Cheapest Hoverboard Options – Is It Worth the Purchase?

It’s tough to step off the cheapest hoverboard once you’ve taken a ride. The sheer joy it brings is undeniable, especially for budget-conscious individuals seeking affordable options. Have you ever thought about the most economical hoverboard out there? Is it a good balance of fun and safety?

The charm of the cheapest hoverboard lies in its simplicity. No complex controls or special skills needed. Just a gentle push forward propels you into an exciting, budget-friendly adventure.

Hoverboard for kids

What is the Cheapest Hoverboard?

Many people still consider hoverboards as a luxury type of toy sold at unimaginably high prices. But the story has changed. Nowadays, it is not hard for you to buy cheap hoverboard anywhere on the market.

Curious about their price range? Wondering about the current options for the cheapest hoverboard?

Generally, costs can begin as low as $100, making their market entry affordable. However, these figures can also climb up to $500. Factors like size and features play a role in determining the cost of a hoverboard.

6 inch Wheel Standard Hoverboard

6 wheel standard hoverboard

This device often costs from $100 to $250 approximately. Due to being the most basic model, it is pretty suitable for both kids and beginners.

In the past, customers first knew about the UL 2272 – certificate of the safe and tested, hoverboards cost $300-$400. But, a lot of certified models came, the price dropped quickly from then on. Till now, you can pick one at less than $250.

The surprise does not stop here. Even for the Black Friday, you will find bargaining ranges in the shopping season. It is such a fantastic purchase in which an excellent hoverboard is only $99 or $150.

A thing you should remember that a lower price does not go with too superior quality. The cheap hoverboard is likely to be heavy with the max weight of 200 lbs. It even runs extremely slow and does not own a long-lasting battery.

Besides, there will be a significant missing of features which a standard hoverboard should have. They include LED lights, Bluetooth technology, as well as app compatibility. And, I am sure that these models only work well on flat ground.

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8.5 inch or 10 inch Wheel Off-road Hoverboards

10 wheel off-road hoverboards

If you are searching for a bigger and better hoverboard, how much should it be? The price for such model ranges from $200 to $500. Being a favorite pick, the 8.5″ or 10″ wheel off-road can meet the demand of all ages from 7 years old.

It owns rugged off-road tires and bigger wheels than the first model that I mentioned. The motor is powerful, and the frame is amazingly durable. Another impressive point is that the board can run on a wide range of hard terrains, even sand, grass, or gravel.

Since this model can manage uneven ground that the cheaper one cannot, it deserves to be the first choice of adventurous players. The expensive hoverboard will go with you to experience new challenges. They may be at the beach, the park or out on the trails. There will be no problem.

Of course, the high price comes with high functionality and durability. Basic off-road hoverboards start with the level of $200. If you compare them with cheaper products, you will see the difference. The more you have to pay, the better quality you can enjoy.

An expensive hoverboard generally owns a more powerful motor. The advance means that you can drive it much faster and smoother regardless of how rough the terrain is. Besides, a high-level hoverboard is also available with a sturdy frame like aluminum instead of plastic like the low-level one.

Moreover, the off-road hoverboards have Bluetooth speakers, an app as well as a higher weight capacity. Many hoverboards on the market cost so much but allow the weight up to 420 lbs.

Finding the Cheapest Hoverboards to Buy is the Right Decision?

Although riding a hoverboard is just an exciting recreation, you should spend lots of time to choose the right device. It is a big common mistake among players. They think a cheap hoverboard is enough for a beginner and you only should invest another expensive version at higher levels. That is wrong.

I suggest you not to count on this philosophy. The cheapest hoverboard is not a good one all the time. And I will show you the reason why.

You Will not Feel Right with Cheap Hoverboards

You will not feel right with cheap hoverboards

Maybe, you consider a cheap hoverboard as the right pick. And you are happy since you did not waste your money to think you do not like. But the reality shows the difference. The thing that you do not enjoy is not the game, and it is the gear you choose instead. A lousy board brings the worst experience.

There are two drawbacks you can easily find in cheap hoverboards. Firstly, they run irritatingly slow. Secondly, it is tough to maneuver them. Sometimes, I feel that walking is undoubtedly more comfortable than riding these boards.

Besides, they are not responsive enough for you to turn them. So, do not hope that you can freely make turns or go around corners.

If this is the first time you try the game, a cheap hoverboard may cause you to give up immediately. Regardless of the speed or control, I cannot ignore the discomfort. The shoddy plastic construction drives me irritated and makes me wants to throw it away.

