Teemo Longboard: A New Brand but the Quality Is Amazing

Teemo longboard – what do you know about it?

It is a new brand that has recently gained wide popularity; especially with those who like using electric skateboards.

Well, is Teemo good enough? It is reliable for skaters to use, right?

We understand all the reasons why you have wondered these.

Because: Teemo has just released since 2017. Not many people are aware of this brand.
We will help you out!

In the article, We are going to provide you with the information related to Teemo – EVERYTHING.

You never let even the slightest detail escape you.

Watch out for:

What Do You Know on Teemo?

What Do You Know on Teemo?Before starting learning on Teemo’s products, you ought to know their brand.

Being founded in October 2017, Teemo, a vocational e-commerce firm, has developed, produced, and sold the electric skateboards.

It can say that: Teemo Board, which has launched the electric skateboarders all over the world, is a fashion brand.

Take 6 months to practice the production.

Have a group trained to develop the skateboards.

Include the experienced and skilled staff.

Honestly, Teemo has owned a strong technical force.

Their skateboards are powerful, safe, and challenging enough for you to experience. They even employ advanced technology to create a better Teemo board.

It is noticed that: The quality is probably the best, but the price is affordable.

With a reasonable investment, you are likely to enjoy all the fun and convenience of an electric skateboard.

After all, Based on the business philosophy, Teemo promises to bring reliable products and friendly customer service.

Have peace of mind!!!

General Features of Teemo Longboard

For those who are learning about Teemo Longboard, here are its general features you should know:


Design Teemo Longboard

  • Skateboard deck: Teemo always uses the reliable and sturdy material to build-up their skateboard deck. Typically, there are multilayers of maple.
  • Teemo plates: They are designed with a waterproof grade. That has been carefully checked before leaving the factory.
  • Wireless remote control: Teemo prioritizes to utilize lithium with the 200mah capacity. It has the short charge time – no more than 2 hours.
  • Front wheel: The Bearing used for the Teemo front wheel is German FAG bearing. Coming with that is PU solid tire.


Speed Teemo LongboardTeemo is an electric longboard brand, so it is understandable that a large number of people can doubt its speed.

Although all of Teemo products run with batteries, their speed is no less than the normal longboards.

Even: There are the specific speed modes for the skateboarders.

If you are beginners, you can select the slow mode (11 MPH). With the pro skaters, they can consider the quick mode (25 MPH).

Two remaining modes – medium and fast are correlative to the intermediate and advanced users.

Not all, The Teemo models also allow you to climb with the maximum 300 angle.


Motor Teemo LongboardHonestly, the motors of Teemo longboards are not too different.

  • Type: 90mm diameter hub motor.
  • Rated motor power: Not all Teemo longboards have the same motor power level, therefore it depends on the product chosen. It might be dual motor each 150W, 250W, or 300W.
  • PU type: It can be replaceable or not.


Battery Teemo LongboardThere is a similar brand, but the electric skateboards from Teemo do not use the same battery.

This one uses Lg battery – Teemo Skateboard for Kids while another utilizes the battery made in China – High quality Cruise electric skateboard.


Aside from Teemo electric skateboard, the package contents include:

  • Adapter and charge
  • Remote wireless control
  • Wrench tools for maintaining
  • Rear light after


Including the main products – electric longboards, Teemo also provides the accessories to replace.


After using for a time, you need to replace a new battery to keep running on your longboard.

Sanyo 8.5 Ah battery will likely be an appropriate replacement. Its cruising range can reach up to 30 – 35 kilometers.

Or you want a cheaper one. Teemo has Panasonic battery or 10S2P Samsung battery. The cheaper they are, the lower cruising range will be.


Teemo provides durable and flexible decks. If Deck for The M3 Plus is made of 8-player Canadian maple, cheaper Decks for Teemo with 7 layers are flexible and not easy break.


ESC Teemo LongboardUnfortunately, ESC of your electric longboard is broken. So, is there any alternative?

You can have peace of mind.

Teemo offers one more option – ESC-Mother board for Electric Skateboard and ESC for Teemo M3.

Both have the optimum features to ensure smooth rides.


Accessories Others Teemo LongboardTeemo seems to understand what their customers need, so they add a series of other accessories.

You can easily replace parts of your longboard if necessary.

  • PU hub motor: It is made from urethane and has the 250W power.
  • Charge: The charge time is short.
  • Motor truck: It is lasting.
  • Wireless remote: The charge time is short.
  • ESC case: It is super strong and waterproof.
  • Battery case: The aluminum Alloy is sturdy and impervious.
  • Front wheel solid tire: There are two colors (red and black) to choose.
  • PU motor wheel: It is replaceable, powerful, and stable. You do not meet any difficulty to install them.

Warranty & Return Policy

To assure the reliability, Teemo provides the consumers with the limited warranty and return policy.


Throughout the 3-month warranty, if the product has any quality problem, you will be provided the replacement parts free of charge.

But: You will have charged shipping fees.

In case the failure is from the ride, the manufacturer will send the accessories until the problem is completely solved.

After the warranty period, you have to purchase individual parts in Teemo’s store.

Return Policy

Coming with the limited warranty, Teemo also provides the proper return policy. Remember that they will not refund when:

  • Your order is in transit and is shipped
  • You have received the item
  • You have ridden the board

Who Would Use Teemo Longboard?

Who Would Use Teemo Longboard?Teemo is still an unfamiliar brand on the electric longboard market.

Skateboarders seem to find it difficult to decide on the right investment. Should I use Teemo longboard? And is it suitable for me?

We have to admit that electric longboards produced by Teemo are ideal for most skateboarders.

In fact: There is enough foundation to say that.

