Short Longboards: The Best Things Come in Small Packages

Longboards are known for its generous length and spacious room on the deck. To have that space for you to cruise, the boards trade-off the lightness to equip larger and softer wheels.

Well! That sounds thrilled enough to give up street surfing, but a mini longboard can make it safer.

The good news is now you can have all the characteristics of a longboard on more compact boards which is called short longboards.

A short longboard or mini longboard offers a variety of styles just like its “longer” brother.

You can name it, from drop-through, pintail to drop cut, side cut or hybrid.

Now you have a mini version of a longboard to carry in your suitcase or on one of the hands.

But longboards have their own unique feature from the skateboard.

You will know the distinctions of these wheeled-boards shortly inside out, and most importantly, we’ve got a list of the best short longboards for you to browse.

Let’s get going, our avid longboard skaters.

Top 10 Best Short Longboards

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Longboards vs. Short Longboards

The standard boards in skateboard worlds which have a wide variety of shapes and sizes are longboards.

A short board or cruiser board is longer than a skateboard but not necessarily as long as a longboard.

Simply speaking, the mini longboard is in between a skateboard and longboard in size.

However, short longboards adapt more to the traits of a longboard and inheritage most of its features that we like about longboards.

Best Longboard

Short Longboards

Short longboardsThese small longboards have a pointed front to pierce the air and a flat base so as not to be in contact with the air flow. Their wheels are designed to be softer to absorb more impacts from the road effectively.

This design concept is meant for the board to cruise around town, commute from one place to another. So its design are mainly focus on making the ride smooth and stable as much as possible for the skaters.

Whether it is a mini cruiser or a penny board, they are all specially built for a mobility means of transport so they have some vital similarities.

A short cruiser longboard shines at picking up speed faster than a regular longboard yet provides a comfortable area to stand on.

However, the deck of a mini board is relatively thinner to cut weight and resist wind.

That said, you can put the short board into your backpack when not using it with ease due to its small size.

These boards are incredibly lightweight and vivid making them popular among teen girls.


LongboardsAny board that is longer than 36 inches, you can call it a longboard.

Just by paying a little extra money you can be offered with a much higher quality longboard that will definitely be worth the money you spend. You will have higher trucks, a stronger and wider deck, harder wheels and tricks that come with it.

Shapes of longboard vary in styles and there are symmetrical boards, pintail boards, boards with drop decks, cutout, and drop through the list just go on and on.

The best longboards serve their owners’ preferences at the most satisfaction.

By all means of transportation, longboards and shortboards both live to make you move with joy.

Penny Boards

Penny boardsAnother variation of short boards is penny boards, which are a plastic version of mini cruisers longboards. These boards are also created for skateboarders who only wish for a recreational alternative to get around.

Penny boards actually come from a company with the same name based in Australia.

Their sizes commonly range from 22 to 27 inches. There is also the larger size of 36 inches which is called the longboard penny.

The boards seem to attract kids more than adult riders, but its vividness can also draw grown skaters’ eyes. No matter how childish it looks, penny board is a great plastic board you can rely on its durability.

Though the penny boards are made of plastic, its trucks are still metal to handle your body weight.

Today, not only Penny board can make this type of board, but other brands have had their eyes on the market.

Many manufacturers have managed to produce more durable boards from enhanced material. Therefore those models from Penny board have a really high quality when compared to other brands.

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The Best Short Longboards

In terms of small longboards, we have gathered plenty of suggestions broken down into categories.

If you are looking for the best longboards to buy then our review is at your service!

The Best Mini Cruisers Longboards

Landyachtz Tug Boat Complete Skateboard

Landyachtz Tug Boat Complete SkateboardYou are checking out a top item in the line of small longboards from Landyachtz.

This is the super fun board with the awesome graphic of a pug wears a coat in space.

For the need of getting from point A to B, this Landyachtz baby will shoot you fast on its deck. It is also a compact board, easy to pick up once you get to your destination.

It can be a bigger version of a skateboard, but the shape is totally different.

