Ways to Surf a Longboard Easily

longboard-2Learning the ways of surfing is really a great experience. People enjoy the ride into a shiny wave and flying across the wave face. It’s really amazing! Surfing a Longboard in the wave is more exciting than riding in any other places in the world. Below, I am discussing all the basic guides of surfing a Longboard.

Choosing the Right Spot

If you make an effort to learn it in an inappropriate way, it may not allow you to go at the end, perhaps enable you to get hurt. The solution should be to ignore deep-sea breaks and also hollow beach breaks and choose a beach with a mushy, spilling, break wave. It is probably not attractive, however it will likely be the right place to start. Furthermore, try to look for an area without any crowds. If you have sufficient space, then you will be able to learn easily.


Paddling is an important surfing technique and so plenty of training at this will bring its advantages. Small waves are great to start and paddle out if you find any lull within the waves. It is best to walk until you are in deep water, after that put your body on the deck of the surfboard. Try to keep your body weight on the centre of the board.


Body Position

Stable yourself on the surfboard. If you keep a proper balance then it ensures an extended ride. Keep your body upward as well as stand exactly on the line downward to the center of the board and ensure more stable surfing. Your head and hands need to be in the right position to keep balance.

Catch the Wave

Torn your board toward the shore soon after going in front of incoming waves. Lay down on the Longboard and start paddling when the waves come from behind. You need to keep your whole body near to the middle of the board so that you can avoid falling down into your water. Place the defensive leash to your back to add more protection.


Common types of Longboards provide a number of maneuvers that helps traveling up and down on the board. Most of these maneuvers may be the cross-step.

Before even thinking about cross-step, arrange your board on a good trim line. As soon as you are in the wave, keep your closest leg over the front leg. Your entire move will be completed smoothly and quickly.

Nose Riding

The ability to maintain a long, continuous nose ride is very challenging for even the most experienced rider. For a better nose riding a long peeling wave is always suitable. You have to set the surfboard on the trim line and complete the cross step. It should be done in the front end of the Longboard.

If you want to be a good surfer then you will have to be good at paddling, keeping balance and wave catching ability. Surfing is all about practice! Anyone can learn surfing easily and enjoy their rush. Read more about Longboarding techniques in the next article.

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