Cheap Batteries Make Your Drives Dangerous

Cheap batteries make your drives dangerous

Have you ever heard about accidents when hoverboards catch fire? Surely many of you have done and wonder why they do not get banned. And such type of entertaining device is still available for purchase despite being dangerous.

The issue only comes with cheap hoverboards. The low price offers you the low-quality product. And the low-quality product features the lousy battery which is extremely dangerous, especially at high temperatures.

The most important thing for you to remember is the Lithium-Ion batteries. These batteries are a perfect power provider for phones, hoverboards as well as electric cars.

However, they have a flaw. When there is damage to them, they can catch fire and result in a small explosion. As for your phone, if you poke its battery with sharp objects, it also burns and releases a lot of fire.

It is a commonplace that a hoverboard with a well-built battery can help you to make sure these problems will never happen. That you keep buying cheap, shoddy hoverboard means you motivate shady companies to flood on the market.

I Find Cheap Hoverboards Useless

I find cheap hoverboards useless

Why do I say it is useless? I will take the speed as a typical example to explain this issue.

The poor top speed of a cheap hoverboard may cause you to love walking on foot rather than riding it. Just a small obstacle on the road can put an end toup the board. And then, can you guess what you will have to do? Of course, you have to pick up the hoverboard by yourself and start riding again.

Another example of uselessness is the battery. Its batter is even not strong enough to be dangerous for players. In the beginning, it may run entirelyfully for an hour. But the battery tends to deteriorate then. And the energy capacity also decreases later on.

Soon, it may be impossible to prepare enough power, even for a short trip. And the consequences of the cheapest hoverboard can drive you insane.

Buying Without Researching the Company is Wrong

Buying without researching the company is wrong

Companies manufacturing hoverboards make a lot of their differences that you do not know entirely. The hoverboard is still an application of new technologies. So, going with a prestigious brand is always better than the ones with a bad track record.

Due to shoddy hoverboards launched, several imported brands have got banned in both the US and EU markets. So, you had better make sure that you do not buy products from those companies. To know more about who they are, you can look at reviews. Then you will quickly find whether they are worth your time and money or not.

A typical case is that you consider two hoverboards with the same specifications but different prices. The reason lies in the name of the brands. They absolutely can exaggerate features or manipulate the specs that are hard for customers to detect and control. The only practical solution is to ask comments from those who have used.

Let me explain more about the spec’s misrepresentation.

For instance, both the brands introduce their hoverboards with the top speed of 10mph. The deviation is the condition of hoverboards when the brand’s measure. The weaker engine may have nothing to do with the speed while the strong one with proper weight still works so well.

The second example is the battery. Despite the same storage capacity, everything still changes depending on the battery quality.

Looking at the battery capacity cannot tell you how fast the battery can lose energy and how worse its quality will become.

One thing to remember is that all the lithium-ion batteries are not efficient for long-term usage. Cheap hoverboards often start losing efficiency after weeks of using while expensive high-quality ones show their life-span for years.

So, you see how important it is to choose products from brands who you can count on. A company with a local presence is often my choice. You should avoid buying hoverboards from a company having no representation in your country. It is not liable at all.

Besides, picking products from a brand existing locally helps you more in making use of their customer service. How hard will it be if you are in the US and buy a hoverboard of Chinese brand without local branches?

Never Should Buy a Secondhand Hoverboard

Never should buy a secondhand hoverboard

Many people out there quickly fall in love with hoverboards. And they get bored so fast later on. It is the reason why there is a wide range of secondhand hoverboards available for sale. But you should not buy these devices despite the low price.

The biggest issue that I found with used hoverboards is the battery. From this point, I think that buying the secondhand is like taking a risk. You cannot ensure how well it will run and how reliable the seller is. No one knows the original condition. And there may be internal problems which are hard to check before buying.

In case you want a second-hand hoverboard because of the tight budget, let’s buy the one from big brands. To make sure about the quality, I highly recommend you to purchase from closed people of yours.

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Final Thought

Riding subpar hoverboards is a recipe for an unsatisfactory experience. The pursuit of the cheapest hoverboard isn’t a worthwhile endeavor; sacrificing quality for a lower price rarely pays off.
Prior to making your hoverboard choice, it’s essential to factor in elements like the terrain you’ll traverse, your individual preferences, and well-established brands. Taking these aspects into account will undoubtedly lead to a far more enjoyable and fulfilling ride. 

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