Top 10 Stellar Skateboards Are Ruling The Roost

If you’re already familiar with selecting top-notch boards for yourself, proceed to the third part now! We will go to top 10 stellar skateboards that people love the most in this article!

And NEWBIE, let’s get started with the important tips to choose the most suitable skateboard!

How to Choose a Stellar Skateboard

There are many things to consider before buying a skateboard that suits your style and level. Besides the artistic design, your stellar skateboard should be constructed with all features that allow you to do all the tricks with ease.

Skills Level

You can go with the basic longboard or cruiser (with long and wide deck – 30 x 8 inches) if you’re just starting and learn how to keep balance or customized options which allow you to choose trucks, wheels, grip, bearings, etc. It is perfect for your needs and tricks.


Where you skate, on vert, street, or in the park, will largely affect your experience and tricks you can do.

In general, using large, hard (with a high durometer rating) wheels and tightly hung trucks is suitable for various surfaces, offering a more stable sensation. Nevertheless, this setup tends to result in higher speeds and offers less maneuverability for tricks such as flips.

As for the deck, the 8-inch and wider decks are for transporting in parks, while the 7.5- to 8-inch decks are for street style skating and kickflips.

Height and Weight

Make sure that the size and shape of the skateboard fit your height and weight. Here is a list matching your height to the width (the length of the deck and width of truck usually corresponds with the width of the deck) of the skateboard for your reference:

  • Under 3 feet 4: 6.5 to 6.75 inches
  • 3 feet 5 to 4 feet 4: 7 inches
  • 4 feet 5 to 5 feet 2: 7.3 inches
  • Above 5 feet 3: 7.5 inches

Here are 10 Top-rated Stellar Skateboards:

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete SkateboardPowell is one of the most well-known brands and has been around for more than 40 years. They manufacture boards for well-experience skaters as well as beginners, at all age ranges. They also receive high praise for their skateboard improvement based on customers’ critiques and feedbacks. On this particular model, they created a unique design of their own.

The deck is made of pressed maple, screen-printed with a bold graphic of a red dragon on a black background. Featuring the 31-inch length, the 7-inch width, 54-mm wheels, Powell Golden Dragon will suit all skill level skaters.

Thanks to its concave shape (the inward curve of the nose and tail), along with the polyurethane wheels, this board offers a smooth ride with a firm grip, ensuring a speedy skating experience. Its bidirectional design, allowing you to ride from either side, adds to its versatility. Additionally, the board’s weight is another advantage. Despite its attachments, it remains lightweight while having the capacity to support up to 200 pounds.

It also constructed with a durable and flexible strap that can keep your board together, even if the board has been broken. The top grip tape will prevent you from slipping on the board.

The price over quality shows that this board is of good value and the top choice for a stellar skateboard.

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon 2

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon 2The second in line is the Flying Dragon 2. It is also from Powell so you can rest assured of its quality. The big plus is that it is free from wear and tear, durable over the years. You can practice with it daily at an intense level.

Not only it is durable over the years, made of quality wood and concave deck, but it also comes with a warranty. That is some good purchase point for you to think about.

This skateboard also provides a smooth and fast ride. The graphic gets more pop with the bright golden color of the dragon and flames.

The length is also 31 inches, but the width is about 7.5 inches so the average adult can handle this skateboard with ease. But you should consider it more carefully when buying it for your kid as it might be too fast.

Powell-Peralta Flight Skateboard

Powell-Peralta Flight SkateboardThis is another model from Powell. This time it is the classic Peralta, famous for also half a century. With a futuristic design and cool graphic, this skateboard will surely impress you just by the look, as much as by its quality.

There are more impressive, well-illustrated graphics in their gallery for this model. They also produce a variety of sizes (from 8-inch to 9.7-inch width) that are suitable for all skaters level and preferences.

The deck concave is nice and smooth, got thinner, lighter, but still last for a long time. Made from maple wood of 7 plies, Peralta skateboard still allows you to perform many tricks like flipping, tossing, and ramps.

SkateXS Beginner Panda Complete Board

SkateXS Beginner Panda Complete BoardJust by the look, you can tell that this brand and model is made for the young kids. It can be a good experience to skate alongside and guiding your little one the choice of this thrilling sport. SkateXS is one of the best skateboard brands for kids.

But that doesn’t mean it is only for the beginner. This skateboard has features that fit the highly experience young skaters; its quality is made just as good as any products for adult players.

Along with the cartoon design, variety of vivid color options can attract and be one of the most important factors in choosing a stellar skateboard for the kid. It also comes in three sizes, tailored for 5 to 7, 8 to 10, and 11 to 12 child.

Next in line for consideration when selecting a skateboard for kids are safety and convenience. This model, constructed from lightweight bamboo, is easy for little ones to carry, reducing the risk of injuries even in the event of the board flipping or falling on the child. The grip tape ensures the child’s feet stay securely planted on the board surface.

