Explore A Few Skimboard Tricks to Unwind by the Beach

These days, we are often immersed ourselves in working, studying and easily face several threatening disorders and problems. That is why I would like to introduce you to skimboard tricks-the tricks that you can apply to take up board skimming-one of the most favorite sports of many sportsmen.

These tricks are undoubtedly important because they help you equip required skills before you experience your first skimboard. Do not hesitate to throw all your fatigue away and refresh your mind and body with this amazing sport.

Now, let’s figure it out!

Look For An Ideal Place As The First Step Of Your Skimboard Tricks

Look For An Ideal Place

Selecting the ideal beach is no simple task. Having a beach close to your residence brings added comfort and convenience, as it grants flexibility in your travel schedule. Conversely, if you live in an inland area, dedicating time to travel to a coastal destination can result in unexpected complexities.
Hence, opting for a beach in proximity to your abode is strongly advised to streamline your schedule. The chosen beach should boast cleanliness, serenity, sandy shores, and a relatively shallow shoreline. It’s crucial to steer clear of beaches frequented by numerous boats or ships, as well as habitats for hazardous marine creatures like jellyfish, sharks, or sea snakes.

Prepare A Right Set Of Tools To Get Ready For Skimboard Tricks

Prepare A Right Set Of ToolsInvestment in equipment is an indispensable part of a new board skimmer. We often rely on the type of skimboarding to choose the suitable equipment. For example, if you want to skim on sand, you will buy a small-sized and flat board, while a special foam board is suitable for wave skimming.

If you are on a budget, purchasing second-hand items is a good idea for you instead of spending a lot of money on a new skimboard set. Many skimmers only use their skimboard items for a short time before they post them on online websites for sale.

Furthermore, once you can go to second-hand goods selling websites, you will see information related to the items like price, photo, description, address…. So you can carefully consider which item is the best for you and feel secure about the quality of the used items.

Ensure Your Physical Health To Facilitate Your Skimboard Tricks

Ensure Your Physical HealthSkimboarding is a physical sport that requires good health, so you have to practice a lot of exercises to guarantee your fitness. By doing that, you will be fit enough to get ready for your first skimboarding lesson. Some of the exercises you can refer to are jogging, doing push-ups, bicycling, swimming and so on.

If there is a gym nearby, you had better spend 2 or 3 hours per day practising with modern gym machines to get fitter.

Over exercising will not lead to better performance when you skimboard in reality. Consequently, it is advised that you practice adequately in order to avoid serious injuries.

Practice Riding Before Skimming To Familiarize Yourself With Skimboard Tricks

Practice Riding Before SkimmingRiding in advance is very important before you first skim because this is the stage you get acquainted with the basic movements of skimboarding. This helps you gain accurate techniques and control your body better.

In this stage, you will learn how to make a right turn towards the wave. This technique is different between left-footed and right-footed people. Moreover, you also know how to choose the angle you feel comfortable with.

You can practice at the beach shoreline or right at home. Remember 4 key steps:

  • Drop the board-Run to the board
  • Place your dominant foot
  • Place the other foot
  • Practice these steps many times to master it

You should surf the Internet to watch some guidance videos or ask your trainers for their help if needed.

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Understand And Know How To Keep The Correct Positions To Upgrade Your Skimboard Tricks

Keep The Correct PositionsThe tail of the board is a good position to hold because it creates a momentum pushing you forwards. When doing this task, you should try to keep the balance and cling to the board, otherwise you are at risk to fall down.

A flat shoreline with sand is a perfect place to practice this technique. Also, it is safer choosing an area with few people.

Move And Skim Properly With The Board To Master Your Skimboard Tricks

Move And Skim Properly With The BoardWorking with a board is not easy at all and you need a lot of training time. The key is that you can control the board smoothly without using too much force and determine the right time to jump on. To do this, you have to make sure that you do every step correctly and combine all your body parts together like legs, arms, bone frame, eyes… when skimming.

It is not a good idea when you try to jump on the board with both feet at the same time. Remember front foot first, then back foot follows.

Another thing is that you should practice on sand first to let your body familiarize with the board and movements, and you will not be dizzied when skimming along the wave later.

Choosing The Right Time To Skim Along The Wave Is An Advanced Technique Of Skimboard Tricks

Choosing The Right Time To Skim Along The Wave

After dedicating ample time to practice on the sandy shore, the next phase entails advancing to the subsequent level: Engaging in skimboarding atop the waves. This progression proves notably more challenging compared to practicing on sand, as it entails not just propelling the board forward but also navigating through formidable waves.
Acquiring an understanding of wave patterns will enable you to choose the opportune moment to proceed. Considering the formidable strength and capricious surges of the waves, it’s prudent to place yourself at the board’s midpoint. Take on a broad stance, anchoring your feet securely, clench the board with your toes, lean slightly forward, and grant your upper body a measure of flexibility to uphold balance.
Prudence dictates staying within a reasonable distance from the shoreline and donning appropriate safety attire, such as a life jacket, helmet, and potentially goggles.

Uphold The Speed And Control Your Body To Master Your Skimboard Tricks

Uphold The Speed And Control Your BodyWhen you feel accustomed to moving with waves, you need to attempt to maintain the stable speed. You can achieve this by applying the technique called side-slipping. This technique requires you to turn the movement of the board, disperse force to 2 sides of the board so that you can slip on flat water for long.

Another way is that you rely on the upcoming strong wave to make a lever, pushing the board up and onward. You probably get into trouble at first but mastering this technique proves that you are a really skilled skimmer.

Final Words

As I have mentioned before, skimboarding is a prefered sport for summer, but you need to keep some skimboard tricks in mind and try to do these tricks to improve yourself and become skilled at this wonderful sport. So now what are you looking for? Let’s get wet and enjoy it!

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