Skateboard Powerslide Instructions

Skateboard PowerslideMany skateboarders are aware of the fact that powerslides are the serenest and the quickest way to halt a skateboard. For beginners, it is significant to know what a powerslider is. It is a move that is performed when you are skating along very fast, and you spin your board to the side and want to skid to halt. This move is quite similar to the movement that people try with snowboarding; the only difference is that when you fall concrete and pavement instead of snow does not welcome you. Numerous people have faced quite issues learning powerslide, but it is worth learning. Just envisage the style with which you will be able to stop instantly and also keep yourself away from traffic.

Powerslide Setup

Powerslide Setup
Learning powerslide is not a difficult task but before learning powerslide you need to be able to:

  • Ensure that you are comfortable with skating in general
  • Confident with riding your board and you are able to manage a good balance.
  • You should have enough command so that you are able to kickturn.

Powerslide is not an easy move to learn as it requires practice and dedication to be perfect in whatever you do. If you don’t get it right it can get extremely painful. To start of you need to learn footbreak to stop then you may carry on learning powerslide when you feel that you have enough practice to move on to this trick. Powerslides are surely the fastest and serenest way to stop. You can use powerslides on regular skateboards, longboards, when flying down hills, and in skateparks on transition. (See also: buying longboard).

It is significant to ensure that you have gone through the instructions before you try it. You also need to ensure that you have a sturdy, clear mental picture of what it should look like. The more clear you are in visualization the better your powersliding experience will be.


Speed and Foot Placement

Speed and Foot Placement
It is straightforward to explain powerslides in words, but it’s hard to perform it correctly. The first and the foremost element that you need to keep in mind is that you need to be skating at a comfortable speed. Going too slow is not an ideal condition to learn this move. Just try going as fast as you can feel you have control over your speed. In the beginning, you need to find a place that is flat and smooth. Usually, riders prefer concrete as it is rated as the best. While riding when you feel you have a good speed going, position your feet so that you have one over each truck.

The Turn

The Turn
Now it’s the time to shift your weight to your front foot and slide the back wheels of your skateboard around 90degrees so that your board is underneath you. It may sound a bit confusing but the easiest way to explain this action of slide is to straighten out your back leg while you are sliding it out to the side.It is incredibly significant to know that you need to drag, or slide, those back wheels around. Moreover, you should also ensure that they are touching the ground. Avoid doing a kickturn as it won’t work. If you do not follow the instructions, you may end up either flying off to the side or just wiping out. Once you are sure that your board is sideways trying leaning back a little bit. Push out with your feet and start sliding the board along.

As your speed is spent in the slide, you are going to stop and this way you will end up just standing on your stopped board! For the first few times you may need to do some kickturns so that you are able to maintain your balance. But make your goal to get to a point that you won’t need to do it at all.


Considerations and Tweaks

Considerations and Tweaks
There is no need to bang your head if you do not get the hang of powersliding right away as it requires time. Practice it regularly and be patient with yourself because you are in a learning phase. It is recommended to use pads while practicing it because practicing and failing can hurt. Although, you might look a bit odd but it’s better than getting badly hurt and staying away from skateboard for weeks. The moment you have powerslide dialed in, there are a few elements that you can do with it besides just stopping.Slow down: powersliding doesn’t mean that you have to completely stop. You can use it to slow down and then straighten out your board and keep going. However, it is significant to ensure that you should have a good balance and board awareness for this technique.

Bert slide: The bert slide is similar to apowered-up powerslide. In such a slide you crouch down and slide the board out. This trick is full of style.

Frontside/backside powerslide/: These instructions are not specific to the direction you are turning when you are practicing powersliding.It is so because that is on purpose. Usually, it is recommended that backside powerslide should start where you are facing the direction you are going. Although leaning on both is a better idea. If you are up to the challenge of doing a front side powerslide, then go for it!

180 powerslides: it is rated to be the most challenging kind of power sliding, but they are pretty sweet looking and are extremely fun to practice. These powerslides are executed just like the regular powerslide. The only difference is that the board spins 180 degrees instead of 90 degrees. For this kind of powersliding, you will need to give the tail of the board a push to keep it going.

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So what are you waiting for just pick up your skateboard and follow the above mentioned instructions and get going. Make your unique style with powersliding and show the world that you have the ability to become a professional skater.

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