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Among several mind-blowing skateboard brands, SCSK8 Skateboard brand is one of the top brands in South California. They have been giving a fierce competition to their competitors by producing some an exceptional range of skateboards, blank longboard, Branded and new decks and skateboard equipment. SCSK8 ensures that it delivers high-quality skateboard equipment for its customers because it seems like they value their customers more than anything. Moreover, SCSK8 aims to provide inexpensive material to its people so that it is easily affordable for everyone. If you are a beginner, then there is no better option than this to get you rolling on your skateboard.

Top Best SCSK8 Skateboard Brand

SCSK8 Skateboard


Reviews (18/20)

SCSK8 has been providing some exceptional skateboards in the market with some excellent quality. It is the reason we went for SCSK8 pro range which included the Skateboard / Cruiser Pre-Assembled. We opted for this incredible machine because of its affordable price range with high-quality parts. Moreover, this particular skateboard is best suited for all kinds of riders. It is specially crafted for beginners and cruisers. For further details, please visit our website.

Scsk8 is already leading the market with its quality products. It is said to be one of the cheapest longboards which are available for sale in the market. So what are you waiting for get up and get your skateboard and start your first skating ride with exotic beauty? Most of the SCSK8 customers are extremely happy and satisfied with their skateboards, and they recommend it to others too.


Riding (18/20)

SCSK8 has a vast range of products available for its customers. Another fantastic product provided by SCSK8 is a bi-directional double kicktail skateboard which allows you to use both sides of the skateboard. It’s an exceptional product that can be used for doing slides, quick turns, and diplomatic tricks.

Furthermore, this skateboard is best suited to all kinds of riders. But it is especially recommended for beginners and cruisers because of its high quality. Just mesmerize yourself with this fantastic ride. Get your feet rolling with this exceptional beauty and get yourself moving around buildings, beaches, or park in the afternoon.
So don’t waste a moment to get the perfect bi-directional skateboard for yourself because it’s the ideal skateboard that would get you rolling for the best ride.


Design (14/15)

The SCSK8 skateboard is embedded with 7 different unique and unusual looks. It has a mini scarf that is crafted with different images on the board providing a unique look to your skateboard. Different types of skateboards include the all black one, the blue tinted one, the green wood one, the natural one with the traditional look, the all redone, the royal blue one that has an abstract image right on top. Their range has a glossy finish with a shimmering touch. A variety of fresh colors help get a unique identity while riding with a group of skaters.

Deck (14/15)

SCSK8 is crafted with a 7 layer of maple wood that provides the skateboard with a strength that is required to have excellent riding experience. Maple wood is rated to be the perfect material for creating skating boards which means that you will be getting a quality product whenever you will buy from scsk8.

When you get a skateboard from scsk8, you are pretty sure about the quality and endurance. Its 8 inches wide deck provides you enough space to keep your feet comfortably. With high-quality wheels and ABEC 7 rated bearings, you can now steer the board at high speed with greater stability.


Wheels (9/10)

The wheels of scsk8 skateboard play a significant role in the ride. The 70mm wheel will surely help you in preventing high jostles and provides the fantastic capability of balancing the high bumps instead.

For the beginners, it’s going to be an easy ride as the wheels are bigger and softer. For the trucks, the wheels come with 7-inch trucks.


Trucks (8/10)

Aluminum is one essential product that is used to make trucks of the board because they prevent rusting. Forged truck use extreme pressure in order to create trucks from solid aluminum. This type of manufacturing technique allows it to become strong trucks. These trucks are further combined to form a safe and solid structure allowing the final product to be durable and strong.

Bushing (4/5)

The bushing is suitable for skaters when they are skating in places such as skating street, skate parks, ramps, pools and other smooth surfaces or even rough ground because bushings give extra support to rider. This skateboard brand has a moderate reputation when it comes to bushings.

Bearing (4/5)

The bearings are lubricated with speed lubricant that is used to reduce friction. The amazing Abec 9 bearings are embedded with a rubber seal that is aimed to prevent the bearings from moisture and dirt. The rubber seal is created to assist in keeping out the contaminants which can quickly decrease the performance of the bearing.


SCSK8 skateboard brand is quite a fun brand for those who are either learning to ride skateboards as a beginner or those who don’t have much in their pocket to afford some expensive stuff but still want quality. Yes, this brand is especially recommended for those who want to have the excellent riding experience without hassles of buying it for too much or spending too much on a skateboard when they don’t know as a beginner if they would want it for a long time or not!

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