Things to Avoid During Longboarding With No Fear Longboard

Longboarding is an adventurous sport and is being loved by many people. Being an adventurous sport, a lot of risk is involved in it. There are certain things which must be avoided by every rider in order to enjoy longboarding without any risk. Avoiding the things mentioned below will keep the rider safe and allow him to enjoy the most while longboarding.

Safety Comes First

No Fear LongboardNo matter whether you are an experienced or a beginner, you must wear the safety gears every time before stepping on the no fear longboard. A rider must wear helmet, pads, gloves and other safety gears to protect himself in case of an accident. These gears will make sure a rider is not seriously injured if he fall from the board during riding. Apart from providing safety to a rider, these safety gears also boosts up the confidence of the rider as he feels safe to ride. So, wear them to enjoy safe longboarding.

Don’t Ride Backwards

Riding backward on a longboard is not safe at all as it can lead to serious trouble. Riding backward is always a fun and rider enjoys the most but once the board picks up some speed, thenit’s difficult to control the board which can make things terrifying. During downhill longboarding, a rider should never ride backward because if the board picks up speed, then breaks will not work properly because the speed will keep on increasing which will lead to an accident. So, ride safe and avoid riding backward.

Don’t Use a Phone While Riding

Use a Phone While RidingUsing a phone while riding a board is quite dangerous as the rider looses his focus which can lead to an accident. If you want to make an urgent call or text, then step off from the board first and then use the phone.

Don’t Ride in Rainy Conditions

During rainy conditions, the track is wet which makes it difficult for a rider to control the board. Riding a board in rainy conditions can put the rider in danger as the board can skit because of the wet track which will cause trouble fro the rider.

Wear Proper Shoes

Wear Proper ShoesA rider must wear proper shoes before taking a ride as shoes are necessary to make a tight grip which will help the rider to easily control the board. Riding with slippers or formal shoes will make things difficult for the rider as he will not be able to make a grip. So, wear proper shoes for better grip and control on the board.

Avoid Jumping on the Board

Riders jump up and down on the board to show off his skills but sometimes it can prove to be dangerous. Regularly jumping up and down might break the board in two pieces which will make things worse. So, avoid jumping on the board for a safe ride.

These are some of the things which must be avoided by every rider in order to enjoy longboarding without any risk. With less risk involved, longboarding will be definitely more fun.

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