Top 5 Best Skateboard Ramps In Town

Skateboarding is a fun, energetic and attractive type of sport for kids and youngsters. If you prefer home-practice skateboard rather than skating on the streets, you may consider buying a ramp.

When it comes to purchasing a skateboard ramp, there are a lot of considerations that we have to think thoroughly such as the skateboard ramp types, price, material, weather resistance, etc. All these things may go over some people’s heads.

As a result, today we jot down this article to help you easily figure out your desired ramps and recommend several high-quality products that we spent time to test carefully. Hopefully, this post can be beneficial for you.

Top 5 Best Skateboard Ramps In Town

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All You Should Know About Skateboard Ramps

Below are several key considerations when purchasing skateboard ramps. Keep reading to know what they are.

Main Types of Skateboard Tramps

Main types of Skateboard trampsThere are numerous distinct types of skateboard ramps. In this article, we listed the main types of skateboard tramps in the market.

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Quarter Pipe

This is one of the most popular ramp types. It is highly suitable for performing air tricks, even grinds, and grabs. The quarter pipe is only appropriate for people possessing a big garage as it is very large.


Halfpipe is one of the most well-known ramp types and frequently promoted on skateboarding competition shows. It is popularly preferred as it features ramps on both sides which allow riders to practice new tricks without building up momentum.

When using halfpipe ramps, all you need is going up and down one side and then go up and down another side of the ramp. With this type of ramp, you can play a wide range of distinct tricks and upgrade your skill.

Box Jump

The box jump is the launch ramp. It features 2 launch ramps facing one another with a flat surface in the middle. Additionally, it has both sloped and flat surfaces which allow users to try numerous tricks.

The Launch Ramp

This type of ramp is easy to assemble and simple. The most outstanding feature of this type is that it supports you an excellent lift into the air. After a long time of practicing, you can master your skills by placing all launch ramps together with a gap in between.

Main Considerations When Choosing Skateboard Ramps

choosing skateboard rampsSize

Every size of ramps has its pros and cons. Large skateboard ramps give you more room to practice your tricks and help you get more air. However, large skateboard ramps require a higher budget and large space.

Mini ramps are easy to store and transport to everywhere you want.


The material vastly affects the life-span of the ramp. The surface material plays an important role as it usually rubs against the skate wheels. To have a build to the last surface, you should pick up the plywood, Masonite or molded plastic material.

Rider Weight

Rider weight is a key consideration you should think thoroughly as it will determine the perfect type of ramp. If you are a heavy skater, you are better off opting for metal or plywood-based ramp. As it is long-standing and sturdy. Notably, make sure to check the maximum weight capacity before buying.

If you are a thin skater, a molded plastic ramp is born for you.


If all the screws in your ramps are inspected carefully, in most cases, your ramp is completely safe. If you are a careful person, you should place a counterweight to make sure it won’t slip underneath you.

When skating, you have to wear pads and helmet to protect yourself out of injury.

Weather Resistance

In case you place your skateboard ramp outdoor, weather resistance is a key consideration. A weatherproof ramp may cost more than the normal type, but you’ll get what you paid.

A bunch of ramps is carefully coated to prevent rust and smartly designed to not warp with rain and sun exposure.

Top 5 Best Skateboard Ramps

Below is a sum-up table featuring top 5 best skateboard ramps

Ten Eighty Mini Launch Ramp – Best for kids aged 8 and above

Ten Eighty Mini Launch RampNowadays, kids would rather bury themselves in smartphone and play a game rather than join outdoor activities. Keep your children entertained and stay active by playing the skateboard is a good idea. If you are looking for a high-quality skateboard ramp for your kids, we highly recommend Ten Eighty Mini Launch Ramp.

Ten Eighty is a well-known modular ramp brand in the current market. It satisfies its customers with well-engineered designs and high level of safety.

It is made from hi-impact polymer and non-slip rubber feet to deliver a durable construction and well-planted wheels. Its wedge shape is carefully designed for newbie riders to upgrade their skills and tricks.

To add more safety, the Ten Eighty features a textured slip-resistant finish. This product can be used with inline skates, scooters, BMX bikes, and skateboards. Additionally, it only takes a few minutes to assemble.

Thanks to Ten Eighty skateboard ramp, riding is better than ever. You can safely create numerous tricks and free ride and jump a bike over it.

In short, Ten Eighty skateboard ramp is well-designed, safety and suitable for young skaters. Buy it now or regret later.


  • High-impact polymer construction
  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for kids aged 8 and above, both beginners and advanced riders


  • Some people find it a bit narrow for scooters

Buy it on Amazon.com

OC Ramps Halfpipe – Best for adults

OC Ramps HalfpipeProduct information:

Having a self-own halfpipe is a dream for many youngsters. Let’s turn your dream into reality by possessing an OC Ramps Halfpipe.

