The Varied Variety of Best Longboard Decks

The very first question that a person willing to buy a long board must ask himself/ herself is the type of activities to be performed by the long board. For e.g. one needs completely different types of long boards for performing downhill or cruise flats or be it board dancing or power slides. Selecting an appropriate long board in accordance with the usage is always advisable. Buying a non suitable long board will always be prone to accidents and may also lead to crocked body shape or spine shape. Here are some bases which will surely help one selecting a useful long board.

Longitude of the Deck

The basic aspect to be considered before buying a long board is its length. The usual range of longboards is generally from 28 inches to maximum of 65 inches. The shorter longboards are generally used for skateboard tricks and the longer ones for cruising, carving and dancing.

Longitude of the DeckThe best longboard decks which are longer are sometimes difficult to handle, therefore shorter ones or the medium ones are recommended for start ups. Once the person gets comfortable doing tricks with the start up longboards he can then eventually shift to the longer ones. Longer boards are comparatively more stable. The weight of the longboard is also important to be considered. Longer boards being heavy can be difficult to carry or deal with.

Taking Feel While Riding

A person can only enjoy his/ her ride when the longboard being used is of proper shape and has the appropriate width. There are various shapes and different widths available in the longboards. Set according to different longboarding styles, these boards create an enriching feel throughout the ride.

Taking Feel While RidingBoards with a concave curve in the middle are helpful for twisting and turning purposes, camber decks on the other hand give a bouncing effect during the ride and flat decks provide a relaxing sensation while cruising. The shape of your board is something that can totally turn up your feel while riding.

Heart of the Longboard

The structure of the longboard rests upon the main component of the board i.e. the wheels. After deciding upon the type of deck one requires the second thing to ponder upon is the type and quality of the wheels used by the manufacturer. The wheel base is considered to be a very important aspect as it determines the stiffness of the turns taken by the board. Shorter wheel base is used to take shorter turns and longer base for a wider turn.

Degree of Being Flexible

Degree of Being FlexibleWooden longboards tend to be more flexible than the ones made by other components. This flexible feature of the longboard helps to absorb some amount of impact while jumping or while performing dancing activities on the board. On the other hand the stiff longboards are perfect for downhill riding and they also provide you with a sense of control by responding well to the slides or drifting activities.

Constituents of the Deck Material

Not only the shape, size or width of the deck is important but also the material out of which it is made up of. Decks are usually made up of wood or other composite materials. Wood can split or break easily while performing activities whereas the deck made up of the other composite material will hold the longboard upright.

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