Skateboard Sizes: What Size Skateboard Should You Get?

There have been many people asking the question “What size skateboard should i get?” Read the following information and you will have the answer:

The most important thing you should mind when buying is its size. This is because the size matters in a skateboard because it can change the overall performance of the board. This is an important aspect to consider so that you can fully enjoy your ride. Choosing the right skateboard with the right size is important and because skateboards are available in different sizes so you need to be knowledgeable about all kinds of sizes it provides.

Hence if you are confused about what size of skateboard should get, you have to keep in mind your height and the size of your foot because the size of the skateboard the riders use varies based on these two factors. Buy a skateboard as per your height and the size of your foot. With this, you will get the right one for your riding.

How to Pick the Right Skateboard Size?

OutlineSkateboard decks are an extension of your personality, and it is important you start out with the right one from the get-go for yourself. First up, if you are a newbie, let’s look at the width of the board. You want to have a board that is quite wide without too much curvature, as these sorts of skateboard decks will give you more stability than a narrow one. One plus about a wide deck is that you can carve a whole lot easier on it.

A narrow deck is easy for the skater to do tricks and turns as these decks are lighter in nature and suitable for such flips. You have more control and options with what you can do with the deck but you do not have the same stability that a wider deck will give you, so start with a wider deck and progress to a narrower one when your skateboarding skills mean you have grown out of your first deck.

The size of the skateboard decks ranges from 7.0 to 10.0. Hence there is quite a big difference between the smaller and the larger decks. The biggest part of any skateboard is the deck. This is because it is the part on which you stand and all other parts are connected to it.

In a skateboard, the deck plays an important role as it gives the rider the ability to control the board on a whole. If you are a small individual then a skinny deck is perfect for you. Even though you want to buy a deck in a size that you have in mind, you have to buy the one that matches your body perfectly for maximum performance of the board

1. The Size of the Skateboard Deck

Choose Size DeckSize is the most significant aspect of any skateboard deck. A skater can enjoy a cool ride only with the right size skateboard. The biggest part of any skateboard is the deck. In general, the average size of a skateboard deck ranges from 7 to 8 inches.

The difference in the size can make a big difference when it comes to use so be considerate of this for better outcome . This is important to consider as well when you choose a deck.

If you want to be able to do a variety of flips and tricks you want to have a smaller deck size so that the movement can happen quickly and smoothly. Most of the time, it will be practical to select the one that is at least 32″ in length.

Generally, the skateboard decks are available in different sizes and the size varies depending on the nature of the person who rides on it. If the board is going to be ridden by a beginner, then a small size deck is sufficient and it is the safest also. This is because the smaller size decks are usually thinner or lighter in nature and hence allows the rider to navigate easily.

On the other hand, if the board is for an experienced skater then a large size skateboard is perfect. That is, if the person riding on the skateboard wants to do a lot of tricks with it, then choosing the big one is the correct option. This is because a big size board is suitable for doing more tricks.

2. The size of Skateboard Trucks

size of Skateboard trucksWhen determining the size of your deck, there are several factors to consider. The purpose for what the skateboard is needed, the height of the skater and the type of tricks the skater wants to do on this board is very important. As above said these board inches range from nearly 7.5 to 8.5 in width and in length it ranges from 29 to 33.

If the skater wants to do tricks or professional skating like rails or riding ledges then a deck with 8 inches wide or less is perfect. This is because such a deck makes the tricks easier. If you are going to be skating in a park, in a pool or using ramps, choose a board between 8 and 8.5 inches as it will provide more stability. If you’re looking to be an in-between skater, decks ranging from 7.7 to 8.2 inches will work best for you.

Always keep in mind that the length of the skateboard deck is important and you always consider the length as per the height of the skater. This is due to the length of the skateboard truck varies according to the different heights. The taller the skating person, the length increases. Also, if the truck is too long or too short then it will create inconvenience for the skater and makes skating difficult. Just by choosing the right length of board for you can increase the performance significantly.

