Top 5 Vans longboarding Models in 2022 – Which is the Best Choice for You?

Do Vans make Longboarding?

You type on Google a keyword of “Vans longboarding” with the hope of searching for a skateboard or longboard. Unfortunately, Vans does not produce skating equipment, but they create high-quality skating shoes instead.

If you are a newbie in skateboarding, Vans shoes are a great choice due to its reliability and flexible foot support. Let’s find out more about this brand and its incredible offerings!

What Are Vans?

What Are VansOne of the most memorable milestones of Vans was on March 16, 1966, when Paul Van Doren and two associates officially opened the first Vans store. The store opened at 704 Broadway, Anaheim, California, marking the development of one of the most reputable shoe companies later.

At that time, Vans company had produced and sold their products directly to consumers. On the first opening morning, there were 12 orders, and Vans quickly manufactured the shoes and delivered them directly to customers in the afternoon of the same day.

Due to a strength of flat soles, Vans shoes have easily conquered the skateboarders. To be more specific, the soles have helped the players stay balance and show off their skating styles gloriously.

Then, Vans went on to collaborate with many famous players, creating the “BMX Vans Slip-On.” This shoe attracted massive attention across Southern California at that time.

In 1994, Vans started producing different footwear models along with new styles and designs of the classic models, which were promoted targeting the youths. Also, Vans has popularized its brand by organizing and sponsoring sports tournaments, especially in skateboarding.

In 2004, Vans officially launched its main website: www.vans.com. Through this website, Vans has enabled designers to create their products based on the Classic Slip-On shoes.

Are Vans Comfortable?

Although Vans designs most of their shoes for skaters, the shoes are very comfortable and are ideal not just for skating.

Take the impressive Ultra Cush insole for example, which will not lose their cushioning and support no matter how much you walk on them, and they offer great arch support.

Why Are Vans Suitable for Skateboarding?

Why Are Vans Suitable for SkateboardingTo answer this question, we compiled three most crucial features that make Vans the King of skateboarding shoes:

  • Material: The double-stitched canvas that constitutes the Vans shoes’ silhouette is more reliable than suede and as cheap as leather. This material strongly supports even the trickiest movements.
  • Padding: With regular sneakers, padding is only equivalent to the cushioning level of the shoe. For skating shoes, padding also improves performance. Vans manufacturer produces their shoes with thick padding for ankle protection when applying tricky techniques.
  • Grip: Most Vans shoes feature the signature “waffle” outsole. It ensures you always have enough grip strength no matter how difficult the techniques are.

Do Vans Run Big or Small?

Do Vans Run Big or SmallOn Vans official website, the manufacturer claims that their shoes run true-to-size. Besides, go straight to a local store, you can still apply some of the following tips to avoid the pump returning:

  • Measure the foot length on both sides. If there is any difference, you should choose longer legs
  • If you want to wear comfortable shoes, you can add 1 – 1.5cm to your shoe size’s choice
  • If your feet are thick, raft on both sides, it is best to add about 1 – 1.5cm in size

Do only Skaters Wear Vans?

Do only Skaters Wear VansThe answer is a big no. If you have ever tried on Vans shoes, you will surely have to ask why not purchase them sooner. All Vans shoes have a unique design, as both the tongue and the heel of the shoe have distinctive accents.

The shoe silhouette is generic; but for young people, this is a perfect item. Vans shoes are extraordinarily comfortable for most types of activities. You can wear the sneaker with a pair of mesh socks, jeans, and a T-shirt when going to work or participating in outdoor games.

In particular, with a minimalist design, you can wear Vans shoes and mix-and-match with any outfit. Hence, it is a type of shoe for everybody.

Are Vans Authentic Unisex?

Are Vans Authentic UnisexVersatility is the reason why young people love these shoes. For instance, the wavy stripes on the sides match with the styles of both genders and help any of them stay confident when wearing Vans “Old Skool” shoes.

Moreover, the neck of the shoe contains a soft cushion button. It helps you move quickly without restrictions, even when you are an active boy or a naughty girl. Indeed, for the fastidious customers, it is impossible to refuse the flexibility of a pair of Vans shoes.

List of Best Vans Shoes for Skaters

Vans Old Skool Low-Top Trainer

Vans Old Skool LowThis model has officially been on the market for a long time, and it still remains as the most iconic Vans shoe up to date. Its attraction stems from the excellent quality, classic design, and a soft price.

Initially, this product is 100% designed for skateboarding. However, it quickly gain popularity from high school students to A-list celebrities.

Leather and suede are the two primary materials that make up this shoes. The uppers of the shoe are made from high-quality suede. This material is quite popular in the shoe industry and always appreciated for durability and aesthetics. “You cannot go wrong with Vans” is the assessment of Chris Brown for this Vans Old Skool model.

The use of this material have helped this shoe to tackle the common weaknesses of casual suede shoes such as fast ruffled and high permeability. In particular, you will find it be completely smooth after a period of use. In other words, the defects of suede material have been handled so customers can rest assured to purchase the shoe.

