Top Skateboard Tips And Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Skateboarding is one of the most attractive sports for everyone. For girls, it is essential to know how to play safely to avoid injuries.

That’s the reason why we write this post for you. Let’s see the top skateboard tips and tricks every girl should know. Then practice makes perfect. You can play with your friends or family to get motivation to skateboard and have someone take care of you when needed.

Remember to wear all the necessary gears such as helmets, knee elbow pads, wrist guards, gloves when standing on your skateboard and train yourself these techniques from our instructions.

First of all, these simple and essential tricks and tips allow beginners to get used with skateboarding. For someone who spends some time of skating and loves to try new challenges, these techniques are what you need.

If you want to be a good skater and don’t lose any game of this simple sport just because you’ve never learned to stand on the board, this great list gives you some ideas for things to learn.

Now we will walk you through the whole process. Check it out.

Skateboards for Girls

Six Simple Tricks For Girl Skateboards

Here are the primary methods for girls to skateboard. Read on our instructions and take time to practice them. After mastering these skills, you can move on other complicated tricks.


KickturnsKickturn is an essential skateboarding skill when you keep your balance on the wheels for a while and rotate the front of the board to a new direction.

First of all, you need to learn how to balance on two wheels by placing your board where it doesn’t roll much, and then you stand on it with the rear leg over the tail and front one behind or on the bolt of the front truck.

You continue to bend your knees and keep your shoulders level with the skateboard deck, move two-thirds of your weight into your hind leg and raise your front leg slightly. When shifting weight to the deck tail, the nose of the board will pop up into the air.

Finally, keep your balance on the rear wheel and notice the time you can take this action for practice progressing.

The Ollie

The OllieIt is a leap into the air with the board when both of your feet are still on it in the middle of the sky.

You put the front leg in the middle of the board and the bolts of the front truck, and the rear leg in the tail middle. You take yourself and the board off the ground by pressing the back leg to the tail towards the ground to pop up.

While the tail touches the ground, you jump up and slide the front leg from the middle of the board towards the head. Make sure to place your front foot well on the tape to prevent it from sliding off the board.

You should do the movements of turning on the tail of the board, jumping and dragging your front leg to the board smoothly, remember to combine all actions well for an appropriate Ollie movement.

In the middle of the jumping stage, both trucks get in the air with you, so it’s time to prepare for landing. You need to land with both feet on the truck bolts and the body in the center of the board to keep balance. As a result, you don’t fall too hard and prevent breaking the board.

The trick here is that you need to bend your knees a little to cushion the landing and help you to focus on your balance.

Rock To Fakies And Rock N’ Roll

Rock To FakiesThey are useful basic skateboarding tricks. You need to climb a ramp, and at the top, throw front trucks through the counter or edge.

  • Rock N’ Roll: If you go up the slope and place the front of the trucks over the edge. After that, you jump out and use a usual position to go down the slope. Try and hit the opposite side of the deck and place the weight on the front leg to kick forward.
  • Rock to Fakies: Now lean back to shift the weight to the tail. Then you put the front trucks back to the edge, and with the body weight on the rear legs, gravity will pull you downhill. If you climb a ramp, kick on the road, and ride down fakie (opposite the direction of your normal ride). When coming down the ramp a little bit, you should turn around and cycle down the ramp often if you want or combine other tricks.

50-50 Grind

50-50 GrindGrind is the name of a skill to slide along an edge like a curb, chair, rails by using your trucks instead of wheels or boards. Because this trick uses the Ollie technique, so practice Ollie more to perform 50-50 grind well. You can perform 50-50 grind on the front or back depending on where the obstacles are.

You should get near the ledge in parallel while you ollie toward the side. Then you aim at both trucks to land beside the edge. Next, you should smoothly land on edge, not too stiff and sticky. Note that balancing is not too far forward to avoid sticking and falling forward, and not too far to prevent slipping and falling back.

While grinding, you should keep both feet on each truck to have a right balance with the hind leg slightly facing the tail. Finally, you shift your weight back a little while at the end of the edge and lift the truck behind, lifting and rolling off the curb.


BoardslidesBoardslide is a simple turning trick when you slide on the center of the board. To perform this skill, you must know how to do a front or back 180 Ollie. In the boardslide movement, the front truck overcomes obstacles and sliding on the center of the board.

Do not forget to run at medium speed, so you don’t get stuck on the rail or slide back. You should stay in ollie position regularly and approach almost parallel to obstacles.