  • If the skater height ranges from 4’ to 5’3’’ then a deck with a length of 29 to 31.5 inches is suitable.
  • If the height ranges from 5’3’’ to 6’1’’ then you should find a deck with a length of 31.5 inches or 32.5 inches.
  • If the skater’s height is above 6’1’’, then a deck with 32.5 and 33 inches is perfect

Skateboard Truck Size Recommended Skateboard Deck Size

Board TrucksThe trucks that are used in a skateboard exist in different heights. Every height truck is suitable for different types of styles of skateboarding activities. Usually, the truck of a skateboard is available in three forms such as.

  • Low: This type of truck suits best for providing additional stability to the skater and for tricks like flips. The height of this type of truck goes well for smaller wheels. This is because the center of gravity is very low for these trucks and hence they are perfect for the beginners.
  • Mid: This type is suitable for riding in the parks, ramps and streets. This type of trucks is very versatile. Similarly, this height range is commonly used in a skateboard that is designed for all-around purpose.
  • High: The high level height is suitable for professional and trained skaters those who like to do carving or any other tricks like this.

    The size of your skateboard trucks should match up with the size of your skateboard’s deck so it can create a balance structure between the truck and the deck to provide you with better footing. If you need help getting the proper size, many truck manufacturers have a chart that you can refer to after measuring your deck. In general, the truck size of a skateboard should be as same as the quarter of the overall size of the board. Below is the chart of skateboard decks as per the height

    Height = Deck Size

    • Under 4′ = 29″ Deck or smaller
    • 4′ – 4’10” = 29″ – 30″ Deck
    • 4’10” – 5’3″ = 30.5″- 31.5″ Deck
    • 5’3″ – 5’8″ = 31.5″ – 32″ Deck
    • 5’8″ – 6’1″ = 32″ – 32.5″ Deck
    • Over 6’1″ = 32.4″ Deck and up

The size of Skateboard wheels and bearings

The size of Skateboard wheels and bearingsThey can come in different shapes and sizes. The size and shape of a skateboard vary based on the different kinds of skating like trick skating or street skating making wheels have versatile properties. Skateboards with smaller size wheels keep the deck of the board close to the ground and also it needs less force to speed the board or slow it down.

Also, you have to consider the hardness of the wheel as it affects the overall performance of the skating which is generally measured in a durometer when a very soft wheel is about 75a and a very hard wheel is about 101a.

The best wheel of a skateboard means the durometer of the wheel is perfect. One has to choose the wheel size according to their nature. For example, if the board is chosen for an adult then the size of the wheel can be 97a which makes it free to skate in streets, parks and in other places.

If a board has a wheel above this durometer then it is quite tough for the person who riding on it to move but the skater can move higher with that board. A size of 52mm to 55mm is suitable for kids and teenage riders. On the other hand, a size of 56mm to 60mm is suitable for trained and elder riders. If the board contains a wheel above than 60mm then it is a special wheel and that cannot be used for normal riding. Bearings help mount the deck on an axle.

Most of the skateboard bearings are graded based on the scale which is known as ABEC. The 608 size bearings are the most common type of bearing used in the skateboards and these are made with steel.

Focus on the Shoe & Body Size

Focus on the shoe size and Body sizeAlthough these features are taken into consideration, you should also consider the shoe size and the body size. These two factors matters while selecting a skateboard. Choosing the right skateboard involves the shoe size and body size. If you want to choose a pro skateboard, you have to search for a board according to your shoe size and body size.

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Numerous brands are specifically manufacturing skateboard shoes. Some of the famous brands include Adio, Dc, Nike SB, Globe Shoes, Osiris, Vans, IPath, Emerica and many more. While buying a skateboard inspect all these features.

You have to consider all these things in mind as these features help you to find the right one for you. Most of the
skateboards brands available today comes with different sizes and they also provide a chart with size and length. You can select your desired board easily with that chart.

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