Shark Wheels Vs Regular Wheels

Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard WheelsThe skateboard wheels are the piece of your skateboard that enables you to move and help Decide how quickly you can go. Regularly made of polyurethane, skateboard wheels arrive In the scope of sizes, hues, and sturdiness levels to suit your skateboard style and inclination.

Skateboard wheels are estimated by both distance across and durometer. Measurement is The extent of the wheel and durometer is the hardness of the wheel. Both of these variables Involve individual inclination, and what you expect to do on your skateboard. Custom Building enables you to pick what the best wheels are to coordinate your trucks, deck, and Equipment.

For cruisers and longboards, bigger wheels give you the speed and adjustment you will Require. Furthermore, your tallness and weight can influence what estimate wheels feel Appropriate for you. Skateboard wheel width is estimated in millimeters (mm), the lower the number, the smaller the wheel. Most wheels run from 50-75 mm. Small but sharp Wheels result in a slower ride, and bigger wheels result in a quicker one.

What Are Shark Wheels?

What Are Shark Wheels?A revolution comes in the industry of wheels when shark wheels get invented. We are all familiar with the regular circle shaped wheels, but these are cube shape wheels, specially designed to increase the efficiency. Yes, it sounds crazy and illogical, but the inventor and manufacturer claim that these new wheels are smoother, faster and well gripped instead of the conventional circular shape wheels.

These are kind of hybrid sphere and cube shaped but work on both properties on the road. It has changed the meaning of transportation, because of its multiple center points results are very even. This invention has been claimed by a company called shark wheels, who made these wheels available in different sizes and deck options. These wheels are of cube-shaped, not square and not even circular shaped.

Advantages Of Shark Wheels

Advantages Of Shark Wheels


Because it has very less friction, it is quick and wins many international races.

Perfect Gravel Wheels

The square wheel works on catches-releases-catches-releases technique because of its lip shape, same as the antilock system works. It also has an excellent slide control. It goes very smooth even on the too much rough surface, and it also works very efficiently if there is water, debris or anything like this on the road.

Better Traction

They have a very impressive grip on the road. It made up of three stripes and when roll on the road it created a helical shape. This created a form of wave pattern while making contact with the surface. Such a structure of wheels helps in a better way to handle situations on the slippery and wet ground. In this case, the width of the wheel will be able to handle unnecessary friction.

What Are Regular Wheels?

What Are Regular WheelsA regular wheel is a circle shape wheel, which is being used for a long time for almost every kind of transportation. Regular wheels don’t have a good grip on the roads and slippery all the time. You might have to face this so many times. Whenever you are on the road, and there is water or ice or debris or anything like these, there will get a great chance of falling due to traditional wheels. Circle wheels get stuck with any object then either you will be stuck with it or flying over it.

Yes, there is a lot of friction in regular wheels which results in a slower ride and takes more time to speed up comparatively. You will be working hard with a lot of material touching the ground. Traditional wheels wear conoid and bumpy. They also have one point in the center and get wearied in no time.

Regular Wheels vs. Shark Wheels


Regular wheels have a high durometer and are cold when you split away on a slide.

Numerous regular wheels slip on a slide. You should lose hold to slide effectively.

The Shark Wheel keeps on turning as it slides, bringing about excellent slide control due to less friction and excellent grip.

Road Conditions

When you hit a rock, driftwood, water, and junk or whatever else out and about, you have an incredible possibility of falling. Circular regular wheels hit objects head-on and the wheel either stalls out on it, or you’re flying over it.

The Shark Wheel indeed circumvents objects pushing them right and left as it rolls, bringing about the smoothest ride over unpleasant territory.


Customary or regular wheels have loads of grinding. This results in a slower ride and is challenging to get up to fast speed. You will buckle down with a great deal of material touching the ground.

The Shark Wheel has less grating. It scarcely touches the ground, in this manner, there is less moving protection. Snappy up to speed, exceptionally quick, different global race wins.


Regular wheels wear unevenly and cone. Regular wheels have one focus center, so they destroy rapidly.

Shark Wheels are Anti-Coning, or you can say Hostile to Coning. The Shark Wheel has been tried to last 20% longer when utilized for transportation. It has different focus points, bringing about even wear over the lifetime of the wheel.

Which One Is Better?

One fundamental pleasant thing shark wheels guarantee is their utilization in the rain or on a rock. Shark wheels are an enticement. If you need to try out this new version of the wheel for yourself, proceed! They are indeed unique and will influence your board to standout from the rest. As far as execution improvements are concerned, there are various minor contrasts between the Shark Wheel and a regular wheel. They’ll roll somewhat faster than typical ones preferably in the rain over regular longboard wheel. Other than that, they can ride through more street flotsam and jetsam than regular wheels.

Shark WheelsHave you ever noticed the movement of a snake, how smoothly they move their bodies on any surface? Their action is also in the wave motion. This the science used to design this wheel. It clears away the junk and anything that resists in its movement and ultimately causes the increment in performance.

There is no point of contact in regular wheels, but shark wheel has multiple points, which effect on the endurance and also wear. Because of its narrow points, it has less surface contact which ultimately causes the less friction and more speed. Another major point in its design is, it takes almost 15% less material than a standard wheel to construct. If there is less material, then its weight will also be reduced.

Using these wheels in skateboarding was just a start since the invention of these wheels opens up the monotonous possibilities. It is a multi-purpose design that can be used in agricultural machinery like tractors and so many other applications, e.g., Wheels chairs, printers to roll up the page, turbines for more speed.

So given all the points mentioned above the shark wheels are recommended for enhanced skateboarding experience

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