With such design, there would be no more worry for your child when they are skating!

Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Board

Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete BoardPerhaps, this is one of the unique designs for skateboards. The girl who loves to skate now has more option when joining the sport. The floral and delicate color made it more feminist. But the quality is just as good as any other skateboard on the market.

Featuring an elongated and spacious deck, this board ensures a secure ride that you can confidently employ to enhance your skills on a regular basis. The graphic design is directly applied to the maple, foregoing the use of stickers. Additionally, the added grip on the surface further enhances the board’s safety features.

Furthermore, the white ivory is not only a beautiful touch but also make the skateboard for beginners. This skateboard is caught with of high quality but can be purchased at an inexpensive rate.

Krown Rookie Checker

Krown Rookie CheckerAppearing late in the 1990s, Krown is known for its high-quality skateboards but sold at a reasonable price. They are also expert in producing accessories like pads and helmets for the skateboarders as well.

The checker pattern is simple but cool enough for the skaters to cruise around. It comes in 7 colors, expanding the choice of looks. With a long (31.5 inches) and mid-size width (7.75 inches), Krown Rookie is best for beginners who prefer lightweight boards.

But the material to make this board is not of low quality. The manufacturer uses heavy-duty aluminum to make the deck and an 80 grip tape. It can be used for a long period and regular practice. Also, the concave allows you to learn more tricks.

Enjoi Whitey Panda

Enjoi Whitey PandaEstablished after the bombing of skateboarding sports in 2000 by a professional skater, Enjoi is still one of the best choices for beginner skateboarders.

Made of Canadian maple, the board can go through many practices but maintain durability. With a simple design of a panda on a white background, average size deck (31.5×7.75 inches), this model ensure that both kids and adults can ride on it with ease.

The robust trucks are tailored for beginners, providing a sense of stability, safety, and ease while executing tricks. Crafted from durable aluminum, the trucks are engineered to give a lightweight feel both during skating and when carrying the board.

Despite being a skateboard for the beginners, Whitey Panda comes un-assembled and thus easier for the curious ones who love to build things and to customize their boards to their needs.

Enjoi Spectrum 8 Inches

Enjoi Spectrum 8 InchesAnother product from Enjoi is the Spectrum model. The wide and long deck gives skaters a more sturdy feeling with good grip when skating on the street. It was designed to suitable all kind of skill levels with different user-experience.

You can use the spectrum on many terrains such as streets, parks, ramps, and vert. With good build materials (7-ply maple), the boards can go through a lot of intense practice without getting scratches.

It comes un-assembled without a grip tape but the predrilled holes for trucks making it easy to build and customize the board the way you want. Whether you are at an entry level using the boards for transport or a professional player doing flip tricks that look for a fun experience, Enjoi Spectrum can accommodate your need.

There are two choices of color: black and white with a simple rainbow logo of Enjoi on the wide 8 inches deck. Perfect for those who prefer simply-designed but well-constructed boards.

Bamboo Skateboards Nebula Graphic

Bamboo Skateboards Nebula GraphicThe bamboo skateboard is made from durable materials (6 layers of bamboo and 1 layer of wood), ensuring a light and smooth skating experience at the same sturdy and stable. It can last longer thanks to the new deep-concave designed deck.

With elegant nebula graphic on the bottom of the board, this model is a part of Bamboo Skateboard Earth Series, celebrating the beauty of our planet and universe. You can also choose the eclipse, blue moon, and cosmic clouds graphic instead.

It is one of the most affordable pro skateboards, sustainable in many kinds of condition. Coming in 9 sizes ranging from 7 inches to 8.75 inches, the skateboards surely suits a lot of body weight and height.

This model is one of their efforts to commit to the sustainable and environment-friendly skateboards. Not only the deck is carbonized free but the glue used is also water-based complying with European Standard.

Vision Original Psycho Stick Reissue

Vision Original Psycho Stick ReissueMade in the US, the Vision skateboards are made of the best materials with cool, original, and bold graphics. Besides this graphic, there are seven others for you to choose from.

It also features a little different from the other; while the length is only about 30 inches, but its width extend to as much as 10 inches. This not only makes it unique and stands out from all other brands but also allows more steady footing for beginners who are learning how to balance.

But that does not limit to one experience level. With a low concave and modern truck holes pattern, you can easily handle the skateboards to do the tricks that you want.

In Summary

As a long established and reputed brand, Powell is the top choice for many skaters with several cool models. They have many leading skateboards that can be used by both beginners and experienced players.

In addition to Powell’s complete boards, you can also opt for the straightforward Enjoi boards and customize them to your heart’s desire, enabling you to perform a wide range of challenging tricks to your satisfaction.

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