Volador Longboard Review – Great Longboard For Beginners

Finding the right longboard can take lots of time and resources. In this Volador longboard review, we have the list of what we consider to be the perfect candidates to accompany your ride among the top brand Volador. It will be an in-depth look at different lengths and parts that each longboard is made up of. So that you can enjoy the thrilling, addictive sport that is quickly rising in popularity.

A quick note before putting the money down: you should consider things like your skill level, the area you plan to use it and the parts of the board you like. Let’s dive in!

Is Volador a good brand?

Being the most popular imported longboard brand in the United States, Volador offers an eye-catching longboard with timeless graphics at a budget-friendly price point. No surprise, the brand normally ranks in the Top 5 best longboards/skateboards on many selling websites. Among all of their entire lineup, we picked out the 3 Best Volador Longboard Review for you!

Top 3 Best Volador Longboards Review

VOLADOR 40inch Maple Longboard Basic Cruiser

VOLADOR 40inch Maple Longboard

  • Lengths: 40 inches
  • Width: 9 inches
  • Material type: Maple deck, Soft PU wheels, Aluminum trucks, ABEC 9 bearings
  • Skill level: Intermediate
  • Sport: Longboard
  • Wheelbase: 32 inches
  • Wheel size: 70 millimetres

A longboard’s deck is vital in providing comfort and great performance. Being made of 100% maple, VOLADOR 40 inch Maple Longboard – Basic Cruiser offers 8-ply hard rock maple with epoxy glue to construct the longboard. Hence, your longboard will be solid and durable.

The drop-through minimizes the gap between the ground and the deck. And less distance means more control of your board. This offers you more stability, especially if you are riding on a steep road at high speed.


A good part comes with a good truck, and this longboard is no exception. The 7-inch aluminum truck is durable. They are also equipped with a reverse kingpin with 50 or 45-degree adjustability to give you all the maneuverability you want. Besides, you can perform some good turns with its accuracy and responsiveness. Overall, this longboard will give you an amazing riding experience on your trip.


The VOLADOR Basic Cruiser has 70mm wheels that are big and decent quality and soft to give you a smooth ride. The wheels are high-rebound PU meaning they are tough and long-lasting. Also, they will easily bounce off things. Having these wheels, you can ride over rocky terrain with ease.


The bearings play a big role in the smooth moving of your wheels. This board is equipped with high-quality ABEC-7 Precision Bearings made from Chrome Steel. They are very hard and stiff and allow you to turn easily. These bearings will help you ride at higher speed and precision.


The longboard is made from strong and sturdy material, including carbon steel bolts, aluminum trucks, high rebound PU wheels, and chrome steel bearings. The deck is created from cold-pressed 8-ply maple and it offers amazing physical performances. All these combined make the board fit most of the riders.


The longboard is available in 10 different colors and styles to choose from and review. This board’s long-lasting bottom graphic is very robust, so it can ride with you over time without scraping off and will always stay fresh. The craft sets the longboard aside from the other fellow longboards as it is meant to have a classic vibe, but it still leaves some room for imagination. For some creative minds, there are rooms for adding more art to the longboard

  • Durable and well-built
  • Smooth riding from great wheels
  • Budget-friendly
  • Offers maneuverability and stability
  • Stand-out design
  • Spaces for creativity or DIY works
  • Disappointing bearings
  • Dirty wheels


VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard

  • Length: 42 inches
  • Width: 9 inches
  • Material type: Rock Maple deck + Soft PU wheels + Aluminum trucks + ABEC 9 bearings
  • Sport: Longboard
  • Wheelbase: 34 inches
  • Wheel size: 70 millimetres
VOLADOR Freeride Longboard Cruiser | Maple Wood Deck| Drop Through Longboard Complete (Banana Tree)
  • LONGBOARD ENGINEERING - VOLADOR gives engineering specifically any extra attention. Drop-through mounting translates into greater stability and improved push efficiency. Aluminum 7” reverse kingpin trucks are adjustable to either 50°for carving/freeriding or 45° for cruising/commuting. Softer 70x51mm 78A PU wheels fitted with ABEC-9 precision bearings bring shock-absorption, kick efficiency, and maximum traction, making this board ideal for commuting situations.
  • MATERIALS & MANUFACTURING - 8-Ply hardrock maple deck is durable and offers a generous platform at 42” x 9”. The A356 aluminum alloy used in trucks deserves more credit, which is a high-grade alloy used in the aerospace industry for high-strength applications like rocket engines and missiles.
  • ARTWORKS - VOLADOR always commission custom art from Europe, Russia, and Asia to provide an eclectic blend of beautiful styles to choose from.
  • BEGINNERS’ GOOD BUY - VOLADOR is a good option for beginners uncertain about their commitment to longboarding. While affordable, the overall quality, comfort, and durability meet the standards of more experienced longboarders.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE - VOLADOR has been consistently ranked in the Top 5 longboard, and no simple feat against top-shelf brands with a presence in the marketplace. We are committed to provide the best customer service and will take care of any quality issue.


The cold pressing 8-ply hard maple deck is a concave chamber with flexibility, firm and sturdiness. The slightly curved deck helps you skate through the wind without much resistance, while the pointy tail and nose of the deck assist you to catch speed by cutting through the wind.

The wheel flares help to escape any wheel bite and let you take extreme turns while the drop-through trucks on the longboard eliminate the gap between the deck and the ground. Having this style, you get more stability for high-speed cruising or even on a steep road.

The length of the deck makes it appropriate for hilly roads. Long deck and wheelbase provide stability for downhill roads. The deck’s width is 9 inches, which gives you enough room for your foot.


The important trucks are made of 7inch aluminum. The design is reverse-kingpin with the adjustability of 50 or 45 degrees according to your needs. It’s going to perform amazingly well at 50-degrees as a corner-taker. But adjusted to an angle of 45 degrees, it will promote a better shock-absorbent performance so that you can ride on a cruising path for a few hours with great maneuverability.

Its responsiveness with effortless to make turns and accuracy always standby for your riding trip.


The Volador 42inch freeride longboard is fitted with 70mm x 51 mm 78A polyurethane wheels. This means the wheels are large and durable to get you through rocky terrain without being disturbed easily. These high-rebound PU wheels help themselves to bounce off things easily. The wheels are designed for those who want to ride in rocky terrain and just want to cruise.


Good bearings assist your longboard in moving the wheels more fluently. This longboard with superb ABEC-9 Precision Bearings created from Chrome Steel would be one of the smoothest ones you can find on the market. They are very firm and can be turned easily.

These bearings have the enormous advantage of being able to work well under heavyweight. So even the big people who use the longboard are going to get the most out of this piece. These efficient and powerful tools will speed up your rides with precision.


Created from 8-ply hard maple in the process of making, the Volador freeride longboard gives you superb physical performance and great flexibility. Also, the good strong material makes the board a good shock-absorber.

Weight Capacity

Although it is not the hardest board on the market, the board can accommodate riders up to 250 pounds of weight without problems. For those that want a longboard to suit every type of weight, height without worrying about wrecking the product, this might just be the one.


As an artisan longboard at a large 42-inches, this longboard offers enough space for all types of riders, from men to women, even toddlers, to ride it freely and have a good experience.


Designed with the process of gathering ideas from different cultures and tastes, the board is admired by many different age groups, from the young kids to even old school riders. The bottom graphic is durable and will accompany you over time.

