Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout drop through Complete Longboard Skateboard

Are you a beginner or advanced level riders? Do you need a Longboard that can provide you safe riding experience? Then the Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout drop through Complete Longboard Skateboard is here for you. This is a classic surf inspired carving and cruising Longboard. The board has wonderful rigidity and it is suitable for throwing out speed-checks and slides due to its flexing properties. Its longer length deck increases the stability of the board.

The board is perfect for cruising around, doing some cross-stepping, sliding and rolling over hilly roads. The great quality and durability of the board ensuring you tons of fun with the board.

Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout dropthrough Complete Longboard Skateboard, 9.6-Inch x 42.0-Inch

Features of Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout drop through Longboard

  • Dimension of the board is42 ” L by 9.6″ W by 31.5 ” WB.
  • Includes a Drop through or Kicktail Deck
  • The deck is constructed by a 5 ply laminated bamboo construction and it makes the board different from other brands.
  • Bamboo offers increased flexibility and jumping onto the board
  • It has PDP Abec 5 bearings
  • Its wide wheelbase provides sufficient stability.
  • The wide trucks makes the board ideal for downhill racing and they will always go in a straight line by their default setting.
  • The longboard has very high quality stock hardware like wheels
  • Because of its 42 inches long, you will be able to control it easily
  • It has constructed with 74mm 78a 2/3 Offset Nineball Wheels
  • Includes 1.0″ Low Pro Hardened Steel Bolts
  • Includes clear grip tape

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Benefits of Product

  • A Quality Board
    The unique design of the Longboard satisfies most of the riders. The drop-through platform provides a great freeriding experience. The board is perfect for downhill rides and it needs to perform with the low centre of gravity. Sliding can be done with ease due to proper stability.
  • Solidity and Stability for the Ride
    The Longboard is an appropriate for those who prefer solid adventure or steep slope rides just to have some fun. The board is also a recommended for those who like to travel anywhere a lot.
  • The Board for Everyone
    Both new and advanced riders can enjoy it due to the versatile design of the board. The Lookout longboard has a great benefit for its unique design and most of the customers considered it as a long-lasting board. The lightweight and durable bamboo design also allow you to go for a smooth ride on the rough areas.
  • Gripping
    You can achieved confident at any situation like cruising or during tricks because the grip ensures a firm grasp. A3200 Jessup grip tapeis used to cover the front of the board, which is absent on many boards. So you have to be careful when purchasing a blue wave Longboard. The tape is covered from head to toe with the grip that allows your feet to be positioned in the proper way.
  • Trucks
    The trucks on the Longboard will help you to control it properly. The size and overall positioning of the trucks help to ride on the rough roads.
  • Bearings
    High speed can be achieved by the bearings of the board while maintaining a soft riding experience.

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Since the Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout drop through Complete Longboard Skateboard has some unique feature, you can purchase it for a very speedy, enjoyable, and adventurous ride. The best part of this board is it provides proper safety that is highly desirable when riding at top speed.

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