The Best Skateboard for 8 Years Old on the Recent Market

Skateboarding is one of the most exciting sports that will let you enjoy regular trips and perform tricks on the way.

This recreational activity is now attracting learners of different ages, including 8-year-old ones. Many parents find this age suitable for their kids to start building real skills for skateboarding.

But for that, it is necessary to get a perfect skateboard for them rightly. So if you have the same issue, then take a close look at the best skateboard for 8-year-old we suggest below.

Top 5 Best Skateboard for 8 Years Old on the Recent Market

Best Skateboard for Beginners

Top 5 Best Skateboard for 8-year-old

Models Dimensions Deck Type
Penny Nickel 27″ 27″ x 7″ Plastic
Powell Golden Dragon best mid-range 31.4″ x 8.6″ Plywood
Ohderii Complete Skateboard 31″ x 8″ Canadian maple – 7 layers
X Free Skateboards 31″ 31″ x 8″ Plastic
MINORITY 32″ Maple 32″ x 8″ 7-ply Hardrock Maple

Penny Nickel 27″ – Best Overall

Penny Nickel 27Coming first in our list is the Penny Nickel complete skateboard with creative skins. Also, the board is longer than many mini boards, so adolescents and teens can use it to perform some tricks and stunts of beginners.

Besides, safety is the top priority of this brand. Your Penny Nickel skateboard will come with a slip-resistant deck, which allows you to ride safely in wet weather as well.

Four robust wheels are smooth enough to deliver the ultimate experience and balance without any problem.

The bushing and trucks will make your landing more stable when skateboarding over ramp surface. Plus, the reliable ABEC bearings give you smooth rides in case of riding fast in a straight line.

Overall, this is a perfect skateboard of stability, speed, simplicity, fashion, and elegance, which makes it our top pick.

The only drawback about this skateboard is that it is not ideal for your kid to do complicated tricks.


  • Good at the balance
  • High tensile bolts
  • Great for night skateboarding
  • Smooth and relaxed cruising and controlling
  • Gorgeous design with good response
  • 83A PU wheels with shock-resistant features
  • No assembly requirements


  • Not useful for doing complex tricks

If your kid is keen on skating to school or performing simple tricks, there is no better model than this durable one.

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Powell Golden Dragon – Best Mid-range

Powell Golden DragonThe second candidate we would like to introduce is the Powell Golden Dragon skateboard, which is concave in shape. That brand mainly produces superior models at entry-level prices.

The product, well-suited for 8-year-old kids, features hard 54mm wheels, so it is an ideal skateboard for street tricks. These high-rebound and high-cast polyurethane wheels will also give you a perfect roll and excellent grip.

For a smooth ride without cracks, the well-made bearings and 31-inch deck will assist in positioning your feet.

Another fantastic feature is the Golden Dragon logo. That attractive logo, showing through a diamond cut on the board’s grip tape, makes the board unique among other competitors.

This board has a printed bottom screen looking as fascinating as the top one, which gives it a finished look.

Moreover, its well-executed design and fascinating shape also give a better skateboarding experience by offering ample space for the feeling placement.

The package does not include any helmet, but you can buy a separate cool one to go with your skateboard.


  • Great length
  • Delivering a rugged touch
  • Top-notch materials
  • Being durable and stiff
  • Good-looking graphic designs
  • Being preassembled


  • Does not come with any helmet

This skateboard is a smart option for price-conscious skaters, including beginners and intermediates who want to get excellent riding experience.

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Ohderii Complete Skateboard – Best for Tricks

Ohderii Complete SkateboardIf your kid prefers amazing and ultra low riding when cruising or performing tricks downhill, then buy him or her this Ohderii Complete Skateboard.

Being made from Canadian maple, this Ohderii item has an impact-resistant ABS base and solid PU wheels, making the whole construction quite heavy-duty.

The best thing we love is water-resistance. It features high-density waterproof non-skid grip tape which gives your feet extra grip. Thus, you can skateboard on uneven surfaces with no worries.

