Wave Zone Skimboards-The Best Skimboards For You!

If you are a skimboarder, possessing Wave Zone skimboards will be able to make your skimming experiences greater than ever before. There are many skimboard brands on the market, but Wave Zone still stands out as one of the most well-known brands that never let its customers down, even a little.

In this article, we will give you fundamental information about Wave Zone as well as recommend you some of its best skimboards for you to choose. Don’t waste your time anymore, go straight into the content now.

What Is Wave Zone?

What Is Wave ZoneHave your ever heard about a great man named Jeff Shinham- the father of Wave Zone? Jeff is an experienced businessman in the sporting equipment industry as well as an instructor in windsurfing and sailing. In 1990, Wave Zone Custom Surf was established by Jeff in Florida.

His aim when opening this shop was to customize surfboards, skimboards, skateboards and windsurfers. He really concentrated on his business by serving his customers round the clock, and million hours were spent to turn his small shop into an empire in the skimboard industry.

Initially, Wave Zone skimboards were made by Jeff in his backyard. All of the skimboards were manufactured in the same materials and methods used for making surfboards. However, due to a shortage of materials, Jeff came up with another idea for his brand by using foam and fiberglass for his skimboards.

From making skimboards in his backyard and selling them at his Surf Shop only, Jeff got some offers from other surfboards shops to produce skimboards for their stores. Now, skimboards from Wave Zone can be bought in many surf shops in the USA. Jeff’s brand is considered an outstanding company in making skimboards.

Summary Of Wave Zone Skimboards

Summary Of Wave Zone SkimboardsAs mentioned before, products of Wave Zone are spread across the USA, so Wave Zone skimboards are worth-buying. During their tough time, Wave Zone had to use epoxy resin as the material for producing skimboards. However, it is just a solution for a short time.

Later on, it took Jeff and his staff nearly a year to design and create the first skimboard from PVC and fibreglass. With these materials, a skimboard will be more durable and lighter for a better experience.

To achieve this excellent skimboard-making process, Wave Zone company had to come through many thorough types of research, designation, and riding test for the safety of customers.

Jeff always bears in mind a slogan that his products are “never good enough”. This thought will stimulate himself and his staffs to strive their best to invent more extraordinary skimboards.

With all these dedication and hard work, we can confidently say that Wave Zone Skimboards will be your ideal option for wave skimming.

However, skimboards of Wave Zone are underestimated because it can’t stand heavy weight. This is understandable because they are just skimboards or a smaller version of a surfboard.

Besides, some people complain about its strange shape. The shape makes it small to carry around but it may be kinda heavy.

Price Of Wave Zone Skimboards

Price Of Wave Zone SkimboardsThe cost of Wave Zone skimboards is various, and it depends on the materials, shapes and designs of the skimboard. Generally, you just have to spend a relatively low budget for a skimboard of Wave Zone.

However, in some cases, if the skimboard is made of high-quality materials or it has special and unique designs, you have to dig quite deep into your pocket to purchase it.

The money you have to spend on a Wave Zone skimboard often ranges from 40$ to under 300$. It will be reasonable for any class of customers, from beginners to advanced skimboarders.

Wave Zone Skimboards For Beginners

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Wave Zone Diamond

Wave Zone DiamondIt is such a mistake to mention skimboard for beginners without Wave Zone Diamond. This skimboard is created for beginners and little kids because its design helps you to overcome mistakes at the first trial of skimboarding.

Furthermore, the shape of it provides stable stay on sand or water. So you can rest assured that the scenario of not staying balance or falling would be limited to a minimum.

Wave Zone includes many impressive features in this skimboard for more pleasant riding. The material used for manufacturing the board is fibreglass, the whole skimboard is handmade, and it is covered by a layer of gel coat to prevent friction.

Additionally, the foam core will increase the durability of the board. Thanks to the firm core, this Diamond Wave Zone can uphold skimboarders who weigh up to 50kg, which is completely suitable for kids.

When you get one Wave Zone Diamond, you will have a unique skimboard for yourself . Hard to believe but that’s it! Skimboards from Wave Zone are never handcrafted in the same way.

Outstanding features:

  • The best one for beginners
  • Durable design for the flexibility of the board when using
  • Drag is partly eliminated thanks to the diamond shape

Weak point:

  • Sometimes, it causes annoying sound

Verdict: This skimboard is an optimal choice for anyone who has taken the first steps in the skimboarding, especially kids. If you are an experienced skimboarder, using this Wave Zone Diamond is not recommended.

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Fiberglass Wave Zone Squirt Skimboard

Fiberglass Wave Zone Squirt SkimboardThis Squirt Wave Zone is considered as one of the skimboards for people who have just started practising skimboarding. Particularly, it will be a perfect gift for your kids if they are keen on this water sport. The reason is that this board can uphold only 90 Lbs.

Long gone have the days of struggling with a broken skimboard because of the low-quality materials. Now with this Squirt Skimboard, you will no longer have to worry about the damage of your board. Why? Fiberglass Wave Zone Squirt is equipped with a tough foam core, durable fibreglass shell, and a wonderful gel coat.

