Is Toy Machine Skateboard Really Scam? The Truth is…

As an avid skateboarder, for sure, you absolutely love showing your unique styles of riding and performing skillful tricks on the streets or skate ramps.

However, choosing a top skateboard is not a piece of cake, especially the decks.

The decks can provide support for spectacular looks and firm standing points when you are riding on any surfaces.

Don’t get into your nerves just yet. I’m here to lend you a helping hand in selecting the right skateboard, specifically the high-quality deck.

Are you ready for stepping into the world of skateboards?

Let’s look at a famous company which always draws attention from skating fans – Toy Machine – to gather enough information for your best choices.

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Overview of Toy Machine Skateboards

Overview of Toy Machine SkateboardsIf you first hear of this brand, then the Toy in the name is quite misleading but in contrast to the name they produce top notch skateboards with high quality materials and the latest technology in manufacturing .They are REAL skateboards designed with impressive details.

Since 1993, Toy Machine has become one of the most popular skateboard businesses all over the world, which shows signs of constant expansion over the years.

With the top-notch quality and unique patterns designed by Ed Templeton on decks, a Toy Machine skateboard is a find for gliding lovers.

But, how was their beginning in the skateboard world? Now, let’s get back to these old golden days of this well-known company.

Around 17 years ago, an American professional skateboarder, Ed Templeton, set up a skateboarding company named Toy Machine, housed under the Tum Yeto distribution company.

At first, Ed Templeton couldn’t decide whether to name the company on “Toy Skateboards” or “Machine Skateboards”.

Then, his friend, Ethan Fowler came up with the idea of a combination of two words. That explains why we have “Toy Machine Skateboards” at the moment.

Although the team has changed many times for the last more than 15 years, it has shined the spotlight on pro skaters such as Ed Templeton, Brian Anderson, Elissa Steamer, Austin Stephens, Caswell Berry, and Josh Harmony.

Apart from Ed Templeton, Austin Stephens is a rider who has worked for Toy Machine for the longest time.

Despite their ups and downs, Toy Machine company has succeeded in building their reputation with a vast number of loyal fans.

These days, next to durable decks made of sturdy seven-ply maple, goofy faces or closeup cartoon eyes, you can effortlessly buy unique clothes such as T-shirts, caps, hoodies, cocks and other accessories of the company.

Believe me. Its products won’t let you down thanks to the high-grade quality and hilarious patterns.

Imagine that you’re riding with a full collection of alien-like Toy Machine products. How cool it is!

And if you’re interested in leveraging your beloved skateboard, don’t miss the Toy Machine wax.

This wax will pull a rabbit out of your hat by helping you try out new tricks effectively. What you need to do is to apply it to railings or curbs, and feel its smoothness.

Not to mention, you can have a chance to customize your skateboard with a set of Toy Machine wheels, impressive decks, and high-quality bearings.

What if you hesitate to buy separate parts?

There is no need to worry. Some complete Toy Machine skateboards are waiting for you to check them out. Their pre-assembled boards come with a ready-to-skate desk, trucks, and wheels.

From their vast collection of models, you won’t have any hassle to assemble these parts for your complete skateboards.

To be more knowledgeable about Toy Machine, let’s have a good look at their product features.

Features of Toy Machine Skateboards

Features of Toy Machine SkateboardsAs a huge fan of skateboarding, you might know that decks play a vital role in setting a strong foundation for your gliding. Also, doing skillful tricks will be hassle-free if you choose the right deck.

If you ask me which is the Toy Machine deck winner? It’s up to your preference and riding styles.

But, hold on!

Don’t be disappointed just yet. I still can give you an overall view of the outstanding features so that you can make your decision at ease.


SizeToy Machine skateboards come in various widths from mid-sized to full-sized decks. You can base on your shoe sizes, gliding styles, and preferences to pick your favorite measurement of the decks.

Regarding the mid-size decks, Toy Machine skateboards can provide you with the width 7.38’’ and length 29.63’’. This measure is an ideal option for skaters from 9 to 12 years old whose shoe US sizes are around 7 or 8.

In the meantime, if you are hunting for a full-size deck, let’s take a look at the models are larger than 7.5’’. To be specific, in the Toy Machines collection, you can pick a product ranging from 7.5’’ to 8.5’’.

Those decks can meet all your preferences based on your riding styles such as skating streets (7.5’’ – 8’’), pools, ramps, parks (8.0’’ to 8.25’’), verts and cruising (8.25’’ to 8.5”).

I used to only ride on the 7.75’’ skateboard, but then I figured out that more extensive options allow me to do more technical tricks effectively.

So, if you are excited about skating on massive platforms, you might need more room to work with them.

But, no worries. Again, Toy Machine skateboards can offer most of the sizes you expect.

Graphic Styles

Graphic StylesWhat is fascinating about skateboarding is the graphics design itself with unlimited ways to customize your own board, this is the best way to make your board stand out.

