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Skaters now prefer longboards over skateboards because they get a chance to have bigger wheels, which allows them a more joyful ride. The major reason behind this is that longboard wheels are larger than skateboard wheels which gives the longboard a more monstrous look. Moreover, they also have a wider diameter making it more useful than a skateboard. This article is going to highlight a detailed review of “skateboard with longboard wheels” setup. So try going through the article thoroughly so that you can get a perfect understanding.

Skateboard Wheels Vs Longboard Wheels

Skateboard Wheels Vs Longboard WheelsOur readers must know the difference between longboard and skateboard wheels so that you have a better idea of both. Both these wheels are made up of a material known as urethane, a material known for the ability to withstand a lot of force and quite sturdy, perfect for making the board wheels. Street skateboarders prefer to use a wheel with a 49 to 54mm diameter, whereas longboard wheels are used by transition riders, these transition riders go for a slightly larger wheel that has a diameter that goes up to 50 to 60 mm in diameter and usually longboards have a diameter that ranges from 60 to 90mm. Wheels with larger diameters for more control and high speed so a lot of Riders like them. These are not the only reasons due to which longboard wheels are famous and preferred over skateboard wheels.

Can You Put Longboard Wheels on a Skateboard?

Can You Put Longboard Wheels on a SkateboardThe answer to this question is, yes you can use longboard wheels on a skateboard. A point to note here is that they are going to work fairly well on a skateboard. The only element that you are going to make sure of is that you have enough clearance or you could get wheel bite. Wheel bite is a term that is used to refer to the hit the deck gets during a turn. This helps the board to stop dead and you can go riding.

A lot of people try to turn their skateboard super comfortable cruiser boards but sometimes it doesn’t work out. Changing skateboard wheels with longboard wheels is just like turning a minivan into a race car. The minivan is built for regular use which includes carrying groceries or home items while a race car is designed to provide you maximum speed so that you could compete in a race. If you are going to enhance the minivan with race car items it is certainly going to facilitate you but it is not going to fulfill the requirement of a race car fully. So whenever you are replacing skateboard wheels with longboard wheels then you should confirm that they are going to work well.

Why Put Longboard Wheels on a Regular Skateboard?

Once our readers are aware of longboard and skateboard wheels it’s now time to look at the benefits that riders are going to achieve with longboard wheels as compared to skateboard wheels. There are some practical reasons that contribute towards the overwhelming response of longboards.

Longboard wheels are softer than skateboard wheels allowing them to absorb bumps a lot better. To get a much smoother ride around then it’s preferable to use longboard wheels instead of skateboard wheels.


Another reason that will persuade you to go for longboard wheels over skateboard wheels is that they would theoretically take less energy to use, allowing you to ride more energetically.

As these wheels are prominent and big, they are going to provide you the chance to pick up speed a lot quicker than skateboard wheels.
Moreover, it won’t require you to kick more as you do on a skateboard. This is usually beneficial for people who prefer riding over tricks.

So now you are aware of the similarities and differences between longboard and skateboard it’s now time to get into more detail about longboard and skateboards.

Understanding Longboard Wheels:

Understanding Longboard WheelsNow its time to break down the technology behind the longboard wheels so that we get a better understanding of both longboard and skateboard. The wheel specifications mentioned here might be a little bit too much for you to absorb but they are going to help you get a better understanding of what actually a longboard wheel is responsible for.

The wheels of skateboards go around to provide you faster/slower to and fro motion but it is also responsible for controlling your board grips and the turns that you get on the surfaces you are riding on. A lot of the specifications on a wheel are related to traction. Each and every specification is responsible for its functions and all these specifications combine together for better performance of the skateboard.

Performance of a longboard wheel will increase significantly if you know what kind of surface is best for your wheel and what set of wheels are good for each terrain. You can notice a significant difference in the performance of the wheel on a smooth surface as compared to the rough surface.


DiameterThe most significant part of the skateboard is its wheel . The diameter of the wheel is one of the most common specifications when it comes to the properties of your longboard wheel. You can get a wide range of wheel diameters from 60mm to 100+mm. A normal skateboard has a wheel diameter that ranges from 48mm to 60 mm.

In a nutshell, we can say that the larger the wheel the faster the ride will be. Moreover. Larger wheels will have the ability to absorb more shocks as compared to small ones. But smaller wheels are going to accelerate faster but couldn’t meet the speed that you are going to get with larger wheels. The most common size that you are going to find will range between 63-75 mm. But as you surpass this size you have to ensure the fact that deck/truck setup can easily accommodate the larger size while avoiding wheel bite. After reading this detail you will get to know about the wheels in detail and you can easily decide the right wheels for your skateboard.