However, Vans do not integrate any kinds of modern technology when producing Old Skool shoes like other brands. Instead, they know how to make the most of the most basic materials.

What you can easily notice on this product is that the details are meticulously handled. The shoe is best for showing off your skateboarding tricks, which you can mix-and-match with most of lifestyle outfits.

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Vans Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate Shoes

Vans Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual HighVans SK8-Hi is another classic and stylish shoe which witnesses the whole historical periods of the Vans. Vans had to make multiple changes and updates to obtain a complete version of Vans SK8-Hi as in these days.

Vans Sk8-Hi offers a classic design made of durable, easy-to-clean canvas; and above all of them, a simple color scheme that is especially attractive. And a price of $60 is the most impressive feature that lures the purchasing from customers.

A lot of customers give positive reviews to the combination of decent-quality canvas and suede on the upper. It makes the shoes stylish but elegant, which are suitable for different kinds of event. Despite being a high-top, paddled-built shoe, Sk8-Hi is exceptionally light in weight and comfortable to wear in seconds.

Similar to most of Vans shoes, you cannot go wrong with the Sk8-Hi model. It matches with any clothing in your wardrobe, including jeans, joggers, and even leggings.

Unfortunately, some users note that it takes a while to break in new shoes. At first use, you may feel painful due to the tight and rubbing shoes.

In general, there are hundreds of color schemes and dozens of custom styles for the Vans SK8-Hi sneakers. These shoes account for a large percentage of Vans profit for decades, which shows immense appreciations of sneaker-heads and shoe-lovers to this amazing skateboarding shoe.

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Vans Old Skool Pro Shoes

Vans Old Skool Pro ShoesOld Skool Pro is a new model from Vans that is introduced in November 2018. The sneaker features hybrid EVA vulcanized outsoles, which enforces the durability and gives you the most fantastic feeling during skateboarding.

For the design, this model has a slimmed-down silhouette and a suede cover. There are mesh panels on the interior design that gives ventilation and breath-ability, especially for the sweaty/smelly feet. Additionally, the Ultracush insole and EVA waffle midsole/outsole create necessary protection for the hardest movements.

Nevertheless, most customers praise the durability of the Pro model thanks to the DURACAP reinforcement rubber. Everybody loves how Vans applies modern technology but keeps the classic design for this sneaker.

Hence, like the older version, Old Skool Pro can fit with any personal styles by its look. Its versatility is significant as you can bring them to the gym, the office, or special events. The shoe is not only for the skater, and but you can be anyone, from a bodybuilder, a biker, to a successful businessman to use Vans Old Skool sneaker.

The main drawback of this product is that it might be a bit tight when you try on for the first time. Many reviewers claim that this low-top sneaker would take you a short amount of time to perfectly fit your feet.

In short, this shoe is worth every penny due to its innovation and timeless design. Add a few dollars, and you would get a sturdier and more comfortable model of Vans compared to the original version.

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Vans Bearcat Sneakers

Vans Bearcat SneakersSimilar to the Old Skool classic model, the Bearcat is state-of-the-art but has a vintage vibe that can satisfy a wide range of customers. The strongest points of this model are the advanced protection, and innovative form-fitting feature.

The high-quality sewing also keeps the materials durable and intact for long-term use. The EVA midsoles and vulcanized outsoles protect the shoes from the pressure of jumping and twisting.

Additionally, the suede and canvas upper are typical features of most of Vans shoes, and so is Vans Bearcat. The double-stitched toe cap is ultimately functional to provide the most comfortable fitting experience for the users.

With these upgrades, Vans Bearcat shoes come with a quite high cost. The high price could be a considerable step-back since Vans is best-known for their budget-friendly offerings.

In short, this is an excellent sneaker if you are a fan of Vans and require a high-performance pair of shoes. The Bearcat models is a unique combination of an old shoe and a premium sneaker.

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Vans Authentic Burgundy Trainer

Vans Authentic Burgundy TrainerBesides the Old Skool model, ‘Authentic’ version is another best-selling shoe of Vans through the years. The most outstanding feature is that you can dress up and dress down with this shoe.

The rounded design and canvas cover is a signature design of Vans. The shoe has iconic waffle outsoles, which is ideal not only for skating but also for heavy-work activities. It features a breathable upper and a cogent rubber sole, and you can wear Vans Burgundy shoes in all outdoor events or casual social occasions.

However, some people review that the shoe is terrible at arch supporting. They also state that their shoe’s canvas uppers stain quickly after a few uses.

To sum up, with an affordable price for an all-black Vans, this is a “must-cop” sneaker. The design that Vans bring to their customer would never go out of style. The ultimate versatility is what you will have with a price under $50 with this fantastic sneaker.

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Why should you choose to use Vans longboarding?

Through years, Vans is still the most popular skateboarding and lifestyle footwear for walks of life. No matter what kind of technology applies, the Vans shoe-maker is always the best minimalist by keeping the classic vibe and simple design for every model.

Not only being successful with the field of sneakers, Vans longboarding and skateboarding clothing also receive considerable praises from customers. Please comment on your experience and catch up on our next reviews!

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