What Size Roller Skates Should I Wear? – Useful Answers And Tips

Roller skating is among the most multi-beneficial sports that help both adults and kids stay active and healthy. Apparently, a pair of fitted roller skates would be a great tool to promote relaxation and gain exceptional skills. Then, you may wonder “What size roller skates should I wear” and struggle to find the answer.

No worries cause you have this article. Scroll down for more interesting pieces of information.

The Origin Of Roller Skates

The Origin Of Roller SkatesBefore we get right to the main topic, have you ever wondered how the very first roller skates evolved into today’s modern design?

This is a timeline of the development of skates, from the very first ones invented by John Joseph Merlin to those we have today.

  • 1760 – Joseph Merlin: John Joseph Merlin designed the very first roller skates. By attaching alloy rollers to a plank of wood with leather straps to hold the feet in, the very original roller skates had been created.
  • 1819 – First Patent: A Frenchman by the name of Petitbled had made the very first patented roller skates, which were the most comparable to today’s model.
  • 1863 – Inventor James Plimpton: An American by the name of James Plimpton redesigned the roller skate, and its model was nearly similar to the present day’s quad skates.
  • 1884 – Pin Ball-Bearing Wheels: Rolling was much easier and more volatile to perform when the first pin ball-bearing was created.
  • 1979 – Redesigning Roller Skates: Rollerblades were discovered as they noticed that a 3-wheel structure was more stable.
  • 1990 – New wheels: Wheel made of a glass-reinforced thermoplastic resin replaced polyurethane compounds.
  • 1993 – The Modern Day Skates: Today’s design was developed by ABT or Active Brake Technology, placing the foundation for afterward design.

What Size Roller Skates Should I Wear?

You have just come through the benefits that a right sizing roller skates can bring. Very engaging, right? Indeed, a correct skate size is even more important than its model or price.

It’s hard and takes much effort to pick a proper shoe size, but choosing a skate size is even tougher.

No worries cause you’ve got our “How to determine the accurate size for your brand-new skates” guide now.

General Sizing Information

General Sizing InformationBefore moving to the sizing selection guide, you need to know a few facts that will significantly help you understand the subsequent guide.

  • There are 5 main types of roller skates, which are speed, outdoor and indoor, roller derby and kids skates. Generally, they require the same choosing size technique, yet some are still different from others and we will explain this to you soon.
  • The number sign of sizing varies according to each country, but the most popular and common is the US and EU Size. The image below illustrates Women’s Roller Skates Size in these two territories.
  • Although there are many options for designs or colors, the right size should come first and don’t let the other factors distract you.

How To Choose The Roller Skates Size Based On Shoe Size

Choose The Roller Skates Size Based On Shoe SizeNow the most important part has come, let’s take a look at the instruction to choose skates size by shoe size first. According to our experience, this is the best and easiest way to own a pair of roller skates that fit your feet perfectly.

Commonly, if you have a daily size 8 shoes, so in most cases your roller skates will be in size 8 respectively. Most brands will customarily manufacture their skates similar to the shoe size because it’s easier to measure.

A rearer case that you are a half size, it is advisable to add a size to your skates. Take an instance, if you wear 8 1/2 size, you should buy a size 9 skate. After that, you can wear thicker socks when skating if the skate is a little big.

It’s time to discuss some oddities we have promised.

  • For speed skates, they are only available in men’s sizes if the skates are black or white. To solve this difference, ladies should go down a size when ordering speed skates for a proper fit, from size 8 to size 7, for example.
  • For roller derby skates, the colors are decided based on genders. Specifically, black skates are men’s size-based and white skates are, on the contrary, women’s size-based.

You will only have to change your shoe size if choosing the opposite gender’s color.

How To Choose The Roller Skates Size Based On Your Feet Measurement

Your Feet MeasurementPicking your roller skates size by your shoe size is quite a precise and trustworthy way. But if you want more accuracy and something to do with the measurement, you’ve got it right here, all you need is to follow the steps.

