Top 10 Best Skateboard Aesthetic: Bring Art to the Street

Some people take up skateboarding for their hobbies or exercising, while others are crazy over conquering the street with their beautiful skateboards. In this review, we will introduce ten best skateboard aesthetic models that may melt your heart.

Are you excited to see what they are? If so, let’s get right into each of them!

Top 10 Best Skateboard Aesthetic Brands

Best for Practicing: MINORITY Maple Skateboard

MINORITY 32inch Maple SkateboardBoth newbies or experienced ones can choose MINORITY, but it’s the most suitable for those newcomers to the game.

What we love

First, as its name suggests, MINORITY Maple Skateboard is made 100% from the maple desk, so the whole skateboard is dense and strong. This makes the skateboard harder to break, thus you can ride it for a good long time.

Not just maple, this product is also packed with aluminum alloy to make the body of the skate stronger and more durable.

The last thing to appreciate about this skateboard is the style. This skateboard has a painting of a snake, making it suitable for active and energetic skaters.

What we don’t like

Professional skaters complained that this one is not good enough for them to ride on complicated terrains. If being used too frequently, the paint might be chipped.


  • Reasonable price
  • Works well for beginners
  • Eye-catching design
  • Dense and strong


  • More suitable for beginners than professionals

Verdict: MINORITY Maple Skateboard will be an excellent skateboard if you want to learn how to skate. The price is reasonable, and this one has everything you need to start with. However, if you are an expert, then there are better choices to consider.

Full Report: Minority Skateboard Brand

Best for Kids: Meketec Skateboards Complete

MEKETEC SkateboardsIf you are looking for a small skateboard for your little kids and grandchildren, then Meketec Skateboards Complete is one of the best choices. The main reason is that this skateboard is quite short, only 22-inch.

What we love

First, let’s talk about safety. This skateboard is well-built with CE certification, which means it is safe for riders. It is also lightweight and easy to carry around.

Meketec Skateboards Complete will be perfect for your little kids to start with. No matter if he or she has been riding boards for a while or just started learning it recently, this product would still benefit them.

One of the other reasons why kids would love this skateboard is because the painting is pretty active, young, and colorful.

What we don’t like

This skateboard is not suitable for most adults, especially those who are tall and weigh a little more than normal people.


  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable price
  • Suitable for kids
  • Lovely colors


  • Too small for most adults

Our Verdict: Meketec Skateboards Complete is the best skateboard for kids because this model has been certified to be safe for users and its size matches the kids. However, if you are an adult, this product might not be the right choice for you.

Best for Hardware: RD Street Series Skateboard

RD Street Series SkateboardHardware is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to the skateboard’s quality. As many of our customers say, RD Street Series Skateboard may be one of the brands that manufacture the best hardware.

What we love

As mentioned above, this brand is loved because of its hardware. With this feature, you will be comfortable doing different tricks such as Ollie, Nollie, Pop Shuvit, and more. Some users say that they weigh pretty heavy, but the board is still strong enough for them to show off complex tricks.

Both adults and kids can appreciate the design of this board for its size. The look of this product is also unique with different cartoon characters painting underneath.

What we don’t like

This skateboard is nearly perfect, except the wheel and the bearing are not as high-quality made as other skates. If you ride this board too frequently, then you should check the wheel more often.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • High-quality hardboard
  • Strong and durable hardware
  • Cool designs
  • Durable enough for big people


  • The quality of wheels and the bearings need to be leveled up.

Our Verdict: RD Street Series Skateboard has a strong hardware that is convenient and safe for bigger people. But, if you frequently ride on dangerous or complicated roads, you may need to choose other skates with better and more stable wheels.

Best for Beginners: BELEEV Skateboards

BELEEV SkateboardsAs its name suggests, Skateboards for Beginners are ideal for newbies stepping into the skateboarding game. This brand is well-built with a strong wooden body.

What we love

Some skateboards need to be assembled, but with this board, you can use it straight out of the box. BELEEV Skateboards for Beginners aims at providing beginners everything they need to start skateboarding efficiently.

