What is good longboard? Ultimate Features Of A Good Longboard

A Good Longboard!

A Good LongboardOver the period of time, various new gaming styles have been introduced around the globe. Longboarding and skateboarding are among the most likable games for adventure lovers. With the ever increasing demand for long boards, a huge variety of boards has hit the market. They are available in different shapes, sizes, features and construction to cater various boarding styles of long boarders. We will be discussing what is a good longboard and how can you pick up the one that best suits your riding style. There is no one line definition of ‘a good long board’. In simple terms, a good long board is the one that is good for you. Requirements vary from individual to individual, so the one that fulfills your requirements is the one that is best for you.

How to Choose a Good Longboard?

The most common question everyone wants to ask is; “How to know which long board is good for me?” The shortest and simple answer to such question would be; “the one that suits you”. But how would you know what is it that suits you? Well, each individual is different, and so is his riding style. First, you shall ask yourself which riding style defines you? Then you shall know whether you want to grab all set long board or would you prefer to assemble it by yourself? If you want to go for buying parts you must have knowledge about the anatomy of longboards.
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Anatomy Of a Good Longboard

A longboard has different parts which include; deck, trucks/bushings, and wheels.


The deck is an essential component of every kind of longboard. It is made up of a wood from maple or birch, initially called wooden plank. The piles of wooden planks are pressed together and glued to make the base of a longboard. The concaves and chambers of a good long board are always designed according to the longboarder’s riding style. To give a personalized touch and for customized orders, additional material is used as per the demands. Fiberglass, foam cores etc. are used to provide stiffness to the board. A good board has this feature of durability and aesthetic beauty. Longboard decks vary in sizes and shapes which greatly depend on the riding style.
Anatomy of a good longboard


An inverted or reverse kingpin of a good longboard gives it a higher clearance and tighter turning radius. The bushings, however, are customizable and these are adjusted to meet the rider’s needs. Softer and harder brushes are used depending on whether the rider is up for a mellow ride or heavier ride.


The large wheels size of a long board falls between 64-80mm in diameter. The larger the tires the smoother the ride. Large tires absorb the bumpiness of rough terrain and make a ride smooth one. A good longboard has its durometer range between 75a-85a which makes a board softer.

Style and Shape – A Must Match!

Once you know what the parts of a long board are and what function each one of it holds, now is the time to decide which riding style would you go for? and which shape and size would be good to go with your style?

  • Cruising/Carving – This is considered perfect to start with when you are a beginner. As the term indicates cruising is cruising in the literal meaning. It is just a fun riding style and a mode of transportation around a town.
  • Freestyle – It is skateboarding on a long board. You can do all the tricks of skateboard on a long board in freestyle boarding. This style is a king of skateboarding on a long board.
  • Freeride – Freeride involves technical insight and technical skills. The free ride is about technical maneuvers.
  • Downhill – Unlike free ride, downhill is all about speed. This style is for thrill lovers who want it as fast as they can.

Now that you know what different styles of long boarders are, it is important not to forget about shapes variation and their purpose. There are basically two shapes of good long boards; directional and asymmetrical. Directional boards are only meant to go in one direction and the best design in a directional long board is pin tail. Asymmetrical board is an excellent choice for the freestyle riders as it is good to go in any direction.

Budget and Value for Money

These days everybody is fond of longboarding because it is a real fun and mode of transportation too. Like skateboarding, longboarding is not an easy thing to do. You get stumble, you fall, you trip it and get your knees and elbows skinned. So, the board you choose for the very first time makes a real huge difference. Therefore, it is necessary to do a self evaluation before buying your own longboard. A good longboard is the one that is right for you. There is no guide on what hard and fast rules make a board good. So, it has a lot to do with your boarding style, your level of expertise, the shape of a long board and most importantly your budget.

“Trick gets applause, style gets respect.” Michael Breams

Trick and style surely are applauded and respected but staying in your budget is another factor that makes a new addition or your personal possession in your life value. The renowned brands provide factory assembled longboards which make them a bit expensive. You might feel that such longboards are overpriced but technically you are saving bucks and getting a reliable product. Major brands do not provide clone wheels, trucks, bushings etc. which means you are getting a good package. Many beginners prefer to have cheaper longboards with cloned parts and they end up paying twice. To have a good longboard never compromise on its quality. The cloned ones are not resalable, whereas the branded ones have good resale value. So, the friendly advice would be never to settle for cheap and outdated longboards available in the market. Decide wisely, buy a factory complete best value for money longboard and make yourself comfortable and happy.

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