Top 5+ One Wheel Skateboard Will Shock You This Year (2022)

After seeing a picture which was about a person riding a skateboard with one wheel, I immediately wanted to buy one. It was so cool that I instantly wanted to get one. However, I am still unfamiliar with skateboarding. Of course, one of the reasons came from my skills.

Another important reason is that there are so many kinds of 1 wheel skateboards that serve a different purpose. At that time, I picked up one which was beautiful and cool. After that, I learned how to choose a proper model and skills. I think that there will be many people who need my help. That is why I write this post today so that it will come in handy for people in the future!

Top 5 Best Skateboards With One Wheel

8 Hottest Skateboards With One Wheel in The Market

Based on my experiences, here are my suggestions for you as follows:

One wheel Off-Road Skateboard by Future Motion

One wheel Off-Road Skateboard by Future MotionOne wheeling brings a greater feeling of wave and snowboarding because of its fresh powder.

The best place for gliding is pavement which has a self-balance, you can also experience a smooth and light ride around the neighborhood.

This modified electric skateboard is the combination of unicycles and Marty McFly’s hoverboard.

Their creators always aim to the purpose which gives their customers a feeling of flying.

In spite of a simple design, it allows you to propel it when leaning forward and slow down.

According to claims of Future Motion, the majority of users can learn how to surf the streets within a few minutes very easily for a beginner to pick up the pace!

Here’s the fact:

After experiencing, many users said that this vehicle requires an average level of athleticism and body awareness.

Single wheel runs thanks to the power sources of a 500W hub motor and a 48V lithium nano-phosphate battery. It allows you to ride 20 minutes about 4-6 miles. You can ride your skateboard even around the city but this may change depending on the different terrains.

Also, it only takes you around 2 hours to recharge the battery. And the max Onewheel speed you can reach is 12 mph.

Hoverboard one wheel electric skateboard

Hoverboard one wheel electric skateboardCompared to Tesla, Hoverboard seems a better option of “one-wheeled electric transporter”.

The Robert Bigler inventor applied Hoverboard technology to run a Kickstarter campaign for the personal roller.

This model is integrated with a removable Drive Unit module and gyro-stabilization which help you ride easily.

You tilt forward for acceleration and back for the change of directions, even braking.

This model is considered as another version of a personal electric vehicle which provides great power/ volume ratios, power/ weight, and range/ weight.

In general, you will feel like riding in the air. Of course, this is only the feeling. I am sure that you never leave the ground.

When it comes to the Hoverboard Drive Unit:

It is a smart installation which allows you to interchange the different features for different using purposes.

Most Hoverboards are customizable on several features except details related to safety such as LCD screen with data/ notification readouts, LED lighting, and Bluetooth connectivity to pair with speakers.

This skateboard includes user serviceable and modular parts so you can easily swap.

Hoverboards are integrated with a smartphone app which allows you to access the following features:

  • Activate the model
  • Check battery health and charge level
  • Set a speed limit for each user
  • Lock your model
  • Log riding data, avg-speed, max speed, and distance traveled
  • Keep your model away from being stolen
  • Customize the LED bar graphs and lighting
  • Play music and customize its sound
  • Supercharge the batteries in at least 16 minutes
  • Ride over 10 miles of range traveling at 8 mph.
VIRO Rides Free-Style Hoverboard
  • Self-balancing scooter with anti-slip foot pads, dual rubber tires with protective casing, bright LED lights and Bluetooth speakers that enables you to hook up your phone and play your favorite music
  • Features a rechargeable Lithium Ion 33V battery. Pedal force controllers for sharp turning, intuitive controls give the feet all the control
  • Cruise at speeds of 7 mph for a range of 6.5 Miles on a single charge
  • Check the digital monitor to view your battery power and speed. Care and Cleaning: Spot or wipe clean
  • Minimum rider weight: 55 lbs, maximum rider weight: 220 lbs. UL Certified

Sk8one one wheel electric skateboard

Sk8one one wheel electric skateboardSk8One gives you a great opportunity to experience a riding style that you haven’t tried before.

In a normal case:

You may take several years to be a skilled player. However, this model that is integrated with unidirectional free riding style and the lastest gyroscopic balancing technology allows you to experience motion and freedom in minutes.

What’s the best?

The sensors of Sk8One engage and disengage the gyro-drive system so you have complete hands-free control. This helps you concentrate on riding style more than control.

Meanwhile, the gyro-drive processors calculate incredible feedback and balance assistance you get by the millisecond.

How about its flexibility?

It has the ability to pass any terrain because of the large 15cm go-kart tire while you turn the heads of what you pass by.

Hoverclub Electric Hover Skates with LED lights

Hoverclub Electric Hover Skates with LED lightsThis is the combination of the shoe design and roller skates so it has benefits of these things.

This model brings a playful and thrilling feeling thanks to the smart design.

If you are a beginner who is worrying about falling out of the model, you can set your mind at rest because it is a certified standard for safety and security.

Thus, just step on the model confidently without causing a security risk.

Hoverclub is a portable one-wheel skateboard with a handle design so you can lift and carry it everywhere to ride.

