How Many Skimboard Accessories Should You Use?

You are fed up with your basic surfboard, and you wonder how to customize it with skimboard accessories? It sounds like a good idea! Having a skimboard without any accessories is like a house without its beautiful paint.

You don’t know why? Well, accessories will not only let your skimboard stand out among the crowd, but it is also helpful to make your surfing performance smoother and more professional!

You find it uncomfortable to carry your surfboard around? You are looking for a kit to repair your skimboard quickly when surfing? Let’s check out the list of skimboard accessories below immediately!

List of Skimboard Accessories

Skimboard Bag

Skimboard BagWhile carrying it along, properly the skimboard will discomfort you with its big size, resulting in the difficulty on the go. However, when having a backpack skimboard bag with you, it doesn’t matter how far and how long you travel!

Most of the skimboard bags now are featured with woven charcoal nylon mesh and canvas, the materials making the bags more sturdy and waterproof. Certainly, with a skimboard bag, surf wax will be kept off of your car or any places you want to put it on.

Furthermore, to satisfy a variety of surfers’ demand for skimboard bag, the majority of manufacturers have been altering the designs of these bags for surfers with more convenience!

Particularly, the double zipper has been added for more durable skimboard carrying. Adjustable backpack straps enable you to carry your surfboard on one or two shoulders for more comfort! Hence, feel free taking it along with you for daily use without any trouble!

Board Sock

Board SockWant to cover your skimboard? A board sock is absolutely your best choice! Featuring with polyester fabric which is thick and stretchy, as well as the design fitting the shape of each surfboard, this accessory will fully cover and protect your skimboard surface.

So, before buying a board sock, make sure you know the accurate measurements of your surfboard such as length and width to choose the most suitable one!

Especially, the nose and tail are significant parts of a skimboard when skimboarding. Dependable on its various designs, thickness, curvature or width, the nose decides the way your surfboard catches and paddles the waves.

So, what should you do to protect this part? With protective nose pieces, a board sock will exceed your expectations! From now, you never have to think about your skimboard once you travel with it anymore, as a board sock will support you no matter how far you go!

Tail Pad

Tail PadYour surfboard nose is done, what’s next? The tail, absolutely! Among skimboard accessories, the tail pad has become more and more popular as it adds personality and color to your skimboard!

Normally, the tail pad is applied to the deck of your skimboard, at the bottom. As there is a sticky adhesive supplied, it is quite easy for you to secure a surfboard tail pad to the deck of the skimboard.

Measuring about 40 centimeters long and 30 centimeters wide, tail pads provide more grip and a secure point for the back foot so surfers can put more force when driving off. With a variety of colors, patterns, and designs, the tail pad is an irreplaceable accessory for anyone who is interested in this kind of sport!

Traction Pad

Traction PadTraction pads are accessories deriving from tail pads but with more functions. With the increasing trend of using tail pads for board decoration, countless designs of this accessory are always available for you to choose from.

Thus, since it’s a bit of a hassle to change the traction pad, think twice before purchasing this accessory. Unless you pick your favorite one, I am sorry to inform you will have to see it every single day!Besides the decoration factor, a tail pad can be helpful when surfing. By adding a traction pad, you will have more surface and grip to push against while performing tricky turns and generating speed.

For free surfers, it can be unnecessary. However, in professional leagues, this additional speed will be a vital key for surfers to become champions for sure!

Surf wax

Surf waxIf you are a surfer, you must have your favorite wax brand for your skimboard! Some people choose a wax because of its lovely smell, but others are loyal to the old brand as it connects well with their board.

Actually, in this modern era, surf wax is widely used by most surfers due to the maximum stickiness it brings, leading to a significant improvement in performance!

Anyway, there is a strong relationship between water temperature and wax techniques, which requires you to take this element into consideration carefully. It’s up to the weather of the area you are living in, cool, warm or tropical, the most suitable surf wax will be offered by the market.

If you skip that step and buy some random wax brands without considering, water temperature will surely interfere with the quality of your wax and make it useless. So, pay attention to this!

If you are not interested in buying waxes as it is not an eco-friendly ingredient, let’s try making it at home with beeswax, coconut oil, and tree resin. You will be surprised at your own creation!

Arch Bar

Arch BarAlong with tail pads, arch bars are indispensable accessories for traction control. Composed of 2 pieces, this arch bar is 10mm continuous raised to create the perfect stickiness for surfers. You can choose to use one or two sections on your board to improve traction.

Thanks to the foam and 3M adhesive, you don’t need to worry that it will affect your speech! By contrast, these lightweight materials will help you to drive off the board and therefore, extend your limitation of surfing speed for sure!

