosen the handle brake, you can do that easily as well.

With about 7 and a half inches non-marking rubber tires, this scooter can be used well both indoor and outdoor. Besides, the scooter is also designed with a 3 and a half inches contoured knee platform that is compatible with either left or right leg.

If you are the kind of person who has to go shopping mostly, then this scooter will be also suitable. Why does it suit? The reason is that a basket will come with the scooter when you buy this product. Although the basket is not so big, it can still hold tons of things inside.

There is one thing that you need to be careful while using it. If you move on a carpet, the tires may stick a little bit, leading you to fall to the front or behind. Make sure that you keep 2 hands on the steering wheels.


  • This product has a reasonable price
  • This scooter has a lightweight
  • It is easy for you to transport and store the scooter


  • This product can not go at high speed
  • You may not feel comfortable while moving it on sticky place

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ELENKER Knee Walker

ELENKER Knee WalkerIf you need to recover your broken ankle or lower leg, this scooter will be one of the best supports for you.

Although you can use this product both inside and outside your house, we still recommend you move on smooth surfaces. Sometimes, it may hard for you to take this knee walker under control while moving on difficult terrains.

This item is a great example to show that a scooter is more useful for mobility than a crutch. More specifically, this walker has 8 inches wheels that will support you to keep balance and drive better.

Some scooters are hard to store. But this product is not like so. Having a quick folding mechanism, this scooter allows you to fold its handlebars for transporting and storing it in just a few seconds.

If you often carry heavy things around with you, this scooter can also support you greatly. Having a weight capacity of 300 LBS, it can withstand a high amount of pressure.


  • It is easy to control
  • The contoured knee pad can be modified
  • The high of the handlebar can be adjusted


  • You should not use it to go through potholes
  • The steering of the scooter may be unstable sometimes

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Vive 8 Inch Knee Walker

Vive Knee WalkerThe knee scooter by Vive is designed to be very compact and durable, bringing comfort to users. Moreover, it is very flexible, you can use them both indoors and outdoors.

This design is a great alternative to crutches. Trust me! It helps you to move gently after an injury or surgery on the ankle, foot or foot-related areas.

In particular, this knee walker has a convenient storage bag in front of the scooter, which makes it easy to carry the necessary items if needed.

Besides, Vive scooter provides you with foam knee cushion for comfort and stability when you move. Foam cushions also help better air circulation for users.

This 8-inch 4-wheel scooter has dual rear disk brakes. This helps users to be stable on the move and can control the knee walker well.


  • Rear dual brakes for safety and maximum control
  • Good maneuverability and control
  • Easy to assemble


  • The bag is unstructured and items in this bag can fall down anytime

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OasisSpace Upgraded Knee Scooter Walker

OasisSpace Upgraded Knee Scooter WalkerOasisSpace consists of 4 all-terrain pneumatic wheels 12 inches. It gives you certain stability and flexibility when moving.

Besides, the OasisSpace foot scooter has a very good shock absorber. It is designed to reduce weight, which makes your travel process a lot easier. And of course, it will not cause leg injury in the second time.

Besides the shock absorbers, this brake system of this foot scooter allows you to adjust the locking device on the spot. When you want to stop anywhere, just turn the key, you can stand still without worrying about slipping.

In addition, OasisSpace foot pads work very smoothly. You can adjust the spacers and steering wheel to suit your body shape and height. Not only that, but the handlebars of the knee scooter can also be easily folded down, which makes it easy to carry, especially foldable for cars.

In particular, this knee walker is suitable for people recovering from injury or after surgery where the legs are involved. They help you to walk without getting tired. Moreover, it also helps you reduce pain and friction than using a regular crutch. This product is warranted for 12 months.


  • Simplicity in carrying the item around
  • Dual brake operation decreases unexpected accidents


  • Heavier weight in comparison to other products

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Buying Guide

Buying GuideTo choose the most suitable scooter for a broken foot, you should rely on the following criteria:

  • Assembling: A foot scooter which is easy to assemble will be very convenient for people with foot injuries. Why is that? It helps you to save time and effort when moving, traveling, storing as well as cleaning equipment.
  • Weight capacity: A foot scooter usually weighs from 300 to 350 pounds. This is the optimal weight capacity for users. However, if you want to be more certain, try with heavy-duty foot scooters. Of course, make sure that you check weight capacity before buying.
  • Adjustability: On the scooter market, there are many different types of scooters for broken feet and of course, it has many different uses. Your first priority should be to choose an easily adjustable vehicle. A foot scooter that allows you to adjust the height will be better than the one without this feature.
  • Affordability: There are many types of scooters with different prices and quality. Before you buy, you should set a price range and budget you can afford. After that, you can consult or look at the knee scooter online at a reasonable price.

Expensive and cheap depending on the quality and specific features of each product. So, consider your needs for a foot scooter at a good price.



Will insurance cover a knee scooter?

Yes or no. It depends on each type of health insurance. There are a few brands that cover rolling knee scooters and others will not. On the other hand, some carriers may even pay the rent for the knee walker and vice versa.

If you have questions, you can review the policy information or call your health insurance company. If you intend to buy a scooter for a broken foot, learn how to use it and its features or consult a salesperson before buying.

Can you rent a knee scooter?

Yes. The cost of renting a foot scooter is about $30 to $80 per week. Its cost will be up to $300 if you rent each month.

Normally, when renting a foot scooter, most insurance companies will ask you to rent for at least a month. When renting, you have an advantage over buying because you will pay fewer upfront costs. In addition, you will not take the time to resell the foot scooter after recovery.

How much is a scooter for a broken foot?

It can be expensive or cheap, depending on your brand, quality, and your affordability. Besides, the cost of buying is usually expensive than renting a foot scooter.

The cost of buying a foot scooter ranges from $100 to more than $300.


In conclusion, after this article, you can get an overview of the types of scooters for a broken foot. Besides, you can also know how to choose a foot scooter before buying.

Hopefully, the article gives you all the useful and necessary information. We wish you always healthy! Thank you for spending the time to read!

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