Types Of Longboards Explained In Details

Longboarding is an adventurous sport and quite popular especially among the youth. Some of the popular riding styles are cruising/carving, downhill, freestyle and freeride. Longboard can be quite diverse with each ones providing a different skate style giving the skater a chance to experience multiple styles and be able to adapt to a certain play style that suits them the most.

Longboards come in different shapes and sizes making them unique and reflect their owners personalities and traits. So, the most important thing you should keep in mind when buying a longboard is the deck because it will be responsible for the overall performance, knowing what is the best deck for you will help you be more accustomed to your longboard. Moreover, longboard deck is one of the most important factors that tell you if it is for a specific riding style. The shape of the longboard deck helps us to categorize the different types of Longboards. So, let’s have a good look at all these long board and see what is your dream board will look like!

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Part 1

Types of Longboards

1. Downhill

One of the best things about Downhill Longboards is that these are perfect for riding down the hills. Made from the finest quality material, these longboards can easily survive the harshest terrain and let you enjoy the longboarding in a completely unique and enchanting way. With the help of high-quality downhill longboard longboarders will now have complete control over their movement and improve their adaptation to the surrounding when speeding down the hill. You can easily move in the right direction as these longboards are equipped with a defined rear as well as the front. All this helps in moving smoothly down the hill and also in a straight direction.


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2. Drop Through

If you are searching for Longboards for a relaxing longboarding then the Drop-Through Longboards can act as a perfect choice. Not only do they stylish but also let you cruise and enjoy a free ride like no other type of longboard. Apart from these many benefits, there is one more excellent thing that you can enjoy it. It has better stability. When you know that you or your loved one is riding safely, it gives you a relief. Despite how stable our board can be, you should always wear a helmet for your own safety. We always insist on wearing a high quality helmet along with other safety accessories such as knee pads, wrist pads, and arm pads.


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3. Carving Longboards

Carving is one of the most essential techniques that most of the longboarders wish to learn. Though it not difficult to master this awesome technique, but you need to have a regular practice so that you can swipe past any obstacle in a smooth and easy way. Carving Longboards can be easily bought from reputed online shops and to name a few highly liked brands, we can say that Atom, Sector 9 and White Wave produce best carving Longboards. The unique shape also helps in making sure that you are able to turn one angle to another in a systematic way.


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4. Cruising

A Cruising longboard helps in making sure that you are able to enjoy a nice ride to the nearest mall or shopping arcade. Ideal for crowded places, these Cruising Longboards are a true masterpiece. Another best part about cruising boards is that they have got wider trucks and decks which not only makes your life easier but also helps in ensuring exceptional stability. When you know that you have a longboard which is ideal for cruising, it means you will enjoy a perfect balance. If you wish to learn longboarding or you want your kids to learn this technique, it is ideal to start with cruising Longboards.


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5. Bamboo

Bamboo Longboards are very light and highly flexible. The young generation really love this feature because they allow them to perform harder and cooler tricks. If you are planning to go on a picnic or a camping trip and wish to carry your longboard along with you, the Bamboo Longboard should be your preferred choice. Apart from being lightweight, these longboards are completely organic and look cool. Superior quality bamboo longboards can help you enjoy multiple tricks and incredible performance. The only drawback is that it is difficult to replace its wheels but this issue is neglected because these longboards are cheap and highly economical.


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Part 2

Longboard Shapes

1. Pintail Longboards

Pintail Longboards have a wider base center, sharp nose, and tail, the design of this board focuses on balancing the longboarder weight and stability. Since pintail boards have a sharp nose and tail, these boards are the best option for riding directional as it helps in improving the balance. You can easily make sharp turns because the sharper taper improves the turning radius, which allows the wheels to make a sharp turn. Moreover, these boards usually come with carved out wheels that reduce the risk of wheel bite. This kind of longboard is best for directional ride and drifting.


2. Fishtail Longboards

Fishtail longboard and Pintail longboard have a lot of similarity especially the wide base center. The key feature that helps us distinguish both of them is the tail. Fishtail Longboards come with a split tail that does not only gives it a look of a split tail surfboard, but also makes it a suitable option to enjoy the classic surf style. Moreover, a split tail helps you to take a long ride and make sharp turns with ease.


3. Blunt Longboards

Blunt Longboards are considered as the best options for the beginners as they offer better stability, which allows the beginner to master his skills. These boards come with a wider round nose and tail, which is responsible for offering better stability. A professional rider may not find this board suitable for him because of its poor turning ability, but a beginner will find it suitable as he can easily learn basic longboard tactics because of its better stability.


