Ten Best Trick Scooters – The Ultimate Reviews You Cannot Miss

The best trick scooters? You have no idea about any brands or scooter versions that are suitable for your needs. If you are a fan of scooters and fancy learning some basic tricks, but inexperienced in scrutinizing product descriptions, this post might have what you have longed for the whole time.

The Best Trick Scooters – The Ultimate Review

Vokul TRII S2 Entry Freestyle – Best Overall

Vokul TRII S2 Entry FreestyleThis scooter would be the best option for anyone to learn the simplest tricks by virtue of its dominant features.

Vokul manufacturers design TRII S2 stunt scooters with a rugged deck, bringing stable performance to beginner riders while doing some basic tail taps and tailwhips.

The deck dimensions are 3.9 inches wide and 18.7 inches long; the foot space is 12.9 inches. These numbers show a perfect compatibility with the 6 to 15 age group who are under 140lbs. Hence, consider carefully before purchasing the Vokul TRII S2 model.

However, these TRII S2 scooters are made for younger kids and not designed to withstand pro stunts. The model is an excellent scooter for scooting around and performing some basic tricks, so if you are a pro stunt rider, select other brands that make sure the proper elements for individual needs.

Besides, the Vokul TRII S2 model’s durability and sturdiness are not as excellent as described at first. Many feedbacks mentioned a lack of threaded forks for handlebars to align, and after a few months, every part snapped off and broke. The effortlessly assembled 3-bolt clamp finally turns out to be a drawback.

Generally speaking, Vokul TRII S2 scooter has its pro of stability and con of low durability.

Playshion Freestyle Pro Scooter – Best for Beginners

Playshion Freestyle Pro ScooterBased on some main features, we believe that Playshion is the best sidekick for beginner riders.

The design of two extra supports on the handlebars will enhance riders’ stability while performing tricks, especially creating a pillar of solidity for beginners who clumsily start with necessary skills like bar spins.

Additionally, the broader handlebars are ideal for jumping and tailwhips. The soft rubber hand grips are cozy and comfortable, which helps skaters get much more control when racing and executing tricks.

Made of crackerjack polyurethane, Playshion scooter wheels equipped with high-speed ABEC-9 bearings promisingly bring the most amazingly smooth rides to skaters.

In reality, some buyers rated only 1 or 2 stars because the scooter wheels fell apart after a few months. Therefore, the Playshion needs to re-examine and replace higher quality materials.

To sum up, this scooter’s good point is its sturdiness, but having a drawback of low-quality wheels.

Albott Aluminum Pro Stunt Scooter – Best for Tail Whips and Tail Taps

Albott Aluminum Pro Stunt ScooterThis Albott version is best for doing tail whips and tail taps if your kids love to perform these two tricks.

The matte deck with 19.3 inches in length and 4.2 inches in width helps beginner riders get a broader room to learn the tail stunts more safely. The rubber grips give comfort and enough control while riders are sliding.

Unlike the other models mentioned above, Albott scooters provide you a softer landing after showing off two-tail tricks; thanks to its high resilience 100 mm wheels, made of polycarbonate and polyurethane.

On the other hand, according to some feedback, the handlebars kept misaligning with wheels. They even snapped off the base while kids were riding, which alarmingly caused severe injuries.

Albott needs to recheck the design right away; if not, the brand will rapidly lose its credibility in customers’ eyes soon because the errors in a scooter design pose a severe threat to riders’ safety, mainly when they carry out trick execution.

In conclusion, the product’s pros and cons are high-quality scooter materials but skewed conjunction.

Lithium Complete Scooter – Best for Teenagers

Lithium Complete ScooterWe would say that it is the best product for teenagers with a few trick experiences.

The Hi-Modulus Alloy (HMA) handlebars are the most fantastic feature on the Lithium complete scooter because the bars are as light as aluminum, but 50% stronger. You can make the most out of high-end scooter bars to upgrade your skills of doing tricks, for instance, barspin, bar whip, bar twist, or no hander/one-hander.

With its famous ABEC-11 bearings, you will be excited at incredible control and unrivaled speed while racing, jumping, or learning new tricks.

But Lithium should replace grip tape with a more durable material because of its peeling off after a short time. The better, the safer!

To conclude, high solidity but low durability are consecutively the scooter’s pro and con.

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter – Best for Intermediate Players

Fuzion X3 ProFuzion X-3 pro scooter is the best option for intermediate players. These following characteristics will tell you why.

By its lightweight and durable features, Fuzion X-3 is an ideal scooter for riders playing on the streets as well as at the skate parks. In the shape of a box, 4-inch wide concave decks made from 6061 aluminum alloy impeccably assist riders in doing intermediate scooter tricks like bri-flips, kickless or full whip.

Besides, Fuzion X-3’s high-strength steel handlebars and its composite pro grips are entirely welded. It creates a maximum control and comfort level while learning pro tricks related to the scooter’s deck part. The safety of riders comes from the fast-stops and noise-free brake, minimizing the possibility of having accidents.

However, Fuzion’s metalized ABS composite hub wheels seem to disappoint buyers when lots of negative feedback mentions the poor quality of Fuzion X-3 wheels. That is, the wheels quickly cracked and fell apart within 2-3 weeks. The Fuzion should reconsider the materials used for the scooters’ wheels.