This low riding skateboard will give you the maximum stability and control while downhill carving or performing other tricks with satisfaction and happiness.

While 5-inch trucks offer more strength, its bearings are of excellent Abec 7 technology. All of the features contribute to the 300-kg maximum load and easy transportation.

The skateboard will not be suitable for kids under six years old but a perfect gift for kids 8 and up.


  • Great free stuff including a carry bag, T-wrench, and spare wheels
  • Attractive colors and fashionable patterns
  • Flexible and high-quality parts and deck
  • Being perfect for long-distance
  • Max reliability as well as a steady level
  • One-year warranty


  • Not designed for kids under 6

This product will help your child to perform downhill carving or sliding that need maximum stability.

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X Free Skateboards 31″ – Best for Flexibility

X Free Skateboards 31The next candidate on my list is a product from Xtreme Free brand. It provides both beginner-friendly feelings and impressive artworks that bring out your kid’s personalities to friends.

The waterproof skins and grip tape bring quality to the next level. ABEC-9 bearings and collisions-resistant wheels will offer smooth movement whenever your kid cruise, too.

We also believe that you will be pleased because there are different colors and fascinating available to choose from. Its double kick concave style will even allow several tricks on both of its tip and tail.

Notably, the 7-ply maple skateboard deck will enable the comfortable riding experience. The aluminum trucks are good at holding the impact as well.

With more steel truck bolts as well as an elastic pad, this flexible model will supply extra assistance for exceptional tricks.

The only downside is that this Xtreme Free product may be a little big for some physically small children to carry.


  • Being sturdy and flexible
  • Having an impact-resistant base
  • Wide design options
  • Being resistant to non-smooth surfaces
  • Being easy to maneuver
  • Convenient installation


  • A little bit big toward small kids

Fun and exciting children will surely love this model when they start to skate or use it for specific flips or ollie.

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MINORITY 32″ Maple – Best Budget

MINORITY 32 MapleIf you are a big fan of the MINORITY brand and seeking an affordable skateboard for your 8-year-old kid, then this 32-inch maple model is for you. It is wide enough to give your kid a complete feel in control.

There is a variety of aesthetically-engineered styles and eye-catching graphics available to select. The sturdy and durable construction also allows it to hold up to 220-lb weight.

What’s more, the extended medium-concave deck is one of the most premier quality ones on the recent market. The ABEC-9 chrome steel bearings will let your kid perform simple landings.

The most distinguishing feature of this item is its 5-inch aluminum alloy trucks that come with high-rebound bushing and carbon steel kingpin. They will give you a lightweight and durable base for your using.

Available in an array of impressive designs, this 32-inch board is perfect as a gift which will make your kid pop out on the street.

You may find this product a little bit hard to ease into turns at first. However, that feature will help a newbie to get better at skills.


  • Cool customizable choices
  • Strong and durable components for the safety
  • Being budget-friendly
  • Top-quality materials
  • Being able to withstand substantial impacts
  • Allowing precise flips and kick


  • Being hard to ease into turns

This Minority skateboard will fit kids who are looking for an item that is best for pulling off several tricks on streets, pools, or ramps.

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Those are the top 5 best skateboards for 8-year-old we would like to recommend. As you see, each of them come with highlight features and functions. To figure out the best one among them is a bit difficult.

Here, we still prefer the Penny Nickel 27-inch skateboard for some reasons. First, using this model, your kid will be able to learn beginners’ tricks without worrying about control.

Second, the stainless steel bearings are reliable over time and robust enough for standard speeds.

Finally, being a durable skateboard, this model will be a perfect gift for your 8-year-old child. He or she can bring it to school and show some personal skills to friends.

Overall, that is just our favorite option. You should consider what your kid needs to pick up the best fit. Don’t forget to ask your child to learn some skateboard basics before trying tricks!

We hope the above section will help you select the best-suited skateboard for your kid soon. Now, let’s share our post broadly! See you guys soon!

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