Skateboard for Kids – Essential Tips for Parents

Embarking on the quest to find the perfect skateboard for kids is a uniquely challenging parental odyssey. As you navigate the market, a roadmap of essential information and invaluable tips awaits. Tailoring your choice to your child’s preferences and age adds an extra layer of complexity. Within this vibrant skateboard landscape, boards designed for kids hold a special place, aligning with various developmental stages. Your journey becomes a blend of understanding and anticipation, leading to not just a skateboard, but a vessel for your child’s aspirations.

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Since Skateboarding has become widely popular these days, many of the kids get attracted towards this sport, and they want to become professional Skateboarders. Skateboarding is not that easy, however by practicing it for more time, anyone can quickly learn out various Skateboarding Tricks and can become a professional Skateboarder.

Skateboard for KidsSkateboard is here for everyone, not only teenagers but Kids nowadays are also eager to learn Skateboarding. For the very same reason, we would guide you in choosing the perfect Skateboard for your Kids. We will list down the Skateboards for different ages of Kids so you can pick up the most suitable one for your kid.

Best Cruising Skateboards

Since you know Skateboard is not an easy sport, it requires high security for your kids before actually jumping on to the board. If you want to spend some bucks to fulfill the dream of your kid, you should be well aware of the security of your kid first. For the very same reason, we would request you to avoid purchasing Cheap Skateboard. Such Skateboards are built with poor material which doesn’t last long. They slow down and don’t perform well. Cheap Skateboard would be a danger for your Kids and their Security when practicing Skateboarding.

What are the Parts of the Skateboard for kids?

Many of the newbies, who haven’t used the Skateboard, have one question in common, “What are the main parts of the Skateboard?”

Parts of the Skateboard

Part Description
Decks The central part of the Skateboard for standing. Available in various types and materials. Kid-friendly options with appealing designs and graphics.
Trucks High-quality metal components that attach wheels to the Deck. Acts as the main base of the Skateboard.
Wheels Essential components with varying sizes for different Skateboards. Designed uniquely based on professional requirements.

Perfect Skateboard for kids

If you are not aware of the types of Skateboards, then here we have listed down some of the highly practiced forms of the Skateboarding profession. You should guide your kid correctly about choosing the perfect kind of Skateboard depending upon the base on which he/ she is going to use the Skateboard. Skateboards are there for different types of people and their demands. There are some Skateboards available in the market for kids, teenagers, adults and other professionals. If you are eager to know about the types of Skateboards, here we have listed down all the types which you should need to know before purchasing the Skateboard for Kids.

Types of Skateboards


Freestyle Skateboard

Freestyle Skateboard
  • Freestyle Skateboard is the most basic and general Skateboard available for everyone. If you are not a professional Skateboarder and have decided to try out Skateboarding, then you should pick the Freestyle Skateboard.
  • Freestyle Skateboard requires you to learn out some basic tricks of Skateboarding only then you will be able to perform well on this Skateboard. Freestyle is also known as traditional Skateboarding which is by far the oldest form of Skateboarding.
  • Most of the professionals do like to choose Freestyle Skateboard when it comes to picking it for the basics. Freestyle Skateboard’s board should be at least 55mm large with wide back. Make sure to choose the regular size of the deck for Freestyle Skateboarding if you are planning to buy a skateboard for kids.

Street Skateboard

Street Skateboard
  • Many professionals perform their Skateboarding on the Streets in front of the public. Yes, there is a special Street Skateboard available for the professionals who want to use the Skateboard on the Streets.
  • Street Skateboard requires you a lot of tricks to perform and for that reason, you should learn about trying out various Skateboard tricks on the Skateboard first.
  • If we talk about the size, your Street Skateboard should come with wheels with 50-55 mm of size. This will flip the board faster, and you will be able to perform well on the streets. Make sure to choose the wheels built with right materials as you have to ride the board on the roads and not on the flat surface.
  • Street Skateboards come with a symmetrical shape and small wheels to lift the Skateboard easily.

Cruising Skateboard

Cruising Skateboard
  • Cruising is a different form of skateboarding which is also known as a sport. Using the Cruising Skateboard, you can quickly reach out to your destination without the use of the vehicles. This is the most convenient way of transporting yourself from one place to another on the Skateboard.
  • Since you are going to use the Skateboard on roads, you should be well aware of choosing the quality of wheels of the Skateboard. These types of Skateboards should come with rubber wheels so it can easily ride well on the Streets.
  • The Deck of the Skateboard should be more extensive enough to keep you on board while traveling through it.

Parkside Skateboard

Parkside Skateboard
  • Park Skateboarding is one of the best forms of Skateboarding. The Parkside Skateboarding uses different Skateboarding tricks which you can use on the Park. Since the paths of parks have different types of obstacles, you need to select the perfect Skateboard which can handle up different Skateboarding tricks to jump up the Obstacles and trying out various methods on it.
  • If you are small in size, you need to pick the Skateboard with 28 Inch of size; if you are taller in size, then you should go with the 32 Inch of Skateboard. You can also pick up the large Skateboard which provides long wheelbase. The wheel size of the Park Skateboard should be around 51 to 55 mm. The Size of the wheels should be smaller enough to lift up the Skateboard plenty of times easily.