In a nutshell, Fuzion should take advantage of its well-designed product and improve each segmentation’s materials.

VIRO Rides 649080 VR 230 – Best for Kids Under 50lbs

VIRO Rides 649080 VR 230We highly recommend this one be the best preference for kids under 50lbs.

This VIRO Rides scooter impresses riders by its 17 5/8” wide handlebars with BMX style. Combined with that, non-slip, rubber grips, grip tape, facilitate riders’ trick execution like tailwhips or tail taps.

A rear fender brake using the friction wheel braking system also smooths your time doing tricks like power slides. Therefore, parents do not worry about their children’s safety while they are riding or performing some stunts.

Despite the VIRO’s good points listed above, this product, unlike Playshion freestyle pro scooter, has a drawback of the weight capacity. The motorcycle weighs 8.03 pounds, but it can only stand up to 110lb, meaning that the recommended age ranges from 6 to 10 years old under this weight limit.

In summary, the VIRO has its advantage of well-collected materials but needs to upgrade its sturdiness.

Root Industries Invictus Complete Scooter – Best for Balance Improvement

Root Industries Invictus Complete ScooterRoot Industries aim to provide riders with “weapons”, allowing them to learn tricks more quickly. We believe it is the best option if your kids evenly lose their balance when riding.

The Invictus complete scooter is one of Root’s first-rate weapons, armed with a perfectly balanced deck, helping to maximize space for the foot while riding. Along with the Root Industries ABEC-11 bearings, the lightweight Hi-Modulus Alloy handlebars and frictionless ultra-smooth headset assist rider’s progression in doing stunt tricks.

However, the scooter wheels partially disappoint buyers when it comes to its poor quality plastic. The wheels, according to most feedback, speedily eroded after a few weeks.

Besides, users had some problems with the alignment between the wheels and the bar. Therefore, this skewed connection risks the safety of riders, especially when they ride scooters on the crowded streets.

To wrap up, a high level of stability is the prime advantage Invictus should make the most of. Poor-quality plastic is a defect that needs eliminating immediately.

Albott Pro Scooter – Best for Underactive Kids at 5-7 Years Old

Albott Pro ScooterThe product strongly suggested is the best solely for underactive kids at the ages of 5-7 years.
A 6061 Aluminum box-shaped deck and its 18.9-inch long, 4.3 -inch full dimension provide more ample space to keep balance and ride quickly. The lightweight scooter with a hollow neck also enables small kids to bring along easily.

This Albott pro scooter is in a set including a 2-bolt clamp for assembly. Therefore it seems less sturdy than the Alboot with 3-bolt clamp mentioned previously.

Within 1-3 weeks, buyers complained about the situation in which the scooter broke where the handle was welded to the deck. Therefore, parents worry about the safety of children while they are learning tricks or riding on the streets.

Finally, the lightweight feature is one of the product’s good points strongly praised by customers. However, its disadvantage of being less sturdy makes buyers reconsider their buying decision.

Sullivan Antic Stunt Scooter – Best for Experienced Scooters

Sullivan Antic Stunt ScooterThe Sullivan Antic scooter will be the best choice for the experienced scooters. Choose this one if your kids are excellent at every move while doing tricks.

A heat-treated 6061 Aluminum deck perfectly balanced allows a considerable breakthrough in doing tricks at the skatepark. The soft marbled TPR grips create a maximum enjoyment of comfort for kids while showing off their skills.

The brilliant mirrored electro finish also gives the Sullivan scooter a standout effect that makes your children become the skatepark’s envy. That enhances confidence in performing every stunt maneuvering.

Nonetheless, the aluminum brake quickly broke and snapped off from the deck, making it unsafe for riders. Because they hardly control the speeds when executing stunt tricks, and the lack of control also poses a threat to the rider’s safeness.

For this reason, Sullivan should upgrade the brake’s quality to make sure its priority when it comes to customers’ safety.

In short, with its various colorways, Sullivan easily attracts kids’ attention. However, it should renovate the quality of scooter parts to make sure the safety of users.

Hiboy Pro Stunt Scooter – Best for Portability

Hiboy Pro Stunt ScooterThis product would be best for portability when The Hiboy scooter weighs only 7.1lbs

The heavy-duty steel handlebar and steel fork are well-welded, formulating many opportunities for players to control the direction easily. Besides, the responsive brake with high-speed Abec 7 bearings altogether smoothen every move that keeps you safe and excited.

The steel fork mostly scores 100 points in users’ hearts. Why not 100? The thing lies in its durability when it quickly cracks within one month of riding. Hiboy needs to adjust and replace it with another better design.

In essence, well-designed and sturdy features are the most noticeable pros this scooter has. But Hiboy should advance the degree of its durability for a perfect launch in the market.

Final Thoughts

A list of the best trick scooters has provided you with the most basic and comprehensible product descriptions. Hopefully, you find this paper useful and straightforward to follow. Please read it carefully before deciding which one is the best for your children. After that, learn the awesome tricks as you want. And don’t hesitate to leave us a comment so that we know whether our information provided is practical or not.

Thank you for reading this post. We wish you all the best luck on the way to have a dream scooter!

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