One first thing you should notice before getting on is to wear socks that you put on for skating. This will enable the preciseness to work because not wearing socks may lead to misestimation.

The best time to measure should be the second half of the day, especially in the evening as all our muscles will release toughness and get relaxed.

All tools you need are easy to find: a ruler, a pen, paper, and a flat wall.

  1. Place the paper horizontally against the wall.
  2. Stand stable and put one foot on the paper so that your heel touches the floor.
  3. Mark the end of your longest toe on the paper.
  4. Measure the distance correctly.
  5. Compare with the chart below to decide which size you are in.

A last but very important note: your individual foot structure is also responsible for the exact fit of the skates sizes.

Accordingly, if you own a normal foot structure, which is neither over-narrow nor over-big, you can apply the exact measurement statistics for your skates.

However, we know that several of you, not everyone, have the top of your feet and your toes bigger than normal. In this case, you should take one size bigger because it will omit the unusual texture of your feet and make you feel more comfortable.

Benefits Of Choosing The Right Size For Your Roller Skates

Benefits Of Choosing The Right SizeSo, how important is it to select the accordant skates’ size? No more puzzles will struggle you to understand from now on as you have our “Advantages of right roller skates size” introduction here.

  1. Extreme comfort: Not only will well-fitted skates allow you to do your best but they’ll also minimize inconvenience and scratches. We have found some health injuries when you bring ill-fitted skates.
    • Corn: The phenomenon of hardened legs, the skin will be thick, yellow but will not hurt. It may not cause pain at first, but later it will spread and spread, finally causing pain.
    • Skin disease: Like other body parts, feet need to be breathed and excreted. If you wear shoes that are too tight, your feet will not “breathe” and after a while can lead to fungus between the toes.
  2. Excellent control and balance: Skating requires extraordinary skills of keeping your body balanced and a proper pair of roller skates will define how much agility, power transfer and control you would have while skating.
  3. Great flexibility: having so much comfort will enable you to be adaptable and encourage you to have every graceful and charming display.

Tips When Shopping For A Roller Skates

Tips When Shopping For A Roller SkatesIf you find it hard and daunting to consider all the various options available at the same time, this section is created for you as here are some tips that will make your selection enjoyable.

  • About the wheels: A hard wheel offers a longer lifespan but less shock absorption and grips while a soft wheel is of contradictory features.
  • About the boots: A hard boot is really good if you want a quad skate that can be used for fitness or longer rides whereas a soft boot is better for dancing and disco.
  • About the size: follow my steps and it’s freely smooth.
  • About the plates and trunk: the harder the cushion, the more agile the skate is. And the harder, the more directional stable it is.

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How Does A Roller Skates Work?

A Roller Skates’ Structure

A Roller Skates StructureYou will want to know more about your new roller skate rather than just how fit and comfy it would be, so let’s find out about the skates’ structure.

High-quality roller skates often consist of 5 mains parts, each of which plays an imperative role:

  • Internal boot (Liner): this part creates softness for the feet and avoids external shocks.
  • Shoe frames (aka frames): the shoe frame is usually made from super durable alloy material or extremely light high-grade plastic.
  • Bearings: this part reduces friction between the wheel and wheel axis.
  • Wheel: each wheel of a patin shoe is usually compact, made of plastic or soft rubber.

How Does It Work

How Does It WorkAll the rolling system is based on the bearings, which make the wheels spin easily and freely. Skaters can comfortably perform curves, turns and corners while skating with the support of bearings.

Roller skate bearings will reduce friction the same way with a ball rolling. We all know that objects have the tendency of rolling more efficiently than they slide as it creates less friction.

Applying that principle, bearings provide a skater with smooth glide around corners with little effort.

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A Wrap-Up

It’s good to walk with you through the article and I hope that you can answer the question “What size roller skates should I wear” without any obstacle. Yeah, of course, because you have had all our consultancy and useful tips to get through it.

So, what are you waiting for but getting out of there and letting your artistic judges and expertise manage the rest?

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