The body of this board is sturdy and robust, and it was made in such a way that beginners can practice different tricks such as Ollie, Nollie, Pop Shuvit. They can also ride this skateboard smoothly and fast and still control the whole board well.

This brand also offers pretty cool paintings that would be appreciated by most users. While some skaters complained about the painting being chipped, this skateboard will not disappoint you in the long run as its painting is pretty durable and long-lasting.

What we don’t like

BELEEV Skateboards for Beginners can do wonders to those first riding it. Every part of the board is excellently tailored to newbies. However, some advanced users do not like BELEEV’s wheels because they are not in the best quality to help them perform difficult movements while riding.


  • Cool and simple painting
  • Long-lasting painting
  • Strong and dense body
  • Reasonable price
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Not designed for conquering complex terrains

Verdict: BELEEV Skateboards for Beginners is a great choice for beginners to practice and improve their skills.

Best for Turnings: ReDo Skateboard Zodiac

ReDo Skateboard ZodiacOur customers love this skateboard because of how smoothly they can ride with it. If you love speed and smooth movements when you are riding, this one can definitely satisfy that desire.

What we love

ReDo Skateboard Zodiac can be ridden so easily and smoothly, especially for those who are familiar with skateboarding for a while. Since construction of the board and the wheels are super stable, doing turns and carvings on the streets is such a breeze.

Personally, we think this skateboard would be more eye-catching for young people than the older ones with its artistic, bright, and cheerful colors.

What we don’t like

Some customers reported that the wheel of this skateboard may be hard to ride at first, especially for new riders. So, it might take a while to work properly. So, make sure you ride it in a safe area to check the wheels before riding on crowded streets.


  • Run smoothly and fast
  • Easier to do turns
  • Reasonable price
  • Beautiful artwork


  • Need to check and test the wheels before riding on roads

Verdict: ReDo Skateboard Zodiac will give you a good feeling of a smooth ride. Make sure you check or test the wheel carefully before riding in crowded areas for your own safety.

Best for Advanced Users: Sefulim

SefulimSefulim was made for those who love to perform complex tricks. Professionals would appreciate this skateboard more.

What we love

When talking about a skateboard that professionals can appreciate, the first thing we should focus on right away is the board’s body and wheels.

Adults who love to do tricky turns on various surfaces would love Sefulim. The body of this skateboard was made of seven-ply maple decks and sturdy wheels.

This combination will guarantee that the turns would be extremely smooth. Unlike the boards with cute paintings for kids, this board’s painting is pretty professional and modern.

What we don’t like

This skateboard is a good one, but it is not flawless. If you use it too often or for a long time, the quality of this board would decrease quickly.


  • Reasonable price for a professional skateboard
  • Work well for difficult movements and tricks
  • Professional painting
  • Big enough for big or heavy people


  • The board’s quality does not last for too long

Verdict: If you are an advanced rider, the Sefulim can satisfy most of your needs. This board is perfect to use on complicated surfaces, but if you do it too often, the quality of this skateboard might reduce significantly.

Best for All Levels Skateboarders: YF YOUFU 31 inch

YF YOUFU 31 inchIf you are thinking about purchasing a skateboard that is suitable for all levels, then YF YOUFU 31 inch might be a reasonable choice.

What we love

What makes this skateboard stand out is its design with an anti-slip surface. With this feature, both beginners and advanced users who ride in uneven areas would be safer. The body of this board is strong and durable so that skaters can do different movements and tricks confidently.

As you can see, the length of this board is 31 – a standard length for most skates. It can work well with those who weigh up to 22lbs. If someone weighs more than that, then this skateboard might not be a good fit for them.

The look of this board is not so different. It was painted with a regular US flag like many other designs out there.

What we don’t like

This skateboard is pretty great but not perfect, and the feeling of riding it is not as smooth as some other skates.


  • Suitable for all levels of skateboarders
  • Low price for its quality
  • Strong and dense
  • Safe for users


  • The painting is not so special or artistic
  • Do not run too smoothly

Verdict: YF YOUFU 31 inch is a good choice if you want to buy a skateboard that can satisfy the needs of different levels of players. The only bad thing about it is that the feeling of riding is not so smooth, but in general, this board runs pretty well.

