Top 5 Small Electric Skateboards That You Should Try Even Once

Nowadays, it’s incredibly hard to find a small and portable electric skateboard in the market. Most riders love this adventurous sport because of the high speed, but these mini models only offer less powerful motors and slower speed.

Therefore, small and portable skateboards aren’t the trend. In fact, as most manufacturers consider them as not being cost-effective, they have become a rare occurrence.

Although most companies don’t center on them, there are still a few manufacturers producing miniature and lightweight electric skateboards. In our post today, we will introduce 5 small electric skateboards that worth your money! Check it out now!

Why Should We Buy a Mini Electric Skateboard?

Why Should We Buy a Mini Electric Skateboard?Believe it or not, there are a few riders who actually want to get a small electric skateboard. We know what you are thinking: Why would anyone want to buy a miniature and portable board?

Well, the answer lies in the question itself, they are easy to carry around. A small electric skateboard is much lighter than a full-size one; therefore, you won’t face any problems picking the board up and carrying it around when it runs out of battery.

Although bigger models provide more impressive features, picking a 40’’ longboard of 20+ lbs and carry it around is no joke. It would be extremely inconvenient and exhausted! Also, you cannot get it on the airplanes as well! That’s why these people love to buy small electric skateboards.

What are Some Disadvantages of a Small Skateboard?

What are Some Disadvantages of a Small Skateboard?Of course, everything is a two-edged knife. And miniature, portable electric skateboards are no exceptions. We can easily spot out some obvious drawbacks of lightweight electric skateboards.

First things first, if you are a starter who is searching for cool features, bigger models are the best choices for you. As the size of a mini model is pretty small, the manufacturers have to cut down some specifications and replace them with smaller decks, smaller motors, smaller battery, and so on.

As a result, the top speed of these skateboards aren’t high, and the battery life is also not as long-lasting as the larger models. But believe it or not, we haven’t come to the worst part. Manufacturers also use another way to cut down the overall weight of a mini skateboard:

They will use fewer layers of maple wood to make the deck. If a full-size electric skateboard is often made out of 10 ply maple wood, a mini model only has 5 ply maple wood. And in our opinion, cutting down on the materials to reduce lbs is not good. It can cause lower weight load capacity.

The Bright Names of 5 Small Electric Skateboards

Maxfind – 17 mph

Maxfind Electric SkateboardsThe first name appeared on the list is Maxfind – an ultimate mini size electric skateboard providing riders with incredibly smooth and superior performance. For a 30-inch electric skateboard, what it has to offer is beyond the ability of nearly every skateboard in the medium size range.

At first sign, it might not be any mini skateboards you’ve ever seen. If you also count its tails’ length and noses’ length in total, then a skateboard of 38 inches almost reaches the medium size range.

Put this thing aside, let’s get into details of what really matters – this electric skateboard itself and the impressive performance it offers.

As a miniature skateboard, the weight of Maxfind is 12 lbs – a much lighter skateboard model that fits the needs of people who want an easy-to-carry electric skateboard. About its features, Maxfind is one of the best mini skateboards available in the market.

The maximum top speed of this skateboard is 17 mph when riding in ideal conditions and stable at 15 mph – which is still pretty good compared to other portable skateboards out there.

With the maximum weight that Maxfind can hold is up to 220 pounds, this skateboards’ top speed may vary significantly based on the user’s weight.

Moreover, possessing the famous Samsung 18650 Lithium-ion battery, this skateboard can even last for 10 miles per single charge. It’s also pretty time-saving as it has the quick charge technology which provides fully-charged battery after only 1 hour.

Last but not least is that Maxfind is waterproof; therefore, no more worry while riding under the rain or facing some odd poodles.

Acton Blink Lite – 10 mph

Acton Blink LiteMoving onto the next candidate, we bring you a skateboard that performs excellently in all departments. Unlike other miniature skateboards which work poorly, Blink Lite by Acton is an interesting electric skateboard with tons of impressive features hiding under its deck.

If you haven’t known yet, Acton Blink Lite is proudly considered as the lightest electric skateboard (good board of course) in the whole world. It only weighs 7.5 pounds.

In addition to its incredible index, Blink Lite also features some amazingly good specifications as well. In spite of its tiny size, this miniature electric skateboard possesses an incredible top speed of 10 mph.

However, its battery life isn’t as impressive as its speed! It only lasts for 5 miles. Well, to be fair 5 miles are not that short, but it isn’t respectable either. Another plus for this skateboard is its materials’ quality. Made out of Canadian maple deck, this skateboard is extremely flexible and durable.

Having beautiful and stunning graphics printed on a firm layer of grip tape on top of this small electric skateboard, it’s undeniable that Acton Blink Lite is incredibly eye-catching.