Imagine yourself in the ollie position, and you now turn 90° and plant on your deck middle in the sliding edge. Keep your point of contact in view and use your shoulders to start going up.

When being off the ground, turn yourself into an obstacle. You need to land with your middle deck on the sliding edge and center your weight. While sliding in, you hold the weight in the center and use the arm to balance. Don’t lean forward or backward, and let the slide take you naturally.

Next, hold the position, enjoy friction, and prepare to dismount. Finally, you turn toward the direction when exiting the slide and maintain your board level and center weight.

Allow your momentum to push you off the endpoint and away from the end of the flat bar. Now you land with all wheels down, bend your knees, and continue to ride comfortably.


ManualsYou practice this trick by balancing on the rear wheels while rolling vertically. The implementation of the manual on your skateboard is not too difficult, and you just need the right balance and many practices. Your hind feet cover most of the back of the skateboard and the ball of the front foot behind your front truck.

Usually, you spread the weight of about 50% on each foot. When you are downhill, you transfer a part of the load to the front leg. With this skill, you need to slowly lean the upper part of your body like shoulders and head towards the board nose when shifting weight to the back foot. If you lose your balance, you should use your hands to catch balance.

Best Beginner Skateboard

Three Essential Tips For Girl Skateboards

How To Stand On The Skateboard Comfortably

How To Stand On The Skateboard ComfortablyIf you want to stand on the skateboard comfortably, you should find whether you’re a regular or goofy-footed skateboarder by checking which foot to put in the front and back.

The regular stance is more common when you skate with your left foot forward while goofy one means that you slide with your right foot forward.

You need to be comfortable when standing on a skateboard to control the board safely and confidently.

Let’s try the following tips:

  • Put it on the ground in front of you and kick it. Which foot you kick it to be the hind leg on the skateboard and the balance foot in front.
  • Or you go upstairs with your foot on the first step, it will be the hind legs on the skateboard.
  • Or you stand on two feet close together, and someone will gently push you from behind. If you use one foot to avoid falling, then put it behind on a skateboard.

Next, you need to do everything naturally. After knowing which foot you should use, you continue to skate the way you want. When you master skating, you should try going against any position you usually use.

You can also change your skateboarding position until you choose the best place for yourself or use both of them. Skateboarding rules depend on you, and you can learn tricks in the order you like.

You put down the board and try to stand or jump on it by balancing at the front or rear wheels. You should stand on the board and move both feet into different positions to get used to the feeling and size of the board, and the goal is to feel comfortable standing on it.

How To Stop Your Board

How To Stop Your BoardThere are some ways to stop your skateboard as follows:

  • You should practice taking your back leg and pulling it to the ground so that when you need it, you can stop.
  • For someone who gets used of skateboarding, put the heel of rear foot to the board back and lean back to make the front board to fly into the air. You step down to the heel with the front half of the foot on the board. You use a heel to pull a short, then stop.
  • Or when your knees are bent while you ride, quickly jump out of the board forward. At this time, the skateboard will stop, but the ability to break the board will be slightly high.
  • Final is the Powerslides in Tony Hawk video games. But it is not suitable for beginners, come back to this skill when you are at an advanced level.

How To Carve On A Skateboard

How To Carve On A SkateboardIt is how you rotate the table when tilting your toes or heels in the direction you want. Firstly, push the board and place your weight on the heel while rolling to turn in that direction gradually. If you wish to have sharp turns, you should push your heels more.

You need to practice on the spacious areas such as streets or parking lots. You should take time to master this skill by pushing forward and carving around everything. For example, try not hitting the curb by carving around to be away from it.

A good tip is to tilt the upper body in the same direction of your carving, and then you can do it more comfortable. With deep engraving, just bend your knees and crouch low on the board. And remember that using long boards helps you to crave simpler.

Let’s Skateboarding Now, Girls!

With six basic tricks and three useful tips in our post, we believe you can practice well with your skateboards. Try doing them every day or whenever you have free time to master them as soon as possible.

After that, your skills can come up the next level with complicated techniques. But one thing for sure is that from now on you can do any tricks more comfortably, confidently, safely and smoothly. Based on basic movements, you create your own action or follow experienced skateboarder for many variants. Then you will find it fantastic to join the skateboarding worlds.

It’s time for you to hang out with some friends and play tricks with your favorite skateboards. Have fun and be safe!

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