You’ve got the 7-ply maple construction. The board is 30-inch long, 9-inch wide with a 14.8-inch wheelbase.

Move to the sweet kicktail enables you to pop up curbs, do flip tricks if you want.

The kicktail on this board is exceptionally rad when you cruise around.

On the bottom of the board, it’s got the 130mm trucks and 63mm Hog fatty wheels support you to lean into your curves and won’t be sliding around.

With the help of ABEC 7 bearings the longboard could sustain its speed for a long time. Also, the quarter inch riser pad plus the wheel’s little cutouts all prevent wheel bite better than having nothing to aid.


  • Nose and tail enable kicks and flips
  • Wide deck
  • Made of top-notch components


  • Need to improve grip tape

Dusters California Skateboards Keen

Dusters California Skateboards KeenThis board came to us as a Christmas present in a handsome manually stained brown with gold accents. This flat cruiser with a kicktail almost got us to give up on longboards.

The first impression was about the gorgeous wood makes up the deck. The grained color is best exposed along the edges and the notches above the wheels.

On the top, you can see an espresso brown wood line hems around the edges where the die cut grip tape ends is absolutely unique, so does the cutout for the Dusters logo.

The slant trucks look shiny in bright metal. The orange hardware matches the color scheme perfectly.

But the best parts of this complete small longboard are the tonic, orange wheels.

They are 63mm wide and have an 83a rating make them broad width medium hardness which pairs nicely with the 16.5-inch wheelbase.

What sets this board out from brothers in the same line is the wheel wells aren’t tapered. Instead, they’ve been notched out with a router about ¼ inch for convenient use.


  • Perfect for cruising and commuting
  • Authentically made in the USA
  • Incredibly lightweight


  • Bearings sealed on both side unable to clean and lube
  • Slow bearings
carryBC 34 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard | Bamboo and Hard Maple Deck | Made for...
  • 9X34-inch Longboard Skateboard designed for cruising and skating around town
  • Super durable deck is made with beautiful bamboo and hard maple core
  • The new configuration can rotate the bracket and frosted skateboard wheels
  • 70mm wheels and bushings are made from SHR High Quality Urethane
  • Collocation of wine bottle opener and the transfer of a luminous effect pattern

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Cruiser

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard CruiserIt makes sense to say Magneto really knows what skaters want.

In the short board industry, Magneto introduces this 27.5-inch in length go-to board.

We literally grabbed the board right at the moment we saw it on the shelf

It scores people firstly in the outer appearance. The sleek design combined with the double kick tails make it possible for all the Ollies, Mannies, flipping, and tick-tacking.

We got ourselves tackled with this board a whole day so as to enjoy the most out of it in the skatepark.

Speaking about the deck, it is built upon 6 full plies of wood from Canadian maple confidently bears your adult mass.

The trucks are also something to appreciate. They are made from quality gravity cast aluminum. We could feel the sturdiness that we can rely on for a long day riding.

The board has its graphic shines in the simplicity that lets you ride in style.

Another feature that sells is the high quality SHR polyurethane wheels and bushings.

Though we are very pleased with the classy design we are in the process of replacing the sand grip with something more modern and stylish that will bring a new wind to our product . In exchange, it showcases the deck and its cool-looking logo.

Yocaher Mini Micro Cruisers

Yocaher Mini Micro CruisersYou will love the motto on the bottom of the board: “Not all those who wander are lost,” just as we do.

This compact cruiser longboard features 27 inches of pure adrenaline within its solid 7 ply maple construction.

It comes equipped with 7-inch heavy duty 2-tone aluminum trucks to handle fun cruising and shredding.

Place this child on the road; we got a handful of smooth rides on the 62mm 78a Gel wheels crafted for speed and cruising. These Q-ball wheels are rigged with chrome ABEC 7 bearings to allow you to fill your desire for speed.

What we liked the most is the black widow premium-grade grip tape paired with a slight concave does secure our feet while carving hard.