The dual 250W brushless motors providing around 7.5 mph max speed allow you to ride up to 6.2 miles. Moreover, this stable and durable model with the support of the big non-slip foot mat can stand a person who is up to 220 lbs safely.

Here’s the outstanding feature:

You can easily control your riding through the great stability system. This means that dancing, spinning, gliding even playing tricks are not a big problem.

This is a great choice for both beginners and skilled players.

Hey, wait, not stop here:

This model is integrated with a cool flashing LED headlights display which not only makes you fun but also stays visible when riding. In sum, you can consider it as a signal to protect you at night.

LTXtreme Viro Rides Free-Style Hoverboard UI2272

LTXtreme Viro Rides Free-Style Hoverboard UI2272This self-balancing scooter helps you ride in balance with one wheel. Besides, it also has other great features as follows:

The anti-slip foot pads keep your foot in positions safely while riding. You won’t fall down the model even when you turn right or left.

In spite of only one wheel, there are dual rubber tires with a protective casing increasing the durability significantly. So, you are protected better.

LED lights not only look like an accessory which brings a lot of fun but also a sign that others can avoid you at night.

Meanwhile, Bluetooth speakers allow you to access your phone to play your favorite song.

There is a rechargeable Lithium-Ion 33V battery. For each charge, you ride in a range of 6.5 miles at speeds of 7 mph. Moreover, you can see the battery power and speed through the digital monitor.

This means that you save an amount of money for buying new battery.

The pedal allows you to use your feet to control better for sharp turning.

It’s very easy to maintain and clean by spotting or wiping.

You don’t need to worry about your safety because it is UL certified.


  • Minimum weight of the rider is 55 lbs
  • Maximum weight of the rider is 220 lbs

Koowheel Electric Roller Skate Hoverboard

Koowheel Electric Roller Skate HoverboardThis dual footboard is also a skateboard with one wheel which is integrated with a self-balancing technology.

What’s the fact?

It is the combination of a skateboard and self-balancing electric scooters with automatic balancing.

In case you are worried about your safety when using this model, it is tested from any potential fire hazard. Specifically, it meets the UL2272 testing requirement which is based on electrical safety national standards.

It’s very easy to move backward, forwards, turn right or left, and stop. These footboards help your movements on it very gently.

You can set any free posture as desired: standing upright, skating even dancing.

For the weight of 3.3kg of each one, you easily carry it to everywhere you want.

This model only requires a small amount of time to charge your battery. Specifically, it is from 2-3 hours.

Wait a minute:

You set your mind at rest to buy this product because it has a one-year limited warranty that covers all parts and labor from the manufacturer. If you are living in the US, the good news is that you will get a very quick response within 24 hours.

MightySkins Skin for LTXtreme free-style Hoverboard

MightySkins Skin for LTXtreme free-style HoverboardMightySkins gives you hundreds of color options. So, no matter which your riding style is, there will be a suitable choice.

It is designed with ultra-durable, ultra-thin, and stain-resistant laminate vinyl to keep all gears away from bad conditions effectively such as scrapes, dings, dust, wear and tear. Moreover, it is protected by a silicone or plastic cover.

When it comes to the MightySkín vinyl decal, it’s very easy to go on and come off it because of a patented low grip air. This allows you to switch your design anytime.

Customer satisfaction is the top priority of the company and manufacturer. So, the knowledgeable staff is ready to serve you in case you aren’t satisfied with the quality of the product for any reason.

Here is another good news:

MightySkins is manufactured in the USA where it is famous for high-quality items.

Hovers Skateboard 1 Wheel Longboard

Hovers Skateboard 1 Wheel LongboardHovers Skateboard has passed all electrical safety tests. Moreover, the materials of components are high quality so it is strong enough to last a long time. Specifically, you have tough wheels and grip.

It is certified safety with 5 stars through its great handling exclusive protection design. So, there is no need to worry about your safety anymore.

Despite only one wheel for each model, it comes with strong sensors-extra rugged tires. It is known as the safest intelligent sensor on the market now. One of the reasons is that it is genuine and authentic.

The overcharge protection allows you to ride with your desired speed.

Do you love your environment?

You should use it because it is eco-friendly and low-carbon transportation.

We have a model design especially for kids with medium speed and automatic stabilization.

It comes with the combination of an upgraded Double Watt motor and gear stabilization which controls tighter especially when you ride downhill traction.

Another good news is that if you are living in the USA, there will be a super fast shipping service.

Because the motherboard is improved stronger, it is considered as the best build on the market.

The Final Word

Have you selected a suitable skateboard with one wheel? Please tell me about your experiences with your new unit.

Is it fun? useful?

In case you asked my option, Hovers Skateboard 1 Wheel Longboard is my answer. It has a great look and can meet all my requirements. In particular, the safety of customers is always the top priority of the Hovers company and manufacturer. I am a beginner and it makes me satisfied, and feel safe while riding. How about you?

Above are only my choices of the best skateboard with one wheel. In fact, on the market, there are many models which you can find out. If you have any suggestion, please let me know by leaving a comment in the section below. Also, don’t forget to share my post, if you see it is informative. A lot of riders are waiting for you.

Thank you for reading!

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