Tips For Setting Up Your Longboard Bushings

As a longboarder every person is expected to have some level of experience in maintaining your longboards if not completely assemble them on your own. This will help you figure out what exactly you need to do in order to get a better experience with your longboards. Longboard knowledge can always be helpful if you are very passionate about it. Remember any small skill can help you out in starting up a new business. Bushings are the most important part of any longboard. How many of you have thought about knowing the bushings and how they work? What quality of bushings are the most suitable for people with various levels of longboard riding skills? Whether you are a beginner or an expert rider, every longboard rider needs to know all the parts of a longboard and how they function together along with their other components.

Take Baby Steps

Make sure you learn to ride the longboards with stock bushings as a beginner. As and when you gain more expertise, you can try out other longboard bushings which are highly sophisticated and complex. but more challenging to ride over. If you dropped the expensive longboard then the bushings would cost somewhere around $10 – $20 additional dollars including the repair of the entire longboard. It can enhance your ride though it cannot help you save a lot of money.


Make sure that the bushings you use can match the trucks you choose. Bushings depend on the type of trucks you are mounting on your longboards. Bushings can be classified into various characteristics depending upon their size, shape, and softness.

Should You Consider Size?

If the bushing is quite big, then you can have better turns. Large bushes affect the geometry of your trucks and hence directly affect your riding. If you are looking for a more swift and turn truck, then go for bigger bushings than the shock bushings. This gives you a higher angle and better grip. Likewise, smaller bushings will do the exactly opposite job described earlier.

Do You Know the Bearings Shapes?

Generally the bearings are cone shaped or barrel shape in nature. Depending upon what shape your bearings are, you can learn how to easily turn and use your bushings to return to the center. Cones are much easier to turn and they are easy if you want to return back to the center.


Do you know how a softness and density of longboards are measured – they are measured using the durometer. Higher the rating, lesser is the softness. A density rating of A is generally preferred for a longboard which need to have softer bushings. Besides that there are its own advantages and disadvantages of having a softer and harder bushings. This really depends upon the how soft the bushings are. If you have a bushing which is too soft it may allow a wheel bite. This can happen especially when the truck moves apart due to what so ever reason and the wheel pushes the board and causes slow motion or limit turning. This can be pretty much dangerous than you anticipate. Make sure that you check for these tips when you are trying to get your bushings changed. So you can now move onto tips for buying best longboard.

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