If you are a regular dog walker, or you want to cut through insane traffic, this little cruiser will equip you with the necessary means to maximize your longboarding experience.

With durable construction and first-rate components, the Yocaher small longboard sets the bar for affordable high caliber boards.


  • Comfortable size for beginners or kids to start with
  • Will stay neat in the backpack, campus locker
  • Perfect as a gift
  • Reasonable price


  • Not sure because we found none drawback so far

Arbor Pocket Rocket Premium 2016 Mini Cruiser

Arbor Pocket Rocket Premium 2016 Mini CruiserWhen we set our foot on the deck, it felt very firm which make us feel like we are standing on the actual ground instead of aboard and this sensation is what people like about the Arbor Pocket Rocket Premium 2016 Mini Cruiser.

That thanks to the utilization of the 7 plies of sustainably sourced hard rock maple with a top sheet of clear grip tape. The piece is solid aesthetically looking and pleasing.

The grip tape on this pocket rocket is recycled glass. It is long-lasting and crushed glass that provides ultimate traction without being super sharp to cut up your feet or anything like that.

What we appreciate is the attempt to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment of the company.

Arbor arms their mini cruiser longboard with 65mm Arbor Bogart wheels let you roll over those cracks and bumps. These wheels come with ABEC 5 bearings 78A; so, when you’re out there cruising on the street

Other hardware to mention are the 108mm Paris trucks have the capability to maintain stability at high speed as well as turning.


  • Spacious space on the deck
  • Eye-catching design
  • Concave profile built for performance
  • Amazingly lightweight


  • High wheelbase
  • Wheels don’t roll smoothly

The Best Penny Boards

Penny boards are one variation of short longboards. They can be more than just a piece of plastic on four wheels.

We have looked at the aspects for you. The list of best penny short boards is ready.

Burgundy Retro Penny Skateboard

Burgundy Retro Penny SkateboardNeedles to introduce the reputation of Burgundy, the brand is already a big brother on the market of penny boards from Australia.

If you wonder how the first penny board looked like, this Burgundy adopts the same design but leaps it to a whole new level of quality.

It basically mimics the retro styles of the 70s plus many vibrant color schemes will appeal to every curious eye on the street.

Though this penny baby owns a humble size of 22 inches, it promises to sharp your turns while cruising through traffic.

We don’t recall a single trouble testifying this product, only made us feel comfortable.

Not sure if its bearings come oiled, but we added a bit of lubricant before taking it to hit the street, there was no squeaking sound.

You can rest aside the concern of a cracking plastic deck; the manufacturer has composed the material to withstand adults’ weight. It is also finished with a kicktail to add more joy to tricks when cruising.

We have a wide variety of wheels that will definitely suit your own liking so just take your time to find the perfect ones. You can replace it with more powerful hardware you have, but for the primary means of transport, the board is adequate.


  • Very durable plastic
  • Quality trucks with 87A bushings
  • Available in a myriad of color schemes
  • Tiny price tag
  • Super lightweight


  • Low ABEC bearings
  • Plastic wheels don’t bite the street

**We have heard that Penny has upgraded the bearings that rigged in the board up to ABEC 7 which is a worthier deal.

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Rimable 22” Complete Skateboard

Rimable 22inch Complete SkateboardThis Rimmable dude is an off-brand penny board that will surprise you with its unique features.

Here is a quick run-down the specs of this board. This is a 22-inch small board with a fantastic galaxy pattern. The width is only 6 inches that makes us think it was a stingy design but we later got on feet on it just fine.

Now, the cool thing about the company and this board is there is a collection of colors available to match your style.

This mini child of a longboard does go far in one push once it gets taken to action. We were so in love with the PU wheels equipped with Rimmable marked bearings to guarantee no grinding sound when oiled.

We did a minor loosening on the bearings to let the wheels spin more freely. We can assure you that this board can support a weight up to 200 pound with ease.Therefore, you can rely on its weight limit.