Speed Inducer

Speed InducerSpeed inducer – sounds amazing, doesn’t it? We are sure when you hear this name, you will know exactly what this accessory is used for! Actually, speed inducer is formulated to keep the gel coat from the bad effects of marine contamination and UV slow fade,resulting in speed improvement.

For one bottle, you can use for your fiberglass skimboard bottom up to 10 times. What a bargain! If you find your skimboard has recently been worn out, and it slows down your surfing speed, take notice of this product for quick improvement!

Quick Repair Kit

Quick Repair KitYou are on the beach, and your skimboard encounters some damages? It’s a pity and you have no choice but to fix it right on the spot! In this case, a quick repair kit is absolutely what you need!

Normally, polyester sanding resin is commonly used to fix your skimboard in a few seconds. Most suitable for surfboard hot coats, this sanding resin is well-advised for dings repairs. As a magical repair tool, this resin is ultra-clear and non-yellowing to your board’s surface.

With a strong flex to weight ratio, this repair kit creates UV stability to prevent your skimboard from bad influences from the sun. Quickly and smoothly dries, this accessory will provide users with a surface to finish sanding!

Skimboarding T-Shirt

Skimboarding T-ShirtThat’s enough about your board! It’s time to take care of yourself, too! Outdoor activities need comfortable clothes, so a skimboarding t-shirt is a must!

What is your favorite color? What design suits your personality best? We think there are numerous choices for you! No matter what you choose, pick one which makes you feel most comfortable so that it will improve your surfing performance!

Avoid choosing T-shirts with cumbersome details and poor quality material, or else it will even endanger yourself more while surfing. Remember, although your surfboard is well-prepared, if you are not careful with your clothes, everything will be meaningless!


SunglassesWork out under the sun, how can we not prepare sunglasses? Well, it is one of the most important skimboard accessories once you start surfing, so keep it in mind to bring along with you good quality sunglasses!

Not only sunglasses protect your eyes from strong UV, sea wind and sand on the beach, but they also create a fashionable style! Imagine many admiring eyes will be watching you when you are walking along the beach with a pair of “fashionista” sunglasses!


StickersYou are a big fan of customizing? If you are, we strongly believe that stickers are your best “sidekick” when it comes to decorating your skimboard! With colorful and eye-catching designs, these stickers must have stolen your heart, right?

Whatever your favorite colors and designs are, these stickers are available to make your surfboard more lively and colorful than ever! You are wondering how it works when surfing in the sea? Don’t worry, with the waterproof stickiness, you don’t need to worry that they will fall off during surfing.

Prices of these stickers are quite reasonable, allowing you to buy more than one for decoration! So, if you want your skimboard to look more fashionable, what are you waiting for?

Which Brand Should You Buy Skimboard Accessories?

With the high demand for skimboard accessories, you will find it difficult to pick one as your best brand to buy these things! Consulted from countless reviews of customers, these are 3 best brands that are high-appreciated to shop for surfboard accessories! Let’s find out what they are right now

Wave Zone

Wave Zone is one of the most famous brands specializing in manufacturing skimboard accessories that you can refer to! With a variety of products, creative designs, and eye-catching patterns, Wave Zone is the top priority of surfers once they look for items to decorate their skimboard.

Established in 1990, this USA skimboard shop with the slogan “ Built to perform. Built to last” has a big number of loyal customers and potentially, they will develop more and more in the future to match their reputation!

⇒ Wave Zone Skimboards


The second option for you is Exile, a “paradise” to shop for excellent accessories! Besides various beautiful designs of skimboards, Exile is another brand from the USA that will satisfy your tastes!

Compared to Wave Zone, Exile’s designs are reviewed as more elegant and vintage, making it ideal for those in love with the peaceful beauty of nature for sure!

Prices for any accessory here are quite high for average-income customers, so make sure you consider the price carefully before buying any item here!

⇒ Best Exile Skimboards


Last but not least, Zap is the third option recommended for you! More colorful and lively, items sold here will surely satisfy people who are active and energetic!

Each accessory is meticulously designed with mixed colors of the sky, the sea, and the flora to bring surfers a new “breath” of this kind of sport! So, if you are figuring out your best brand to shop for skimboard accessories, Zap is worth visiting!

⇒ Zap Skimboards


Unlike others, surfing is a risky sport that is mostly dependable on sea features, so every surfer always needs to be well-trained and equipped with a full range of specialized accessories ! At first, you may find this sport complicated, but don’t let it stop you from having good fun!

Since surfing is not only challenging but also risky unless you are well trained, these items are vital and contribute greatly to making your surfing experience much more enjoyable.

So, keep following your passion for surfing, with these must-have skimboard accessories, we strongly believe you will be a professional surfer in no time!

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