Alouette – 12 mph

Alouette Electric SkateboardsWell, the first impression of us on this electric skateboard is that it’s bizarre. Yes, you’ve heard us right – We have never seen any models weirder than this one. Wondering why we say so? Well, keep reading.

When I first found this electric skateboard online, I have made a mistake. While reading the specs and features of this small skateboard, I accidentally skipped the note stated that Alouette could only hold up to the maximum riders’ weight of 120 pounds.

With the excitement of experiencing a new small skateboard to put on the list for you guys, we ordered it without looking back. When we received the package from the delivery, a person of us jumped on it, and of course, the deck immediately gave us a crack sound as feedback.

Our fellow terrified jumped off of the skateboard, and we hurriedly went online to see what was wrong. That’s when we found out its ridiculous limit on weights.

Apparently, it is produced for children only. Although it is made out of 5 layers of maple wood, this skateboard isn’t that durable and flexible compared to other maple-wooden skateboards.

Moreover, the power of the motors is also a big minus for us. In total, it is only 350W. Getting these issues out of the way, this small skateboard also has some pretty cool features, too.

The first advantage this model brings back is its weight which is only 7.7 pounds – much lighter than other boards in the market. Using a solid 2200mAh battery integrated with the fast charging technology, this electric skateboard can last up to 6 miles continuously and only requires 1 hour to be fully charged.

In addition, it also offers two 80A Polyurethane wheels which are pretty stable and safe to get on. But besides that, we couldn’t find anything special about this small and portable skateboard.

But overall, if your children suddenly fall in love with this adventurous sport and you want to buy an affordable, small electric skateboard for them, Alouette is definitely a great selection. On the other hand, if you’re a grown-up looking for a mini electric skateboard, cross its name out of your list!

Blitzart Mini Flash – 12 mph

Blitzart Mini FlashWell, moving on, we have Blitzart Mini Flash – a 28-inch skateboard model possessing a sleek design and high-quality Polyurethane wheels. Only 76 inches long, Blitzart Mini Flash, is one of the most stylish mini skateboards you can find out there in the market.

Although it is in the same price range with the Surge – our final name on this list, Blitzart Mini Flash brings us much better hardware than the Surge itself. Therefore, the performance of it is much superior compared to the Dynacraft Surge “masterpiece”.

According to what stated in the online description of this stylish electric skateboard, Blitzart Mini Flash has the maximum top speed of 12 miles.

Well, as the number itself is pretty impressive compared to a mini model, we’ve personally experienced this skateboard in reality. Well, the results, however, aren’t great.

According to our experience, the only possible way that this skateboard can reach that number is when no one is riding on top of it. If you’re a light rider, the maximum top speed of Blitzart Mini Flash can go up to 10 miles

But we promise that you’ll never experience the top speed of 12 – never. Actually, this top speed isn’t that disappointing as it is a mile faster than the Surge one (even more in reality).

All in all, possessing a reliable quality and excellent grip tape with Blitzart’s logo printed on as well as a unique remote control, Blitzart Mini Flash is one of the best small electric skateboards you can get for dirt cheap.

Dynacraft Surge – 6 mph

Dynacraft Surge Electric SkateboardsWell, last but not least is the Dynacraft Surge – which has the appearance of an old-school skateboard. It has a simplistic deck which looks similar to many 90’s skateboard models that you could spot out in literally every basement in the USA in the late 90s and the early 2000s.

On the other hand, as the society develops every minute, the skating community also slowly (but solidly) shakes off the shadow of classical skateboard models with creative and new designs.

Therefore, the look of Dynacraft Surge brings back a lot of the old days’ aura. Many people consider it as a dinosaur in modern days. Without any delay, let’s find out what this small skateboard can do!

Well, besides the classic design, the only impressive thing about Dynacraft Surge is its affordable price. Other than that, there is actually not so many good things to list out about this electric skateboard. Therefore, it isn’t surprised at all when hearing its top speed: This little guy’s top speed is only 6 mph – which belongs to the slow range.

In addition to that, Dynacraft can only carry riders having the maximum weight of 150 pounds. Our advice for you is that for your safety if your weight is more than 145 lbs, don’t ever jump on this skateboard.

To be fair, it’s not that bad, but it isn’t that impressive either. Actually, when thinking about it, the main reasons people still buying this electric skateboard is because of the minimalistic old-school design and the incredibly affordable price.

Other than that, there is absolutely no special things or outstanding features that we can find when using this skateboard. But still, as the market is extremely short of small models, Dynacraft Surge still get listed in our post.

All in all

Below are our 5 best options when mentioning small electric skateboards. Well, not all of them are perfect, and some of them even possess a lot of drawbacks, but they are currently the best in the market.

In the near future, we hope that we can find more manufacturers providing this kind of skateboards with better quality! With those words, this post has come to an end. We hope that you enjoy our post and find it helpful. Thank you!

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