Durometer (Hardness)

DurometerLongboard wheels are crafted from polyurethane which allows them a variety of hardness that can match different requirements. Durometer is a term that is used to determine the hardness of the polyurethane, remember to check this category when buying the wheel because it will come in helpful for you. If we talk in terms of performance then a durometer is used to analyze how the wheel grips to different surfaces on which you are riding. If the wheel has a lower durometer then it will be grippier as compared to a wheel with a higher durometer and a wheel with a higher durometer will be a lot slider. Longboard or skateboard wheel durometer ranges between 75a-100a and longboards have softer wheels while standard skateboard wheels are a bit harder. The value of the durometer ranges between 75a-90a for such wheels.

You must be wondering what this alphabet ‘a’ refers to in durometer measuring. Polyurethane, rubbers and plastics are usually rated on a scale of 12. The letter ‘a’ also refers to the measuring that is done to tell the hardness of the wheel. Take note of these special scales because they will prove to be useful to you!

Lip Profile

Lip ProfileLip profile is quite similar to a durometer as it is responsible for determining how well your wheel grips the surface on which you are riding. The skateboard that has a square lip profile will be a lot grippier and also provides a lot more control at higher speeds. A round lip profile is going to provide less grip and performs a lot better on slides. You are going to find numerous varieties of more rounded and square across different wheel models. A few times you might also face ‘beveled’ lip. This style gives the wheel a mixed performance. This works perfectly for freeriders who might want a little more ‘drift’ or slide ability without sacrificing overall traction.

Core Material (Hub Material)

The core is made up of different materials and that’s the reason you will feel the noticeable change in how the longboard wheel rides. Moreover, the core of the material is also going to make sure that you get the longevity that you have always looked for in wheels.

Contact Patch (Wheel Width)

Contact PatchContact patch is a technical term to define the width or amount of wheel that touches the surface while riding. The wider the contact patch the more urethane on the surface giving more ‘grip’ whereas a ‘thinner’ contact patch will have less urethane giving more ‘slide’.


The texture of the wheel has also a role to play in the performance of the skateboard. The wheels of longboards have a smooth texture which offers more grip out of the box. While the rough wheels provide more slide. The main element to notice here is that when you go through the break-in process with the smooth wheel it is going to give a lot more control from slides and will also take more riding to hit that sweet spot that you have always desired for.

Wheel Core Setting (Hub Placement)

Wheel Core SettingThe core set is actually the position of the wheel core and the core set of the wheel plays a very important role. Traction and durability of the wheels are highly dependent upon the placement of the core. Let’s take it in a scientific perspective when you initiate a turn the force you apply against the wheels is absorbed around the wheel’s core. It is important because it will provide you a balanced amount of urethane from left to right.

But when you offset or sideset the core the wheel becomes a lot more forgiving on the outside. In such situations, the wheel becomes more suitable for a looser or less grippy feel. To get the best durability you need to set the wheels in the center because it offers longevity and also enables to flip them around when the outsides begin to wear,unlike offset or side wheels.

How to Install Longboard Wheels on Regular Skateboard:

If you wish to have large longboard wheels such as 70mm ones then you need to do some upgrades to your skateboard. Since the diameter of the wheel is high thus, you will definitely get wheel bites on turns and if you have to replace the wheels then you can prevent this problem by raising the board as it provides skateboard wheels more clearance room.

In order to lift the board, you should install risers and these riser pads fit in between the place where trucks connect to the board. It all depends upon the size of the wheels you will be installing on the skateboard and in order to get the best experience, you should experiment with the wheels. Moreover, you also need to make sure that the trucks that you are installing might not support large wheels because they mount differently. If you are stuck in such a scenario then you will have to get a longboard truck and install them on the board as well.W

What to Avoid while Trying this Setup?

What to Avoid while Trying this SetupThere are some precautions that you need to follow in order to ensure the fact that your longboard wheels work well and have the best performance throughout the whole process.

The main issue that comes along when replacing longboard wheels with skateboard wheels is that it can come along with a wheel bite and as we have stated above you get a wheel bite when the skateboard turns. The major reason due to which it is recommended to avoid is that wheels stop spinning dead in their track.The easiest way to avoid such a situation is to get a smaller longboard wheel. If you go for 55mm wheels or wheels similar to this size then you might not run into this issue. Moreover, another way to get around this problem is that a skateboard is slightly longer than a standard board. It is a very effective fix. But if you are not comfortable with such small size wheels and you wish to have larger wheels attached to your skateboard then the best solution is to get a few more customization that could help you avoid such issues.

This is the major problem that people face with longboard wheels, almost everyone who replaces skateboard wheels with longboard wheels faces this issue. So if you are going to do this then it is recommended to either follow the workarounds mentioned in this section or try customizing your skateboard more so that you can experience a smooth ride with your amazing skateboard.


This article has all the right information that you require to setup your skateboard with longboard wheels. So don’t waste a moment and get your skateboard turned into an amazing skateboard that is ready to get you rolling with a faster speed. If you are intending to do tricks with your skateboard then this is certainly a good idea to replace the wheels with specialized ones, read the full article for all the tips, precautions and technical information. Happy riding! Thank you for reading! I hope you find what you are looking for!

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