Are you a fan of hilarious cartoon characters or patterns? For sure, the iconic graphics of Toy Machine skateboards won’t let you down.

Their graphic designs of monsters, fists, alien, goofy faces or closeup eyes have become symbolic and famous all over the world. Above that, the color and drawing lines are harmonious to create super cool decks.

Besides, the logo of Toy Machine skateboards has stood the test of time with the impressive image of a red monster. Even, some people decided to tattoo this iconic logo on their bodies.

Toy Machine indeed has a great history of rad or pop art with devil graphics.

Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard WheelsIf you want to customize your skateboard, you can’t underestimate durable and flexible wheels. Rolling down the street or on the ramps requires high-quality wheels to keep you safe and sound.

With the fantastic performance and excellent control, Toy Machine Skateboard wheels can allow you to skate harder and faster like a pro.

Moreover, their wheels can offer you versatility and durability. You can depend on your favorite styles and decks to pick the right wheels.

When selecting superb wheels for your skateboard, don’t forget to check the diameter and durometer of the wheel carefully since it has a significant effect on the way your board rides.

If you expect to skate slowly but stably , 52 – 55 mm seems a suitable choice.

If you intend to try riding on ramps or at parks, it would be great to choose the diameter of 56-60 mm.

Toy Machine Skateboard wheels can offer you all of these sizes in sets of four with eye-catching graphics of the devil cats, eyes or monsters. So, don’t forget to give it a try if possible.

Full Review Of Toy Machine Skateboards

Toy Machine Devil Cat

Toy Machine Devil Cat

  • Deck: 7.63’’ x 31.3.’’
  • Wheels: 52 mm – 92aa
  • Pro Trucks
  • 5 ABEC bearings

Are you seeking a skateboard for riding on the streets or performing impressive tricks? Devil Cat model is a perfect choice for you.

Toy Machine brand usually makes the deck of Canadian 7 ply maple – the standard deck technology to guarantee the strength and rigidity. So, you can feel confident to try any tricks you want.

If you try to find a complete skateboard, the Devil Cat model can fulfill your wish. You can order pre-assembled board without making any effort to connect separate parts. But be quick, it sells like a hot cake.

Beneath this deck, you can easily find aluminum core trucks with grade 8 still kingpins and axles. No need to worry that it can make your skateboard a bulk because it’s quite lightweight.

Primarily, it comes with the smooth 52mm 99a wheels, which helps you effortlessly perform tricks on the streets or in the parks.

To make sure that you can skate smoothly, Toy Machine sets up ABEC 5 bearings in the wheels. Therefore, it allows you to roll with a rubber shield for easy maintenance.

Not only does it perform impressively, but the price range is also affordable.

Besides, the pattern is a cat devil which is iconic, and durable at the same time.


  • Lightweight
  • Durability
  • Impressive graphics


  • For small feet or beginners

Complete Pro Monster Skateboard

Complete Pro Monster Skateboard

  • Deck: 8.13’’ x 31.88.’’
  • Wheels: 52 mm – 92aa
  • Pro Trucks
  • 5 ABEC bearings

Unlike the Devil Cat model above, the Monster skateboard can offer you a larger width of 8.13’’ with a mellow concave, which is suitable for riding at the pools, ramps, parks or standing in balance.

It seems to be a perfect option for beginners with bigger feet.

You also can find this size and shape at the Baker, Enjoi, or Element on the market. And this measure can give your feet more spaces to move flexibly and firmly.

Toy Machine Complete Pro Skateboard Monster can provide you with high-quality products and various stain colors. Apart from the symbolic Monster design, you can choose from black, blue, green to grey decks.

When you unbox your ordered package of separate parts, you can find a mellow mold, a 100% Canadian maple with multiple pops, lightweight aluminum core trucks, 52mm 92aa wheels, and the best Abec 5 bearings.

These trucks are heavy-duty accompanied by grade 8 steel kingpins and axles. Therefore, you can easily stand on the deck and control your movement.

Pro skaters usually customize and build up their skateboards by themselves to have a feeling of accomplishment and to have full control over their board.

But, what if you don’t want to assemble those parts? It’s all good. You can order a pre-assembled skateboard for further convenience.

In general, the Toy Machine Monster model can be an ideal choice with multiple colors and high performance.

Meanwhile, the cost is reasonable for most skateboarders. Especially when you’re seeking a longboard with impressive design, don’t miss the Monster model.


  • Fun, iconic graphics
  • High durability
  • Great performance


  • Needs a better upgrade for trucks and wheels

Come to the Conclusion

Are you still following me until the end? If yes, I appreciate your concern. I have walked you through a quick overview of the famous brand Toy Machine Skateboards.

After all, I hope that these pieces of information can help you decide on getting a new skateboard.

If you made up your mind, don’t hesitate to share it with me as well as tell me what topics you are expecting by dropping some comments below.

And stay tuned for my upcoming posts because I’ll come back to you soon.

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