First of all, All designs of Teemo are not fixed with any speed mode. If you love the speed, there is no need to worry about their slow movements.

On the contrary, In case you are a beginner, your riding speed is certainly slower.

Well, Teemo electric longboards meet all the requirements.

They have 4 different speed modes to adjust, slow mode, medium mode, fast mode, quick mode included.

Next, Teemo offered some specific designs. The models from M1 to M4 are for adult’s while Teemo Single Motor Electric Skateboard is the perfect selection for kids.

It means that whatever you choose to buy Teemo one for kids or older someone, it is okay.

Teemo products are good for everyone as long as you determine what your need is.

Teemo Longboard Reviews to Invest

To illustrate what we shared above, we will present the Teemo Longboard reviews to you.

M-1 Teemo Longboard with Wireless Remote

M-1 Teemo Longboard with Wireless RemoteConcerning the Teemo M1, its outstanding feature is the battery. If compared to Samsung 22P cells, the discharge rate is double.

It enables you to maintain high speeds; even the low battery.

With that being said – speed, There are various speed modes – slow, medium, fast, and quick. These modes are correlative to skateboarders’ level.

Personally, We have high opinions with bearing built-up on the front wheel, German FAG bearing. It is the best bearing.
For the motor, There is dual motor each 250W with PU type. What a pity! You cannot replace PU on the motor.

Keep in mind: The different batteries will have different charging time. For Teemo M1, it would be best to charge within 2 to 6 hours.

Despite being made from the solid material – 7-layer Canadian maple with a waterproof grade, we do not encourage riding on wet or icy roads.

M-3 Teemo Electric Skateboard

M-3 Teemo Electric SkateboardThe M-3 Teemo Electric Skateboard has features that are not too different from M-1 Teemo.

It prioritizes to utilize Samsung battery. Even in low battery, your speed is also maintained.

For beginners, There is slow mode (18km/ h) and medium mode (30km/ h).

You can choose a quick mode (38km/ h) if you believe your skill is decent enough.

Similarly, Teemo continues using the best bearing in the world – German FAG bearing and PU solid material to make a tire.

Not only that, Canadian maple goes on being used to build-in skateboard deck. Its weight is often not over 300 pounds.

Don’t stop! The water-resistant feature is optimum. This is tested before releasing.

Nevertheless, to make sure the high-quality performance, you ought to avoid riding on water or wet surfaces.

High Quality Cruise Range 25km Panthers Electric Skateboard

High Quality Cruise Range 25km Panthers Electric SkateboardIt is no coincidence that High Quality 25km Panthers Electric Skateboard from Teemo is more expensive than the Teemo M1 above.

The manufacturer continues using German FAG bearing and PU solid tire to manufacture the front wheel.

Despite using the battery made in China, rating the motor power is larger.

The manufacturer provides dual motor each 300W.

The material to build-up skateboard deck is 8-layer maple. It is better than 7-layer Canadian maple of M-1 Teemo.

For Teemo plates, Before being finished, it has been strictly impermeable. But, that ability to resist water will be reduced when you use, maintain, or swap batteries.

Correspondingly, Don’t advise the users to ride on the icy or wet road. This is dangerous because it can lose control and traction.

Teemo Single Motor Electric Skateboard for Kids

Teemo Single Motor Electric Skateboard for KidsTeemo Single Motor Electric Skateboard is a product for kids, so that is perhaps the reason why its color is various.

It is available in Green, Orange, Red, and Yellow. What are your children’s favorite color?

This Teemo electric skateboard runs with Lg battery. The maximum speed you can reach is 20 km/h and the slowest speed is approximately 10km/h.

The front wheel with 72x51mm size is ideal enough for kids to move. The PU solid tire is pretty durable.

Of course, it cannot compare to the three models above.

The motor is built-up the medium level – 150W hub motor. It is sufficient for kids to deliver the desired performance.

The less the riding time, the less the charge time will be.

Averagely, it only takes from 1 to 2 hours to charge.

Teemo Longboard FAQs

Q: How waterproof is Teemo electric longboard? Will it still run if you ride it through small puddles?

The manufacturer has tried skating their products through a couple of puddles, which resulted in no problem at all.

Nonetheless, it would be best to ride around water only. You should stay away from wet or icy surfaces to best protect yourself.

It will be very dangerous when you ride on these surfaces. You can lose the ability to control.

Q: Do the Teemo products come with the battery that has 12.5-18.6mile cruising range?

As far as we are concerned, if you buy the Teemo product from their web, you can get a standard range battery that lasts for 6 – 7 miles.

Q: How much weight we can carry?

The maximum load you can carry is 280 pounds ~ 150 kilograms.

But, the best plan would be to only carry 264 pounds ~ 120 kilograms. It is safer for your performance.

Q: Are Teemo electric longboards sold at low prices reliable?

You can feel secure. Teemo is trying to build their own brand. Their products are currently sold at the affordable price while still maintaining a high quality.

Let’s look at certified components such as fag bearings, ESC, motors, or Samsung battery. It is too obvious!

In a Nutshell

For the time being, have you recognized that Teemo is one of the most reliable electric longboard brands to use?

Teemo prioritizes to build parts with a high quality; besides,it provides an affordable price.

Not only does it have Teemo electric longboard in a package but also attaches other essential parts. The purpose is to provide a better performance to skateboarders.

It is important that the replaceable parts are available in their accessory store like the battery, adapter, ESC, motor, and so on.

Teemo is trying to build the brand on the longboard market. That’s why their models are cheaper than other brands’ products.

Have you chosen a right Teemo electric skateboard? Is the model for adults or kids?

Give it a shot!

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