Top-rated Snowboards For Beginners: Comprehensive Reviews And Buying Guides

Snowboarding is among the most remarkable experiences for adventurous souls. But the world of this kind of sport is too complicated for a beginner to figure out themselves.

Many people are into the idea of renting a board when they first take up snowboarding. But this is definitely not a long-term solution because finding a great one that fits your size in the renting service is such a challenge.

That’s why you should think about buying a preliminary snowboard which promotes your skill, performance, and progress.

Keep reading to know how to pick up the best snowboard for beginners in 2020!

Top 5 Best Snowboards For Beginners

The Best 5 Snowboards For Amateurs

Best For Women: STAUBER Summit Snowboard

STAUBER Summit SnowboardAs snowboard riders are mostly men, finding an entry-level board for women is never an easy task. However, we have found a product that catches the eye and soul of female riders, STAUBER Summit Snowboard.

What we appreciate most about this board is the enormous sizing. There are as small as 128 cm boards while the 161 cm version is also available. So, women of all sizes can pick a suitable one for themselves.

The “sandwich” construction with the camber-rocker-camber setup is perfect to start learning to do small jumps and ollies. It also reduces the difficulties when you ride uphill thanks to the twin-directional shape.

Due to the whole wood construction, this model is more vulnerable than the other. Also, it is unable to perform more advanced tricks, so pro riders often get bored of STAUBER Summit Snowboard.


  • Beginner-friendly with the all-mountain style
  • Rubber dampening strip for comfortable riding
  • Steel edge side wall to prevent ice or snow-catching
  • Available sizes for women


  • Unsuitable for upgraded levels

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Best For Men: Burton Instigator Snowboard

Burton Instigator SnowboardFounded in 1977, Burton is always in the leading companies in the production of snowboarding products. The Burton Ripcord is one of their best offerings for men snowboards.

This tool can initiate turns without a catch because of the combination of camber and rocker, which gives an early rise outside. The sooner the lifting rocker on the tip of the board, the easier to carve from turn to turn.

The taper of Burton Instigator Snowboard is 5mm. Thanks to the width difference between nose and tail, entry and exit turn are facilitated.

However, this board is not very multi-purpose. It can do most of the basic things such as cruising downhill, performing several jumps and turns, but that’s all. When you reach a higher level, you will have to purchase a new one to practice.


  • Biax React fiberglass
  • Cool graphic design
  • Flat top with easy bevel
  • Pliable and durable


  • A little shaking at high speeds
  • Not impressive pop jumps

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Best For Freestyle Riding: Lib Tech T.Rice Pro HP Snowboard

Lib Tech T.Rice Pro HP SnowboardAs freestyle riding is flexible, many beginners start with it to get used to snowboarding. That’s why you should prepare a freestyle board for your entry level, and there’s no better choice than Lib Tech Travis Rice (T.Rice) Pro HP

It is a mountain freestyle ride with pretty aggressive power from the hybrid rocker camber profile.

You can do various things with a T.Rice Pro. Because it approaches a kicker well, jumping will have a lot of pop while it is also great for switching either way.

Most problems with Lib Tech T.Rice is the carving. You will have to really push your weight into the edge to make the carve. Plus, it gets flipped-off quite often, so tighter carving is not for this snowboard model.


  • Strong edge hold
  • Various size from 153 cm to 164.5 cm
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Quality tested


  • Inability to do a tight carving

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Best For Budget: Gnu Asym Carbon Credit Snowboard

Gnu Asym Carbon Credit SnowboardGnu Asym Carbon Credit Snowboard is one the most affordable boards with the price of around $250 only.

At that price range, the best thing a Gnu can offer is the asymmetric snowboard technology, which has won several awards for fatigue reduction.

This is a useful entry level freestyle board with either tri-ax or bi-ax, giving you a great deal of power and plenty of pop. The anti-camper profile causes no hassle for first timers to balance and leisurely cruising around.

However, Gnu Asym Carbon Credit doesn’t work great on uneven snow. It is bumpy and shaky on rugged terraces.


  • Reasonable price
  • Helpful for the first-time rider with “banana” structure
  • High-quality materials with eco harvesting
  • Award-winning technology


  • Unstable on rough locations

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High-end Pick: Lib Tech Skunk Ape HP Wide Snowboard

Lib Tech Skunk Ape HP Wide SnowboardWith the expense up to more than $600, here is what you can expect from a Lib Tech Skunk Ape HP Wide Snowboard.

You will have a hybrid rocker profile which gives more setback on board. The directional twin shape with a firm grip on the edge hold provides sufficient stability in most situations.

Lib Tech Skunk Ape HP can do both narrow and wide radius turn because the construction of the board makes it easy to get edge-to-edge. Plus, the camber between the tip and tail rounds up the carve with an excellent spring from the turn.

As the name implies, this is a pretty wide snowboard with the size range of 157 cm to 169 cm. So, teenagers and small people may not fit into this model.


  • Appropriate for freestyle and freeride with a wide directional twin
  • Super compact and lightweight
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Best for turning

  • Limited size

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How to Choose a Good Snowboard for Beginners?