Vert Skateboard

Vert Skateboard
  • Vert is one of the most exciting forms of Skateboarding which is also known as a Sports game. You have to perform various tasks on the Skateboard on the wooden walls. There can be different types of inclines or skate platforms to ride on and to show your Skateboarding tasks on.
  • In some countries, this sport is trendy, and some kids go crazy after this sport, and they want to become a professional Skateboarder. It requires you to perform various Skateboarding Tricks as quickly as possible. Since you are riding on the vertically inclined walls, your speed would be super faster, and you have to perform your Skateboarding tricks as quickly as possible.
  • The Skateboard should be at least 55mm large for Vert Skateboarding. The deck should be full enough so you can perform a variety of tricks. The wheels should be large enough to land it properly while in the motion.

Off-road Skateboard

Off-road Skateboard
  • Yes, there are Skateboards which are designed for the adventure enthusiasts. Apart from performing various tricks on flat surfaces and roads, some Skateboarders want to go off-roading.
  • Off-road Skateboards are designed with unique material and different in size. This type of skateboards can be used anywhere by the professionals as they are designed with right durable materials. You can even assemble or create your own off-road Skateboard by purchasing a normal Skateboard.
  • For off-roading, all you have to do is replace the wheels. You can purchase different types of wheels which you can manually change as per your requirements.

Since you are going to purchase the Skateboard for your Kids, here, we have listed down the Skateboards for the kids with the different age group. You can follow the guidelines given below before purchasing the Skateboard for Kids.

Skateboard for 3-Year-Old

Rimable Complete 22If you have decided to give your younger child a Skateboard, we would recommend you to go with the smallest Skateboard. It is good to have tiny Skateboards which are designed with soft materials and are very light in weight so that a three year can comfortably ride on to it. Before getting him the Skateboard, you need to teach him properly about the Skateboarding. There are a bunch of Skateboarding Tutorials available on the Internet with which you can guide your Kid correctly. For 3-year-old kids, Rimable complete 22” skateboard is a perfect choice. It comes with multiple features such as wide aluminum trucks and high-speed precision stainless steel bearings.

Make sure your Kid is sufficiently secured, along with the perfect Skateboard; you need to purchase proper safety gears, helmet, and other necessary equipment so he can handle many fallouts easily. Among the list of the skateboard for kids, this is one of the most sought after these days.

Skateboard for 4-Year-Old

22 inch Mini Cruiser Retro SkateboardJust like the above Skateboard, a Skateboard for 4-year-Old also carries the same soft material so it can’t harm the little one. The Skateboard comes with light-weight and can easily board the 4 Year old on to it.

As mentioned above, you need to offer proper safety materials to your kid so he can practice Skateboarding without the fear of hurting himself. Give him a lightweight and smaller in size Skateboard. In this case, a 22 inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard can prove to be the best choice.

Skateboard for 5-Year-Old

complete standard 31x8 inch skateboard5 The year is the age which can be considered as the perfect age to start learning Skateboarding. Make sure to choose the ideal size of the Skateboard; the smaller size is recommended as your Kid is still five years of age. Many companies design good and quality skateboards for the kids. There is a range of Skateboards available for 5-year-old kids. Full deck and big Skateboard is more preferable for this age. A 5-year kid would love to skate on a complete standard 31*8 inch skateboard which is made of maple wood. You must keep this thing in mind that maple wood skateboard for kids is quite durable and hence long lasting.

Skateboard for 6-Year-Old

Puente 31 inch complete skateboardSmaller Skateboards are fundamentally excellent and ideal for the 6-Year-Old kids who happen to learn about Skateboarding. Make sure the Skateboard you choose for the 6 Year is light in weight so he can perform Skateboarding Tricks efficiently.

This is the right age when a Kid understands what you suggest him and this way he can learn better every day. While on the Skateboard, your kid’s legs should be spread out well on the board to maintain proper balance. You need to purchase the Skateboard with suitable material and big size of the Deck. For 6-year-old folks, Puente 31 inch complete skateboard which is made of beautiful quality maple wood can prove to be an ideal choice. Puente is one of the best brands when it comes to finding skateboard for kids.

Skateboard for 7-Year-Old

Playshion 22'' Cruiser SkateboardIf your 7-year-old has learned out some basic Skateboarding tricks at this age, then you should think about pushing him towards the professional Skateboarding. Make him learn about the new Skateboarding tricks. There are many Skateboarding tutorials available on the YouTube which your kid can follow and learn skateboarding professionally.

You can offer him a quality Skateboard at this age. Your Kid should handle a little bit heavy and big Skateboard at this age. If he understands the basic Skateboarding, then you should buy him a quality Skateboard. For 7-year-old kids, Playshion 22” Cruiser Skateboard is perfect as it has got a full deck for ample foot support and is made from particular fiberglass material.

How to Skateboard?

So, folks, this is what you need to know before purchasing a new Skateboard for your Kids. As mentioned earlier, there is a vast range of different types of Skateboards available in the market with different size and materials for different age of kids.

Exploring the world of skateboard for kids unlocks a realm of excitement and opportunity. As their skills on the skateboard grow, they’ll unlock a treasure trove of tricks, gradually transforming into seasoned skateboarders. The highlighted skateboard tailored for kids epitomizes top-notch quality. Watching your children relish their skateboarding moments, equipped with this exceptional skateboard, adds a touch of pride to the parenting journey.

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