  • Available in many excellent color patterns
  • Price is a great bargain for a quality board
  • Arrived fully assembled


  • The company deliver false items sometimes
  • Can come with minor factory defects (you can contact the customer service)

Skatro Mini Cruiser 22 inches

Skatro Mini Cruiser 22 inchesWe got really excited when this Skatro came to the door not only because it has the Flexy technology, but also it comes in at half the price as the main Penny board competitor.

In the box, you will get a complementary T tool that matches up with the color of the board which you can use to disassemble the item.

Now the best of the best thing is the Flex capabilities of the deck. It is something of an elastic deck more than a stiff traditional penny board.

We trod on it and put some pressure to see if it’s going to break into two pieces, but gladly it didn’t.

For quick transportation where you don’t really need that great experience a longboard gives, you can definitely spend some money to purchase this board.

It is the super lightweight that sells the product. You can carry this board around the campus or when you don’t ride it on the street.

We have adjust our wheels so that its perform live up to our expectation so we loosened the bolt at the bearing to give it a little freedom to spin and improve the overall performance of the wheel.

Anyhow, the ABEC 7 bearings are something to talk about. We got a nice ride with it in the airport, and the wheels hit the floor with an irritated sound.


  • Amazingly light
  • Comes with a T-tool worth no less than 10 bucks
  • Cheaper than a quality board can cost


  • Slow bearings
  • Not suitable for fast riding

The Best Drop-through Short Longboards

Sounds weird but it’s true. You can now own the baby version of a drop-through longboard for all terrain. Let’s see how different they are from their big brothers.

Shark Wheel Fathom Kraken Mini-Drop All-Terrain Longboard

Shark Wheel Fathom Kraken Mini-Drop All-Terrain LongboardFirst of all, this is an adorable mini longboard.

Who can think a longboard can be short? This board literally does the magical. It is an all-terrain board with the drop-through design that keeps the center of gravity low to the ground.

This seems to be against the penny board concept of the flat deck, but it sure has some advantages, not to mention the Shark wheels.

When riding with this small longboard, we could actually have better control over the pivoting. Though carving relies majorly on the wheels, the deck also makes it much more comfortable.

Speaking about the Shark wheels; they are known for toughness and a unique design.

What we mean is that the wheels can conquer any obstacles such as bumps, cracks or rocks this set of wheels is quite amazing.

We’d say that Shark wheels are smoother despite their uneven surfaces. But we found that doing slides and carving with the wheels is more effective thanks to the gaps that keep parts of the wheels untouched from the ground, so there isn’t as much grip.

By the way, the wheels are 60mm, 78a ABEC 3 bearings and the trucks are of 180mm Black powder coated reverse king-pin that is the combination behind this incredible set of wheels.

This Fathom Shark wheel is a truly exceptional mini longboard that made us happy to pay the cash.


  • Shark wheels benefit more grip and less friction
  • The wheels last longer and don’t pick up too much dirt
  • Construction is built on 8 plies fit riders of all ages
  • Remunerative price


  • Low ABEC rating
  • Sand spray grip tape wears out quickly

The Best Egg-board Longboard

Do you know short boards can really go shorter under 19 inches? We didn’t believe that until we found this Eggboard “longboard.” Don’t stay open-mouthed in astonishment, keep reading.

Mini Longboard Skateboard Cruiser Board

Mini Longboard Skateboard Cruiser BoardOf course, this board entertains you with its beyond “compact” size and shape.

Although the board is not for doing tricks or any performance, you can ride it to work, to store, campus or to cruise on like a longboard.

But without the huge size and the difficulty to get it into places like the airplane, this tiny dude will sit snug in or behind your backpack.

We were kind of worried about our feet being too big for it though we are not big-foot people, that wore away when we took it to its paces out on the road.

It did take some time to get used to the board. We nearly missed the board the first few times, but once you figure out your riding style, it’ll be more accessible.

It has kingpin 7-inch trucks which is the standard size of longboard trucks and contributes to the stability of this little carver with just about 19-inch long..

