Steps to Perform Manual on a Longboard

Manual is a popular Longboard trick that is quite similar to a wheelie on a bike. To perform a manual trick, you need to shift your body weight on one side of a board to lift one set of wheels off the ground. If you lift the front set of wheels off the ground, then it is counted as a manual trick and if you lift back set of wheels off the ground, then it is counted as a nose manual trick.
Before attempting this board trick, you should wear your protective gears and take all the necessary safety precautions in order to avoid an injury. A beginner might lose the grip while performing this trick, which might cause a serious injury. So, it’s better to take all the safety precautions before attempting a manual.
In this article, we will help you to easily perform this amazing trick on a Longboard with ease and comfort. So, let’s have a look at the instructions to learn this amazing board trick:
Part 1

Steps to Perform a Basic Manual

1. Start Rolling Forward

If you want to perform this amazing trick, then you should know how to roll forward on a Longboard. If you find it difficult to roll forward, then start practicing more. Start rolling at a slow speed and learn how to control the board speed in your riding stance. Once, you have mastered this skill then you should start your preparation for manual trick.

2. Place Your Back Foot on the Tail

Once you are comfortable with rolling forward, you should place your back foot on the tail of the board. While placing your back foot on the tail, make sure it covers the maximum area of the curved position of the board. Moreover, also make sure your front foot is near the middle of the front trucks.

3. Bend Your Knees

For performing any board trick, you must be good at balancing. While performing a manual, you need to make regular adjustments to maintain a balance. If you do not bend your knees, while performing this trick then you might find it extremely difficult to maintain a proper balance. So, while rolling forward makes sure you have bent your knees a little bit to maintain a balance on a Longboard.

4. Shift Your Body Weight

Now, slowly shift your body weight to your back foot. As you shift your body weight, slightly lean in the forward direction as it will put more pressure on your rear foot, which will cause the front set of wheels to lift off the ground.

5. Maintain Your Balance


So, now you are rolling forward with one set of wheels in the air. Now, you would like to keep doing this for a longer period. The only way to keep going through this is to maintain your balance. If you are not able to maintain it for a longer period of time, then keep on practicing. Moreover, when you find it difficult to maintain your balance, lean back and put additional weight on the tail of the board to control the board.

  • If you are attempting manual for the first time, then you may fall many times. So, it’s better to wear protective gears such as elbow pads, knee pads and helmets in order to prevent any injury.
  • Don’t get discouraged, if you are not able to perform manual for a longer period as it requires time and patience to be good at it. So, keep on trying and after a few attempts, you will learn to perform manual for a longer period without losing your balance.

6. Push Your Front Foot

You should not only know how to start a manual, but also know how to end it. In order to end a manual, you should push your front foot to end this trick. Slowly shift your body weight from your back foot to the front foot in order to prevent a fall.
Part 2

Steps to Perform a Nose Manual

1. Roll Forward with Front Foot

In order to perform a nose manual, you need to perform opposite actions of a basic manual. The first step is to roll forward with your front foot and shift your stance a little bit, so that your front foot is placed on the curved portion. Now, place your rear foot near the rear trucks and bend your knees slightly. Following these steps, will correct your stance which will help you to lift the rear wheels off the ground level.

2. Shift Your Weight on Your Front Foot

The next step is to shift your body weight to your front foot. In order to maintain your balance, raise your arms sideways and lean back slightly. This will make sure you do not lose your grip from the board and prevent a fall back. If you keep on practicing, you will no longer need to raise your arms, as you can easily develop a sense where to put extra pressure on the board to maintain a balance.

3. Put Additional Weight on the Front Wheels

If you want to do a nose manual for a longer period of time, then you need to balance your body weight carefully over the front wheels. In the beginning, you will find it difficult, but with time it will become an easy task. If you are finding it really difficult, then try shifting your hips. Moreover, you can also push your back foot slightly downwards in order to maintain a balance.
It is quite difficult to hold your nose manual for longer period as compared to a basic manual. You need to put your extra efforts, if you want to hold your nose manual for longer distances. Once, you are able to maintain your balance, you can easily hold your nose manual for the same time period you can hold your basic manual.

4. Push Down with Your Back Foot

In order to finish a nose manual, slowly push your back foot to the normal riding position. While you do so, make sure to shift your body weight over the center of the board as it will help you to maintain full control over the board.
If you correctly execute the methods mentioned above, you can easily learn one of the amazing board tricks i.e. manual. So, follow the methods mentioned above step by step in order to learn basic manual and nose manual.

5. Useful Tips for Performing Manual

  • When you are pushing your body weight back, make sure your body do not lean back. Only the lower body should lean back and the upper body should be little forward in order to maintain a balance.
  • One of the most useful tips for maintaining a balance to raise your arms. Most of the riders do not follow this tip as it looks quite silly, but it is quite effective. So, do follow this tip unless you have mastered your balancing skills.
  • In order to perform a manual or a nose manual, make sure you have gained some good speed as it will make it easy to lift your Longboard.
  • Do not lean too far backward as the tail of the board will hit the ground, which will cause you to fall from the board. Moreover, if you are not comfortable with keeping your back foot on the tail, then try to place it on the curve between the tail and the trucks.
  • If you want to end a manual or nose manual, come down fast because if you come down slowly, then you will not be able to maintain your balance and as a result fall from the board. Falling from the board might cause your several injuries, so it is better to slam down fast.
  • If you are practicing this skill for the first time, make sure to try it on grass or a carpet as it will make sure you are not badly injured in case you fall from the board while learning.
  • Many riders avoid wearing protective gears as they think practicing on carpet or grass will not cause serious injuries. However, you should not risk your life as you can badly injure yourself while learning any basic Longboard trick. So, always wear your protective gears whenever you step on your Longboard for your safety.

The tips mentioned above will help you to learn the manual trick with minimal risk. So, follow the tips mentioned above to prevent any serious injuries, while learning this amazing Longboard trick.

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