Best for Beginners of All Ages: YF YOUFU 22/23 Inch

YF YOUFU 22/23 InchIn our list today, YF YOUFU 22/23 Inch Beginner Skateboard is the one that would be suitable for the majority of beginners. People from young to old, men or women would find this skateboard useful.

What we love

YF YOUFU 22/23 Inch was manufactured by the same company of YF YOUFU 31 inch – the seventh skateboard we just mentioned above. Therefore, it carries one of the best features of the YT YOUFU brand, the anti-slip surface. The body and the wheels of this skateboard are also strong and sturdy for different movements.

The only thing that makes this board different from its predecessor is that it is much smaller in size. Like what its name says, YF YOUFU 22/23 Inch is only around 22 or 23 inches, while the other product is 31 inches. Therefore, this skateboard might be a better fit for kids and teenagers than adults.

The look of this board is quite simple, without any illustrations or pictures painted on the surface. There are only two different painted colors for the main body and the wheels.
While some people find this model a little bit too simple and dull-looking, many others appreciated its simple look.

What we don’t like

The minus point of this product is that even though it is good enough for most skateboarders, some people, especially those who have above-average height and weight, might find this skateboard too small for them. If you think you are quite a big person, consider purchasing the board that is 31-inch in length.


  • Reasonable price
  • Anti-slip
  • Safe to ride
  • Suitable for both adults and children
  • Stable body and wheels


  • Not suitable for big adults or advanced users

Verdict: YF YOUFU 22/23 Inch Beginner Skateboard is perfect for a small person and a beginner. It is one of the safest skates on our list in this review because of its anti-slip surface and durability. However, if you are a professional player or a big person, it is recommended to look for other products.

Best for Price: OUDEW Skateboard

OUDEW SkateboardAmong all of the brands in this list, OUDEW Skateboard is the cheapest one. Even though its price is a little lower than the others, that does not mean its quality is also cheap.

What we love

As we mentioned, this skateboard is pretty cheap. It is around $10 or $30 cheaper than most other good-quality skateboards. Another good thing about it is that it is made from a maple wooden deck with stable and durable wheels. This one can also be good for all levels of skaters.

One of the best things about this skateboard is that its look is pretty unique and beautiful. For this reason, it can be a great gift for your friends or family members.

What we don’t like

Some users say that the wheels of this board sometimes do not run so smoothly. So, it is suggested that you check the wheels carefully before riding this skateboard on complicated surfaces and crowded roads.


  • Cheap
  • Beautiful painting
  • Stable and strong body


  • Do not run so smoothly

Verdict: OUDEW Skateboard is a perfect choice for those who do not want to invest too much on a skateboard. This board can fulfill most of the users’ basic needs. However, it is not the best fit for professionals.

Best Overall: Kryptonics 31 inch

Kryptonics 31 inchKryptonics 31″ Star Series Bear Claw is the best product overall for the price, quality, and more.

What we love

First, let’s talk about the price. This skateboard is one of the cheapest skates on this list. It is around $10 to $20 cheaper than most skates, but it is still the right choice for quality.

This one is also made from maple trees, carbon steel with stable wheels. So, its quality and durability are pretty good compared to most other skateboards on the marketplace.

One of the best things about it is the unique painting of the bear’s claws and stars. For that reason, this one will be a perfect gift for your kids.

What we don’t like

Kryptonics’s wheels are quite stable, but they are not in the best quality. For this reason, a skateboarder expert might find this product not good enough for him or her.


  • Cheap
  • Beautiful painting
  • Good quality
  • Carbon steel
  • Made from maple trees
  • Suitable for both beginners and amateurs


  • Professionals may find this board is not smooth enough for them

Verdict: Kryptonics is the best skateboard overall when it comes to price, durability, and materials.


Depending on different needs and tastes, some people may prefer specific types of skateboards than the others.

To make it easier for you to choose, we have listed ten of the best skateboard aesthetic brands in this review with an overall description of each one to help you pick the one that suits you the most. And now, thanks for reading, and have a great time with this thrilling sport.

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