  • An ideal choice for downhill longboarding and cruising
  • Durable longboard with a strong and stylish deck
  • Smooth ride from wheels and bearings
  • Great balance and stability to the user
  • Stylish look
  • Easy handling with a spacious and comfy experience
  • It has Drop Through Deck
  • High weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Poor bearings


VOLADOR 46inch Dancing Maple Longboard

VOLADOR 46inch Maple Dancing Longboard

  • Length: 46 inches
  • Width: 10 inches
  • Material type: Canadian maple, Aluminum trucks, ABEC 9 bearings
  • Sport: Longboard
  • Wheelbase: 37 inches
  • Wheel size: 70 millimetres


This Volador dancing longboard is the pinnacle of Volador’s product lineup with the combination of all the latest achievements in engineering techs. It all boils down to a joyful and smooth ride with amazing physical performance and good flexibility. The longboard’s deck is made entirely from maple. With a length of 46 inches and a wheelbase of 37 inches, this might be the strongest and most stable longboard that can handle most riders.

The slight concave is specially designed to create a strong paddling acceleration, combining with the raiser pads and wheel wells to help you avoiding wheel bites at any angle. This allows you to sit back and enjoy the board’s extraordinary maneuverability at any extreme turn or tricks.


Equipped with 7-inch reverse kingpin trucks made from aluminum, this board allows you to change the trucks on your needs and to ride style for a better maneuverability experience. Riders can loosen the trucks and lubricate the bearings, and then start padding. You’ll be surprised to see how this board can be used to cut corners.


For a great and smooth riding experience, the size and hardness of the wheels are crucial. The VOLADOR 46inch Maple Dancing Longboard with 70×51 mm wheels at 78A level of hardness offers large and tough for all riders. Moreover, the wheels are high-rebound PU wheels and are easy to rebound.


As important as having a fantastic bearing for a smooth ride, this longboard is equipped with an ABEC-9 bearing, one of the highest-rated bearings you can get.

ABEC-9 level of bearings is made to withstand such friction so that you will still have a bearing that spins smoothly even after a long ride. Simply put, these bearings have high tolerance levels and are some of the most precise bearings you can get your hands on that can take a great amount of pressure without breaking apart. Besides, these are chrome steel bearings that are strong and efficient.


This board is made of top-notch material at the highest quality. The manufacturer decides to use the 8-ply hard maple, which means it’s strong and can handle most of the riders. The bolts are made from carbon steel. All of these high-quality components make this a great longboard.


This longboard is available in different designs to suit your personal needs. Whether it is a child who starts practicing riding the board or the long-term experienced rider with a different taste, the board artwork is great for getting a good impression on these people. The graphic in the bottom is pretty durable and will last for a long time.

  • Responsive longboard
  • Tough, solid deck
  • Easy maneuverability for different riding styles.
  • High-quality materials of longboard’s hardware.
  • Ability to avoid wheel bites
  • Ability to be shock-absorber.
  • Safe for extreme turns.
  • The grip tape design

Good choices for environmentally caring

Since its completion, the Volador company has promised to make products with environmentally-friendly ideas in mind hence this deck sticks to its environmentally caring theme. Riding a longboard is already a major environmental commitment. Volador makes their rides as environmentally caring as possible, minimizing their impacts on the environment as much as they can.

Their timber is harvested from sustainable wood sources, recycling offcuts and more. You definitely feel better when riding a more environmentally sensitive deck because you know you’re not harmful to the environment.

In addition to renewable resources, longboarding takes part in another aspect of the environmental movement. Just like a bicycle, people are using longboards as a means of transportation to reduce their consumption of fossil fuels and carbon footprint significantly.

So if you do care about the environment, Volador will provide you with an environmentally safe board and experience.

Should I buy a Volador Longboard?

Longboarding is a fun and interesting sport for many people. And in order to make this sport even better and more enjoyable, you need a good ride, particularly for the newbie who needs great maneuverability and a fantastic appearance.

The Volador longboard review features three of the most comprehensive rides available today from the top-rated manufacturer that has been very much loved by many riders. These are some of the top-rated longboards to choose from, with many different designs, styles, and qualities. Hope you can narrow down the most suitable option that will not let you down on your rides.

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