Summer For Longboarding

There could be no other best time than a vacation in one’s life. We all love to spend time with our family exclusively without any disturbance, and a vacation is the best escape from the daily schedule.

Summer For LongboardingAnd the best of all vacations are the longboarding idea. Longboarding is fun and the ultimate way to relax and breathe the fresh air and get your body right on track. Nothing nostalgic and relaxing could be to be able to enjoy the long summer evenings by the shore. Walking down the beach jammed out to your favorite track, enjoying the cool breeze is the best way to get refreshed after busy work schedule.

Best Longboards


Long Beach California

When you have longboarding in your mind to the deepest core of the meaning, then you cannot resist yourself from getting your tickets to this place situated in the Pacific Coast of the United States and very much within the Greater Los Angeles area of Southern California. This place experiences an average annual rainfall of only 380mm which is the utmost suitable weather for longboarding.

Long Beach CaliforniaThe climatic condition is mostly Mediterranean that prevails in this region. This Giant playground from nature is in the heart of California and gives its Longboarders awesome experience longboarding since this is the place where the concept of longboarding started actually. Being on the list among the best places around the world for longboarding, CA Long Beach boasts to be the legendary longboarding spots than any other place on the planet. The only thing you need to be cautious here while longboarding is that the cops can run you down on your knees if you cross your limits here.


Venice Beach, California

Another most favorite choice of the Longboarders is surely going to be this beach known as the Venice Beach in California. It is this beach also because of which when you think of skateboarding, California comes into your mind naturally. The long route covering the Venice Beach to the Santa Monica and out to the San Fernando Valley is truly the Longboarder’s paradise on earth.

Venice Beach CaliforniaThis skate park is set up in the year 2009 houses a 16,000 square feet park consisting of an old school snake run, along with a street section ramps, boxes, rails, and steps. Picking up speed in the fowl bowl and the skaters keep on zooming in there in a constant stream. Here you are free to skate places around throughout the day, and if you got tired, you can hang out in the sun and watch the most colorful beach scenes all over in California.


Fortaleza, Brazil

When asked for a place to longboard, Brazil is a place that comes first in one’s mind. Famous for its beaches and promenades, the roads and the cycle paths of by the Copacabana that pass through the Ipanema beachfront are absolutely perfect spots for Longboarders to fulfill their hearts with longboarding trips. Continuing through the Ipanema Beach Arpador naturally ends into a tall and rocky headline.

Fortaleza BrazilAll pleasant time weather with very limited rainfall makes this Fortaleza Beach the best spot for Longboarders. This sport is very prominent in the entire of Goa the locals you would find have specialized in this freestyle fun sport that looks and makes somewhat like dancing. Abreast to that when you are have had enough of longboarding, you could refresh yourself with the plenty of hills around the seafront.


Barcelona Beach

You could not complete your list of longboarding places in the world without mentioning the name of Barcelona Beach. This beach is one of the Longboarders ecstasies that make them at their height of excitement throughout their trip. The skate-friendly cities if Barcelona attracts many boarders from across the globe throughout the year and especially during the summers. It is just because of the climate, the vast expanses of concrete and most famous skate spots in this place.

Being one of the most sought-after longboarding destinations, Barcelona is also guarded by the anti-skateboarding regulation passed in the mid-2000s. This regulation has made the things a bit worse for the Longboarders these days. Other than this you would be free to enjoy each and every bit of your stay in this place. A mixture of natural beauty and worth skating locations makes the beach of Barcelona a must visit place for Longboarders.


Miami Beach

On a sunny summer morning, there is nothing more satisfaction for a Longboarder than the sight of the Port of Miami and the Atlantic Ocean right at the South Pointe Boardwalk. Here you would discover the real fun of longboarding and would cherish that feeling that a ride never gets old for skaters. Your daring nature and thirst for an adrenaline rush then you must consider this spot as your choice for longboarding. When done for the day with your longboarding you also have the beautiful option for a quick dip into the waves and also can enjoy the sights of the shore for a little while after you come out of the water.

Miami BeachThe streets with very less traffic and smooth and shining pathway make this place a heaven on earth for the Longboarders. You are all free here to experience the rebellious cool of the coast as you keep cruising on your longboarding. Just all that you need here is to sport up your look with some trendy tees and shorts, put your best playlist on headphones and sunglasses as if you are never going back. This is the tempo set by nature here that every Longboarder like to experience once in their lifetime.


Beaches of Cape Town

Most popular and loved names among the Longboarders are the beaches of Cape Town. This is a destination where the residents as well longboard being on land to satisfy their thirst for the thrill. On an average, the whole of the place gets moderate and wonderfully skate-friendly climate. This place gets more than average sunshine than the rest of Athens and Madrid making these places the ideal for longboarding in summer. You would feel the true thrill of rolling around when being surrounded by the hills and long promenade seafront.

Beaches of Cape TownAnother best attraction of this place that the skaters and the Longboarders love the most is the recently added skate park in the city center that is sure to keep any Longboarder glued to this place. You can also very easily mix up with the cruising with some kickflips.


Iquique, Chile

The long narrow stretch along the Western edge of South America with an awesome stretch of more than 6000 km of Pacific Ocean coastline makes Chile a flaunt-worthy destination for Longboarders from around the world. The coastline of Chile is as smooth and shining as it should be like a playground and skate yard for the Longboarders. There is a long stretch of several renowned beaches which is sure to drive you crazy throughout your longboarding journey.

Iquique ChileBeaches namely Concon, Valparaiso, Zapallar, Renaca, La Serena are best known for a seamless longboarding experience. Got somewhat fatigued with the continuous boarding, you may take rest and freshen yourself by dipping into the water. Your entire mind and body get completely relaxed and rejuvenated here.


Pacific Beach, San Diego

The Pacific Beach in the San Diego is also quite a considerable longboarding destination been loved and skated by the Longboarders from all over the world today. The beach became highly famous in the year 2013 with countless facelifts. The best and the most attractive of all here is that upon hitting the park, you are sure to come across some talent. Here there is also the best place for the beginners namely the Mini-Land where they are all free to hone their skills without any typical disturbance.

Pacific Beach San DiegoThe YMCA skate park is also marked as one of the most upcoming longboarding destination and also a fun feature there allows you to experience your polishing and brushing your longboarding skills to the next level.


West Palm Beach Florida

The city in South Florida is a place which you can add to your longboarding list of destinations. One of the three main cities of South Florida, West Palm Beach houses some unique elements for Longboarders. This place experiences a typical Tropical rainforest climate with the mean temperature of 18 degrees which is quite pleasant if you are a Longboarder. The annual average rainfall is also quite soothing to support longboarding along its fantastic beaches.

The smooth and sparkling streets along the side of the beaches are really tempting for those who are Longboarders from heart and blood, in and out.


The best experience and the most pleasure of longboarding could be availed when you have the right set of gear and supports set along with you. Go, for some environment-friendly boards made out of long-lasting bamboo. A pair of skate shoes is always advisable to get the better grip on the board. Also get your set of elbow, knees and wrist guard before you hit the roads. When you board, board safely and keep enjoying the thrill to the last drop.

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