4. Mini Cruiser Short Longboards

Mini cruiser board is a unique board on its own with a length of about 33’’ and quite different from the normal longboard. Mini cruiser Longboards are suitable only for the professional riders as it offers more speed and better turning ability because of its shorter length. A beginner will find it difficult to enjoy a ride as it doesn’t offer as much stability as blunt longboards. So, purchase this board only if you have mastered your skills so that you can enjoy a faster and adventurous ride.


5. Twin Longboards

The twin skateboards were introduced in the 90s and they were famous for their ability to easy multi-directional skating. Later on, twin longboards were also introduced with wider sides as compared to the twin skateboards these boards offer for space for longboarders to get creative and perform tricks. These types of boards are the perfect option for freestyle riding as these boards have a better stability, which allows the rider to learn new board skills. So, if you are planning to buy a twin longboard, then make it sure that it comes with larger soft wheels as it will help you to perform amazing board tricks quite nicely.

Twin Longboards

6. Cut Out Longboards

Cut Out Longboards has the most wheel clearance as compared to any other type of longboard. Moreover, these boards are bi-directional which allows the rider to ride regular or switch without any difficulty. Cut Out Longboards usually comes with drop-through trucks in order to lower the longboard, which will result in better stability at high speed. These boards are best for freestyle, downhill, and freeride riding style because they have larger wheels and can take deep turns without skidding.

Cut Out Longboards

7. Drop Down Longboards

Drop-Down Longboards has a lower deck and nose that adds more stability and allows the rider to enjoy a comfortable long ride as pushing becomes easier. Drop-Down Longboards are paired with cut-out shaped decks in order to provide a wheel clearance.

Drop down Longboards

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8. Speed Board Longboards

The speed board name is not just for showing it was known and liked for its incredible speed. The best part about these longboards is that it does not only offers faster speed but also better stability at high speed.

Longboarding is quite similar to skateboarding. Riders need to choose a perfect longboard to get the most out of this adventurous sport.

We are here to help you to buy a perfect board with splendid features, which will allow you to enjoy a comfortable and smooth ride. In order to buy a right longboard, there are several factors which you must consider before making a purchase. Let’s get to know these important factors before going to the store!

Speed board Longboards

Part 3

Ability Level and Riding Style

knowing your ability thoroughly will help you pick the best longboard size and shape based on your capability. Try to check the different kinds of longboards so that you can choose the perfect one for you. If you choose a longboard that is suitable for you, it will help you to master your skills.

Every kind of board has its own special style so picking a longboard is equivalent to choosing your signature style. A longboard designed for downhill riding will have a different board shape compared to the longboard designed for freestyle riding.

1. Longboard Features

One of the most important factors which you need to consider before buying a longboard is the board features. Features of a longboard are responsible for a better performance.

Longboard features

2. Kick Tail

Kick tail is something essential for modern longboards. They allow the rider to lift one end of a board and perform board tricks and make sharp turns.

Kick tail

3. Wheel Wells

Wheel cutouts and wheel wells are responsible for preventing wheel bite. A wheel bite can prove out to be dangerous as it may cause a fall, which might cause you injuries.

Wheel wells

4. Board Length

Board length plays a vital role in the stability and turning ability. A longboard with extended board length will offer better stability and help the longboarder to have better control over their board. Similarly, a longboard with shorter board length will allow you to make a quick turn making your movement have more mobility and easier to do tricks very suitable for professional players.

Board length

5. Longboard Trucks

Trucks are responsible for side to side movement, stability, and control this part is vital for all longboard due to the benefits it provide. Looser trucks will result in making better turns, whereas tight trucks will result in better stability at high speeds. So, adjust the trucks according to your comfort in order to enjoy a smooth ride.

Longboard trucks

6. Longboard Wheels

Longboard wheels play a key role in board performance as it is responsible for providing grip between your board and the road. Several factors affect the wheel performance, which makes it important for the rider to carefully check out the longboard wheels. Some of the important factors responsible for the wheel performance are shape, width, height, core, edges, and durometer.

Longboard wheels

7. Bearings

Bearings are responsible for making the board wheels spin and provide maximum speed. The performance of the bearings is judged upon its ABEC ratings. High speed is always a major benefit in downhill riding and racing, which clearly describes the importance of bearings. So, always buy a board with higher ABEC rating on bearings as it will offer better speed.
So, consider the factors mentioned above if you wish to buy a perfect longboard according to your ability level. These factors will help you to buy the best longboard model designed for a specific riding style. If you wish to buy a longboard for all the riding styles, then you need to spend a huge sum of money. Certain manufacturers have come up with some amazing longboard models that are suitable for every riding style


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