This super-duper board really has the longboard quality, but just smaller in size. They brought the robust bamboo deck used on larger boards to make it last.

Wheels are 69mm, and 76a feel soft but solid. The bearings used are for performance. One push can go an acceptable long distance with these ABEC 7 bearings. And quality bushings add precision to turning.


  • Longboard quality in a tiny board
  • It’s got a lifetime warranty from Eggboard
  • Made of everyone, all level
  • Quality hardware allow you to ride in speed


  • Squeaky manufacturing defects
  • A bit fat

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The Lightest Mini Cruiser

Ten Toes Quip Skateboard 22.5″ Classic Plastic Mini Cruiser

Ten Toes Quip Skateboard 22.5inch Classic Plastic Mini CruiserThe Ten Toes offers a more affordable option if you don’t feel like paying the Penny board. It’s all good because they look almost identical. Only that this Ten Toes cruiser has a more flexy plastic deck.

What surprised us is the incredible light weight of only 3 pounds, the weight of a college backpack; it feels pretty sturdy, though.

The impression of riding it the first time was not bad. We did a few jumps on it without expecting it to stay one piece, but it did.

Probably the money goes to the wheels and bearings. You will get flexible polyurethane cast wheels that were, in our opinion, smoother than we thought.

It’s equipped with ABEC 7 high-speed carbon bearings to support high precision for the wheels.

We guess for a budget type small board, what you can get from this Ten Toes mini cruiser can be counted exceptionally.


  • Very budget
  • Classic design
  • Available in different colors
  • Extreme lightweight
  • Flexy durable deck


  • No grip tape
  • Traction pattern gather more dirt

Merkapa 22″ Mini longboard with colorful LED light up wheels

Merkapa 22inch Mini longboard with colorful LED light up wheelsIf you wish to appear vividly on the street, Merkapa small longboard of 22 inches is what you have been looking for my friend.

Besides its colorful options of the decks, you can pick the light up wheels to come with it.

These wheels function upon rotary power; therefore, no battery needed.

It is an extra element of fun when you roll on bright wheels; even it gets more exciting to be seen at night.

We personally think the board appeals to children more than us adults and the weight it can handle fits a kid better.

The board has a comfortable mass for young riders to carry around. Though being a toy-like short longboard, it gears up ABEC 7 bearings of heavy duty side in 60mm wheels 78a.

These wheels are capable of absorbing shock, resisting abrasion and can withstand the weight up to 180lbs.

Not that this board has a limitation for people who are above 180 lbs.


  • Auto light up wheels using rotary power
  • Durable deck made of PP plastic
  • No grip tape but the surface pattern gives enough traction


  • Need to tighten the bolts if the flare wheels don’t work
  • Wheel axles can be very stiff

Have You got Your Best Short Longboard in Mind?

For us or any avid skater, it is fun to have a small longboard in the collection so we’ll have more options every morning.

People who are not in the skate industry but wish to try this sport, mini longboards offer a budget choice, so they don’t necessarily purchase a huge full-size longboard to stand in the corner.

The main reason people choose mini cruisers longboards or penny board is their compact size.

Cruiser boards could be more in the interest of long-term skaters. They have the build that can do some fun tricks. After all, its major is to take you on a cruise and enjoy stoving around the town

Also, they have almost everything a longboard has including grip tape and wood deck which don’t exist in penny boards.

We recognized that these compact longboards are just perfect for beginners and juniors who just stepped into this street riding sport.

As a starter, there won’t be many tricks to perform, but the purpose is to get used to the mobility and balance yourself.

Of course you can flip the penny board, do wheelie or slide since it has a kick tail. In other words, the penny board has everything you need for an interesting means of transportation.

We will keep the list updated because we know there are new boards released every here and there. Our mission is to find all the good and bad to feed our desire.

Do drop us your queries if you have any difficulty picking the right board.

We even have more ideas that are outstanding coming in the future. Subscribe for our newsletters of the skate world and look forward to our next post.

Happy skating!

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