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Sector 9 – the name of the leading longboard manufacturing brand in the world. Innovative design and qualitative products have positioned this company to this level. This company was founded in 1993, and competed with other companies for about 22 years. It has become the market leader right now. Starting their business in Southern California, they have successfully established a worldwide marketplace now.

Sector 9 has excellent exposure to long hills, waves, and also a massive exposure to longboarding. This company has been creating high performance and best quality longboards since the 90’s. Offering a wide variety of longboards ensures numerous styles whether it is for cruising or carving or downhill riding. Regardless of whatever purpose they are meant for, every Sector 9 longboard is uniquely designed and expected to ride for a particular purpose.

Best 10 Sector 9 Longboards Recommendation

sector 9 longboard

Reviews (19/20)

Currently, readers are focusing more on the Sector 9 Longboard brand, and it is remaining at the top of the review categories in the marketplace. Different companies have placed Sector 9 in the first position for the best longboard brand. In Amazon, all the products of Sector 9 have earned positive customer reviews and praiseworthy compliments. Among all the products, the Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through have achieved 4.8-star rating out of 5, and it truly represents this brand’s position and service.

Riding Style (18/20)

There is no doubt about getting different and awesome riding styles from a Sector 9 longboard. Every piece of longboard provides its rider smooth and comfortable rides. Whether you are a beginner or master in longboarding, Sector 9 has the suitable products for your enjoyment. Providing perfect downhill, carving or cruising, the board ensures the comfort in the ride.

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Design / Color (15/15)

sector design This is the part which suits most with Sector 9 products. All the longboards are designed with amazing colorful arts. If you prefer to get a board with a beautiful design, then you will love longboards of Sector 9. Each and every product of Sector 9 attracts the customer representing the colorful design and arts. The Sector 9 Lookout Complete Skateboard is an excellent example of how beautifully these products are designed.

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Deck (14/15)

Deck Sector 9 Longboards

No matter what size of deck you choose, decks from small to big size are available in Sector 9 products. You can separately buy the decks from shops. Bamboo decks are also highly accepted and popular. All the decks are designed with beautiful arts; gives you a smooth ride.

Sector 9 The Steady Complete Skateboard
  • Rides on 7" Gullwing Missions With 59mm 78A Sector 9 Nine Ball wheels with PDP Abec 5 Bearings
  • The Steady is our all maple throwback board
  • With an old-school inspired shape the Steady offers a quick responsive feel in a small package
  • 7 ply cold pressed maple in a CronCave mold with fully dipped color

Wheels (9/10)

sector9-wheelThe performance wheels vary from board to board, and one can reach at top speed whether a beginner can get comfortable cruising. You can choose the Sector 9 Fractal Complete Skateboard when it comes with the high-performance wheel. It has 69mm 78A top shelf wheels and a great fractal length for those looking for a longer wheelbase for cruising.

Truck (9/10)

Truck Sector 9 Longboards

Most of the trucks of Sector 9 are Gullwing Sidewinder. They offer a better freeriding and carving which come in silver, black or white colored trucks. The common sizes are 9.0″ to 10.0″ and the truck mount styles are a drop through and standard top mount.

Busing (4/5)

Generally, Sector 9 bushings are 89A double cone type. To give an example, Sector 9 Drop-Thru Bamboo Lookout II Complete has medium soft bushings, and these can be loosened to get lots of carve. Even it can be tightened to be stable down the hills.

Bearing (5/5)

Bearing Sector 9 Longboards

Almost every longboard of Sector 9 comes with PDP Abec 5 bearings. However, Different types of bearings can be purchased from Sector 9 shops. Ceramic bearing, Abec 7, Abec 9 are few popular bearings used in Sector 9 boards. These bearings provide a quick ride and maintain a soft riding experience.


We have laid out some best options for Sector 9 longboards and tried to help you with the right information. It is up to you to make your right decision. Based on the needs and budget of the rider, different products in the Sector 9 longboards offer different features and cost differently. Hence it is critical to judge each and every Sector 9 product and evaluate whether they meet your needs or not. The style, design, colors, and size are some factors which need to be taken into consideration. Sector 9 is one of the best longboard brands you can ever find on the market. Even though they are in the industry for 22+ years, Sector 9 has never stopped surprising their customers in the market by releasing high quality, innovative and unique longboards meant for a variety of purposes.

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