Are you ready to be prominent? We ask you this question because when you have the Wave Zone Squirt by your side, you can be completely outstanding. With amazing graphics, this board will help you to stand out from the crowd when you use it on the beach. Besides, this skimboard is lightweight for simpler carrying.

The price of Wave Zone Squirt will vary due to your choice of packages. The cheapest version offers you only the board. By paying more money, you will have a package full of a bag, a grip pad, and a board.

Outstanding features:

  • Impressive design
  • Packages with many items
  • Remarkable durability

Weak point:

  • Weight capacity is quite low

Verdict: This skimboard will bring an impressive durability to you with its high-quality and tough materials. Moreover, you can stand out from the crowd when surfing with this skimboard on the beach. If you have an intention of finding a gift for a little skimboarder, this must be the ideal one.

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Wave Zone Diamond Skimboard For Beginners And Kids

Wave Zone Diamond SkimboardPeople who should purchase this item are beginners and kids taking the first steps in skimboarding or sand skimming at the shoreline. However, this skimboard can be used by relatively experienced riders in some occasions.

With spectacular skimboard, The worry about staying balance will be dispelled. Intermediate riders won’t have difficulty in controlling it because the design supports the skimboarders effectively. The Diamond Tip Tail assists the riders to keep the board’s balance against the striking of waves.

Another plus point for this Wave Zone Diamond is that it can decrease the drag for better and greater acceleration. Thanks to the core made of PVC foam mixed with fibreglass body, the board becomes thicker and tougher for using through many summer vacations.

Outstanding features:

  • 40 ½ x 19 ⅝ x 2/8 inch
  • For intermediate users, beginners and kids
  • High-quality materials

Weak point:

  • Not suitable for adults

Verdict: The iconic design of this skimboard will help you to keep balance when facing striking waves. Furthermore, many struggles on your riding will be eliminated because of thick and tough core made out of foam. This is one of the best skimboards for kids

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Wave Zone Skimboards For Experienced Users

Wave Zone Gilde 48 inch

Wave Zone Gilde 48This skimboard is created for experienced riders, so it is useful when being used for doing tricks. The Glide from Wave Zone can be utilized for sand skimming and wave riding. Because of this multifunctional feature, this board is always on the best-seller list of Wave Zone.

As mentioned before, Wave Zone Glide 48’’ is built for the pro-rider, so what factors will serve those experienced riders? They are the core and the shape of this Glide 48’’.

Due to the thicker core and the stepped shape, the contact between your feet and the surface of the skimboard will be enhanced. With these prominent characteristics, this skimboard can bring more time of sliding and simplify the ways of doing surfing tricks.

If you pay money for this one, you can receive free wax. Furthermore, you can choose a favourite picture or graphic to depict it on the skimboard. Hence, each Wave Zone Glide 48’’ can be an exclusive version made by its customers.

With the size of 48’’, Wave Zone Glide can stand the maximum weight of 175 Lbs. As a result, almost adults can use this skimboard regardless of weight and height. Nonetheless, the big size will obstruct your transportation if you want to bring it to somewhere by cars.

Outstanding features:

  • 48’’ x ½’’ x 19 ½ ‘’
  • Customized graphics
  • Large shape for performing tricks
  • Maximum capacity is notable

Weak point:

  • Bigger than the average size of a skimboard

Verdict: Although you may find it difficult to travel with this skimboard, it is worth your effort. With the a large size, Wave Zone Glide can be used by anyone not mention to weight or height. Besides, it will assist you to do your surfing tricks more easily. Hence, it is the favorite skimboard of many professional riders.

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Wave Zone Surge 45 inch Skimboard

Wave Zone Surge 45To intermediate and experienced skimboarders, Wave Zone Surge 45’’ Skimboard is a must-have item for their skimming. The reasons not only lie in the big size of it, but they also come from the components like core, body, rocker, and nose.

Wave Zone company uses PVC foam and fibreglass to make core and body for this skimboard, so you don’t need to be anxious about the lasting of it, this skimboard is built to last. Wave Zone Surge 45’’ is manufactured to improve the floatation and speed when skimboarders using it.

In comparison with other skimboards, the rocker and nose of this Surge are quite larger. This can be regarded as an update for this version. Because of this slight innovation, you can take greater control over the board and won’t slide off the board against big waves.

Outstanding features:

  • The weight limit is under 160 Lbs
  • Custom Arts
  • Durability
  • Appropriate for performing skills

Weak point:

  • Not for beginners

Verdict: The rocker and nose of this Surge skimboard are extraordinary to avoid you from falling out of the board while surfing. What’s more, the company has worked to improve the flotation and speed of it for pleasant experience of customers. If you get accustomed to intermediate skimboarding, you should try this board to develop your level.

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In Conclusion

Wave Zone is a well-known company in producing and handcrafting skimboards. Apart from the high-quality materials and excellent designs, skimboards from Wave Zone are always meet the need of the customer in terms of beginners or professional ones.

In fact, products of Wave Zone aim to many types of customers, so if your budget is not tight, you should go for a try. Having Wave Zone skimboards in your collection is worth. Keep following our website for more articles about skimboards.

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