What Type of Longboard Should I Get?

So you have decided that you are getting a longboard & you have run into an issue; which kind of longboard should you purchase? There’s no “perfect longboard”, so you will need to decide for yourself. The 1st thing to think about is what you really want to use the longboard for.

There are a lot of uses for longboards – transportation, bombing hills & doing tricks, to name a couple of. To ensure you are getting the right longboard particularly for you, you need to decide on 2 things, what you would like to do with the board & what you desire the full potential of your it to be. For instance, if you just want to buy a longboard to cruise around, but sooner or later want to learn tricks. In this case, it is best to get a board that can easily do both, rather than purchasing a cruising board now & a freeriding board later.

The Downhiller

type of LongboardOne type of longboard is the Downhill longboard. Generally, these are between 37″ & 45″ long, to offer enough length for balance but not enough to restrict mobility at high speeds. The majority of them is designed to go upwards of 40 miles-per-hour & is very rigid. Some are drop-through that implies that the trucks are connected into the deck of the longboard rather than underneath it. This gives for even more balance, as the longboard is lower to the surface. The downhill longboard is perfect for people who would like to utilize it for “bombing” hills & can also twice as a vehicle of transportation. The issue is that the number of tricks that could be done on it is limited because of the rigidity of the longboard along with the fact that downhill longboards do not typically have tails.

The Cruiser

cruiser-longboardThe next type is the cruiser. This kind is generally the cheapest. Cruisers are available a large variety of sizes, which range from a smaller-than-a-skateboard 28″ to 50″. These are utilized mainly for transportation, whether for getting to class or simply enjoying a drive along the beach. The shapes are quite generic, but if the primary use of the longboard is not going to be down-hilling or tricks, then these longboards are possibly the ideal choice.

The Freerider

freeride-longboardThe last type of board is the freeriding longboard. These are one of the most versatile – they could cruise efficiently, reach some quite high speeds & do tricks. They are lighter, have tail(s) & have more flex. The shape of the board is mainly symmetrical so you could ride the longboard both ways, compared with many cruisers that have a distinct front & back. The negative aspect of freeriding longboards is that they are the most expensive kind & do not actually have the longest lifespan.


Longboarding is yet one more totally amazing sport. It is easier than skateboarding, yet still offers you that feeling of cruising sideways. Surfers, Snowboards & skiers are all fascinated to longboarding along with those who are just fascinated to the freedom & chill feeling of longboarding. So, if you have decided that you are getting a longboard, then choose one according to your need that means what you want to do with that board.

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