Types of Snowboards

Types of SnowboardsAll-Mountain Boards

As the name suggests, this kind of snowboards is excellent for mountain riding.

All-mountain boards are created to float well on multiple terraces. The shape is directional with the dissimilarity between the tip and the tail. The former is longer, bigger and less flat than the latter.

Because of the unique design, it is more balancing on the tail side. While balance towards the rear is comfortable, you can also ride back with the tail facing in the traveling direction.

Freestyle Boards

Another alternative for snowboarding geeks is freestyle boards with a smaller size. They are often lighter and shorter than the previous model.

It is directional-twin or twin-tipped. Both the tip and the tail is symmetrical in shape (the tail is slightly stiffer) with a centered stance. So, riding forward and backward becomes simple, especially for entry level.

Performing skillful tricks at the park is the best application of this type due to the structure. However, it will not be stable when you do carving turns or ride at high speed.

Freeride Boards

So we have the freestyle model explained in the last section, and here is the FREERIDE.

Indeed, freeride boards look more like all-mountain with tapered directional or directional shape.

It is longer and can be the highest model among all versions of available snowboards. With this kind, you can ride super faster thanks to the useful edge-hold.

Alpine Boards

Named after the breathtaking mountain of Alpen, this is a useful tool for riding downhill.

The size and the stiffness of alpine are long and narrow, which gives you majestic pace and sharper carved turns. It can be both symmetrical and asymmetrical but has only one shovel on the tip.

Don’t mess up alpine boards for doing tricks because their construction allows riding in a single direction. Therefore, you will get hurt if you take it wrong.

Snowboard Shapes

Snowboard ShapesAs you can see in the variation sections, snowboards are classified according to the main shape. Now we will explain in details about the most basic structures you may see when it comes to snowboards.


This is used to describe deep and pointy noses which will make your stance set more towards the ending point of the tail.

Directional shaped boards are excellent for riding forwards because they will create well-carving turns through powder. The short tail sinks naturally while your nose rises slightly above the snow to facilitate your riding.

True Twin

True twin shape has an identical structure at both ends of the board, giving you the same control of the back and front. This is the most suitable version for producing intricate tricks because you can quickly get the balance after landing.

Directional Twin

For beginners, we highly recommend directional twin boards. It’s like the mixing of the two shapes above with the similar tail and nose. However, your stance is not in the center as in the True Twin. Instead, it is slightly backward like in the directional shape.

So, the directional twin is versatile. It can be used for both leisure riding and more professional performance.

Snowboard Profiles

Snowboard ProfilesSnowboard profiles refer to the overall design of the board. Whether it is flat or curved and how it is powered, this factor will help you define.

Camber Snowboards

This kind contains four contact points on the base and an arch between the binding at the center.

The particular design makes sure that you put more pressure on the contact points, raising a higher grip above the surface, which is beneficial for snowboarding. The optimum Ollie helps to pre-tension the design, so you can be guaranteed about the power when loaded on board.

Rocker Snowboards

This design is also known as reverse camber or anti-camber. It is a continuous concave finely outlined among the contacting points. Rocker snowboards are believed to be more user-friendly than the other counterpart because the balance is pretty simple, which gives a relaxing feeling rather than speed or techniques.


SpecificationsThe rule of thumb to pick up the right specifications is to choose the board which has the same height as your chin in standing position. Still, if you play a bit freestyle, the longer board up to your eyes is optimal.

Another way to get the correct size is to look at the chart below. We have compiled the user’s height and the ideal sizing of the snowboard.

Your Budget

Your budgetSnowboards are never a cheap piece of exercise equipment, and an exceptional one is absolutely a tremendous investment for you.

Still, as a beginner, you may consider compromising several advanced features to get a reduction in the price.

By clarifying your objective, you can draft out your ideal snowboard with the desirable components while omitting the less tempting characteristics.


What Type of Snowboard is Best for Beginners?

To be specific, it also depends on the riding styles and the rider’s preference.

However, it’s better for newbies to try the rocker snowboard with directional or directional-twin shape. Starting with an all-mountain snowboard is also much better as this is the most popular, so you will be able to find a lot of information and guidelines available.

What Snowboard Size Should a Beginner Use?

You should resolve to our sizing chart above to get the exact dimension. Since each person has his or her own body figure, there is no fixed number for the best snowboard size for entry level.

Are Shorter Snowboard Better for Beginners?

If you just take up snowboarding, you must be eager to ride everywhen you have free time. So, we would say “Yes” for shorter snowboards.

They are more flexible, controllable, and responsive. When you are riding off-trail, shorter boards will be less floating and giving you faster turns.

A Few Last Thoughts

Snowboarding is an exciting hobby that you should give it a try. It may look complicated when you see other riders performing, but the hardest thing is actually to start doing.

The best snowboards for first timers help you eradicate the fear and worry; then you will really get involved in the sports.

As a beginner, I prefer STAUBER Summit Snowboard not only because it is among a few models that has my size but also because of the decent performance in comparison with the price.

What’s about you?

Have you tried snowboarding?

What is your very first board?

Share your experience on the comment section and don’t forget to give us a thumb-up if you feel this helpful.

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