OC Ramp is a family-based business created by Tyler Large & family. They started to build skate ramps since 1997. After 22 years of experience, OC Ramps delivers a wide range of skate-related products such as bike ramps, skate paint, half pipes, skate paint and skate boxes.

OC Ramps Halfpipe is made from premium-quality plywood, galvanized metal, and treated lumber. Thus, it is highly durable and built to last if you take care of it properly.

Also, this ramp is super easy to assemble. As every accompanied tool have been predrilled and precut to ensure you can smoothly operate. It also comes with rustproof pre-counted screws and a convenient instruction booklet.

Notably, this product is very big, so it requires a large space to accommodate it.

All things considered, this skateboard ramp is good quality and suitable for all skaters. If your house has enough space, purchasing an OC Ramps Halfpipe is a smart investment.


  • Durable and high-quality material
  • Big
  • Easy to set up
  • Suitable for all types of riders
  • Good brand reputation


  • Its price is a bit expensive

Buy it on Amazon.com

Landwave 4-sided Pyramid Skateboard Kit

Landwave 4-sided Pyramid Skateboard Kit with 4 RampsProduct information:

In case all you need is a budget-friendly ramp for beginners, Landwave 4-sided Pyramid Skateboard Kit is your thing.

First of all, this skateboard ramp is well-made and all-weather resistant. Its tractable surface is ideal for in-line skates, BMX bikes, and skateboards.

This Kit contains 4 stackable ramps and 1 deck units. You can easily assemble units to get the ramp design you want.

Interestingly, you can comfortably combine with other Landwave facilities to design your ramp. Like other Landwave products, it is also effortless to assemble and doesn’t require any tool.

Last but not least, Landwave offers a 90-day warranty for all products. Its shipping service is very fast. Customers will receive the goods after 3 business days.

To sum up, this product is worth your penny.


  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for beginners and home practice
  • Weather-resistant
  • No assembly needed
  • Allow users to design your skatepark


  • Some users find it challenging to detach

Buy it on Amazon.com

Mojo Quarter Pipe – Best for advanced users

Mojo Quarter PipeProduct information:

With Mojo Quarter Pipe, you can create your dreamy skatepark at home.

Mojo Quarter Pipe features a high-tensile strength steel framing, a tough polycarbonate surface and a welded steel construction which allow users to perform the hardest tricks from in-line skates, bikes, and boards.

Its heavy-duty polycarbonate ramp surface is bendy for the sake of smooth skating experience. Mojo ramp is also weather-resistant as it is coated a layer on the industrial-strength blue steel frame.

The Mojo manufacturer carefully added wheels on the backside for the sake of easy storage and movement. This ramp may look big but it is easy to assemble indeed.

It possesses an adjustable rail height and removable safety rail. You can easily adjust the rail height to experience distinct challenges.

In conclusion, Mojo Quarter Pipe is tough, functional and long-lasting. Invest in this skateboard is a perfect investment.


  • Professional and premium-quality skateboard ramp
  • Easy transport
  • Easy assembly
  • Well-design


  • The surface easily get hot in the summer
  • A bit over budget for some people

Buy it on Amazon.com

Ramptech QuarterPipe Skateboard Ramp – Best for space-saving

QuarterPipe Skateboard RampProduct information:

Skateboard not only helps you release stress after long-working hours but also increase your health’s status. If you don’t have too much time to go to the skatepark, then a space-saving yet sturdy skateboard ramp is all you need. In this case, we highly recommend the Ramptech 2’ Tall x 4’ Wide QuarterPipe Skateboard Ramp.

When the product was delivered, we were immediately impressed by its careful packaging, space-efficient design and detailed step by step instructions. It only took us 10 minutes to set up all things. All we need is following the visual instructions.

Its top surface is made from ABS plastic which is built to last as ABS material is almost indestructible. It features superior exterior HDO panels and galvanized steel coping.

What is more, this product comes with casters which make transportation easier than ever. You can easily move the ramp to wherever you want.

Everything considered Ramptech Skateboard Ramp is a carefully-made, space-saving and easy to transport ramp which offers you countless hours of enjoyment and contentment.


  • Solid, durable and portable
  • Effortless and quick to assemble
  • ABS plastic top surface
  • USA quality
  • Space saving


  • It can only support 1 player

Buy it on Amazon.com


To sum up, in this article, we provided you the top 5 best skateboard ramps in the market and give you some tips on how to choose a good and suitable skateboard ramp. Hopefully, you can get some ideas on skateboard ramps and can purchase your desired products.

If you ask us which product is our pick, we confidently announce the OC Ramps Halfpipe. Simply because it is well-made, large and can support users to try and learn new tricks.

Finally yet importantly, don’t forget to like and share our article if you find it helpful and informative. In case you have any query, just simply drop a comment down below, we’ll answer as fast as possible. Have a good day ahead!

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