What Size Skateboard Should I Get?

Skateboarding is popular among people of every age and gender. When it comes to choosing a skateboard, it becomes a challenging choice. Its mainly because skateboards comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, color and designs. So choosing from such a large variety is quite difficult especially for the newbie. Here we are going to provide you exact information that will help you make a right choice. So read on to find out what size of skateboard you should get.

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Assembling Your Own Skateboard?

Whether you are going to buy a skateboard or assemble one, you must know the process. In case you are an expert skater, you must be aware of your requirements but if you are a newbie, you would need lots of help. There is so much for you to know when it comes to assembling or buying your own skateboard. Here we are going to especially discuss what sizes and shapes of skateboard you should get.

Appropriate Deck Size for Skateboard

Skateboard decks have different sizes and widths. Experts say if you are a newbie then choosing deck size according to width instead of length is a wise decision. The choice of deck size is also mostly dependent upon your height, weight, skating style and other requirements that change from person to person. For your convenience, we are mentioning some of the requirements for choosing deck size:

  • If your personal style is cruising then choose deck of 8.25” or more.
  • Skateboarding on parks, ramps and stairs require deck of 8.0” to 8.25”.
  • Those who love technical tricks should go for deck of 7.5” to 8” width.

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Requirements of Truck Sizes

Trucks are T-shaped metal pieces of skateboard. Since these are mounted under the deck of skateboard so their sizes matter. So always take care that the width of truck axle matches the width of skateboard deck. Skateboards have generally two trucks and truck axle is kind of a pin which has a connective function, particularly attaches the wheels with the trucks.

If we go into more details of trucks, then its important to mention hanger. The largest part of the truck is hanger, which is a triangular metal part. Hanger, pin and trucks are secured together by a large bolt called kingpin. This kingpin is mostly fitted inside the board bushings and is very efficient in holding all parts together.TruckGuide710

Whenever you purchase a skateboard, you are always provided with two trucks. Its very important for the proper assemblage of skateboard to choose the right sizes of trucks. For your convenience, we have come up with a list of truck sizes and you can choose the one that suits you personally:

  • 5” to 7.25”
  • 25” to 7.5”
  • 5” to 8”
  • 0” to 8.5”
  • 5” to 9”
  • 0” to 10.0”
  • 0” and above

What Truck Profile Height would be good for Your Skateboard?

You might already know about truck profile. It’s the area between hanger and the skate deck bottom. We can find the height of the truck profile by measuring this area. Normally mid-sized trucks are used by skateboarders; however, trucks of high or low profile are also utilized for various skating styles. Here is a short description of each truck profile height:LOW-MID-HIGH-Trucks1

Low: if you are into performing flip tricks then it can be your best choice, since it provides extra stability. Its especially for small wheels ranging from 50-53mm.

Medium: to skateboard through streets and parks mid size wheels work just fine. Normally wheel size of 53-56mm is recommended for this truck profile.

High: Cruising and carving are very fun activities. If you are seeking this fun then high trucks would be great for you. High trucks are for large wheels and the most recommended wheel size is 56mm.

What should be the Size of Skateboard Wheels?

Skateboard wheels come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and durability levels. The material of wheels matters a lot and skateboard wheels are mostly made of polyurethane. It’s a tough material. Why size of the skateboard wheels matters is unknown to many skateboarders. It basically matters because it affects the riding style. Personal preferences also account for the size of skateboard wheels.

The size of the wheel is usually measured from top to bottom, also known as the diameter of the wheel. The smaller the mm measurement, the smaller the wheels will be. Experts say that bigger wheels move faster than the smaller wheels and probably it’s the reason behind large skateboard wheels for cruising. Here are few sizes of wheels to give you an idea about it:diagram-skateboard-wheels-diameter

Small: The smaller size of skateboard wheels range from 50-53mm. Those who love to perform tricks on skateboards; this is an ideal size of wheels. Also, for new riders to skateboard through parks and streets, it’s a good choice.

Medium: Its also used by newbie, since its an average size. Skating through parks, streets and ramps is fun with these wheels ranging from 54-59mm.

Large: As you know larger wheels move faster, so these are obviously for rough surfaces, concrete, downhill riding and other complex surfaces. The large size is usually 60mm+.

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Does the Size of Bearings Matter?

Bearings are particularly used for mounting the wheels and connecting them to the axle. Bearings are of the same size, so their size doesn’t matter. Just the quality matters. The high quality bearings are always expensive and the cheaper quality bearings are cheaper in price. Low quality bearings break down easily if pressure is applied on the skateboard. Also, quality bearings are properly sealed to keep out the dirt and debris; this ensures durability and accurate performance.

What is ABEC Rating?

lucky-abec-5-skateboard-bearingsABEC rating is applied to check the quality of bearings. While purchasing skateboard you can notice the ABEC rating on the bearings. Higher ABEC rating signifies the higher performance. Here is the ABEC rating to help you have an idea about is meaning:

ABEC1: These are cheaper in quality and price. The accuracy is poor and the friction is higher that interrupts with the ride.

ABEC3: These are also inexpensive and don’t provide a smooth ride.

ABEC5: Very good choice at a nominal cost. You can expect good rate of speed with these bearings.

ABEC7: Faster, smoother and a little expensive than the bearings mentioned above.

ABEC9: Super fast bearings with very high quality and price. These are perfect for downhill riding.

I hope you will get all the knowledge required to buy a super-comfy skateboard. Happy skateboarding!

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