5 Best Wheels For Outdoor Roller Skating (Beginners & Pros Need to Know)

To become a professional roller skater, you not only need perfect technique, comfortable boots but also the best wheels for outdoor roller skating. We think you should have a closer look at your roller skates to see if your wheels have any problems or not.

If your wheels are now damaged or in trouble, you might think about replacing your current wheels with better ones that meet your demands. We assure you that we will help you choose your desired wheels. Let’s go!

Reviews of Top 5 Best Wheels For Outdoor Roller Skating

Well, below are the top 5 ideal wheels for outdoor roller skating. What are you waiting for? Let’s check it out.

No.1: Moxi Skates

Moxi SkatesThe first product we want to mention is the Moxi Skates Classic. The name, Moxi, seems to be quite gummy, doesn’t it? Not only this product has an impressive name but is also famous for its versatility. Regardless of the surfaces – pavement or sidewalk, the durability of Moxi Gummy Skates is never limited.

To have the best ride, manufacturers reduced the friction of the wheels and of course, the speed of the skates will increase significantly on a great deal of outdoor surfaces. That doesn’t disappoint you at all!

We bet that your ride will be of great comfort thanks to a gummy urethane inside these flexible skating wheels. With the proportion of 40mm x 65mm and 78A hardness, Moxi Skates Classic wheels provide you with exceptional navigability for trail skating.

What is more, this product also comes in several trendy colors, such as pink, teal, pineapple, clementine, lavender, and honeydew. With such six different colors, feel free to choose your most satisfying one.


  • Strong endurability
  • Smooth ride
  • Ability to match any skates
  • Less friction
  • Color diversity
  • Excellent handling for trail skating


  • Easy to get dirty
  • Not suitable for small-debris surface

Verdict: According to these mentioned features, Moxi Skates Classic wheels are the highly recommended product for you. These quad roller skate wheels are certainly a marvelous creation for outdoor skating despite some trivial downsides. Just give it a try!

No.2: Sonar Wheels

Sonar WheelsWe have been just done with the first product, so now we will move on to the next option. This is an amazing product called Sonar Wheels – Zen – Quad Roller Skate Wheels or to put it simply, Riedell Sonar Zen Wheels. We bet that you will be highly impressed by its features.

Thanks to the robust urethane, these Sonar wheels will offer you wonderful grips for a long period on a variety of surfaces such as streets, pedways, rinks or anywhere else. On top of that, the Riedell Sonar Zen wheels are designed skilfully to help skaters stop easily and direct flexibly for trail skating.

Another special point is that these Sonar skate wheels are manufactured with an 85A hardness urethane formula to bring skaters fine rolls. Furthermore, these 32mm x 62mm quad roller skate wheels allow purchasers to choose among various color choices, namely magenta, pink, green, black, red, blue, orange and yellow.

After all the above utilities, you are now worried about the price of these Sonar Zen wheels? Calm down! You will be surprised as its price is at an affordable level. That’s awesome!


  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable skating
  • Quick response to skaters
  • A variety of colors


  • Less stability
  • Some flaws in appearance

Verdict: If you are in need of the best wheels for outdoor roller skating but much concerned about the budget, there will be nothing better than this product. Hence, why don’t you try the Sonar Wheels – Zen – Quad roller skate wheels yourself?

No.3: ATOM Pulse Skating Wheels

ATOM Pulse Skating WheelsIf you are experienced skaters, you must have heard of the Atom Pulse Outdoor Quad Skating Wheels at least one time. This kind of product is always one of the most well-known wheels for outdoor skating. Let’s discover why these wheels are so popular.

We cannot deny the Atom Pulse’s firm material that gives you long-lasting grips for sure. Intending to bring skaters smooth rides, engineers transformed normal-looking wheels into lightweight derby skate wheels. Thanks to premium components inside the Atom Pulse wheels, skaters can perform on hard or rough outdoor surfaces at ease.

As far as we’re concerned, these 65mm x 37mm wheels are soft enough to conquer every bump on the road or even indoors. Moreover, you can put your faith in this brand since they were made in the USA with hollow-core technology.

Like other brands of skating wheels, this product is created with a range of beautiful colors as well, like black, blue, green, pink, red and purple. Thus, you could fit your lifestyle by picking whatever colors you want.


  • Famous brand
  • Available to indoor and outdoor performance
  • Impressive designs
  • Good stability
  • Pleasant ride


  • A bit expensive
  • Not suitable for all surfaces

Verdict: Because of a household name, this product may be quite expensive for some purchasers. Despite these minor drawbacks, you should pay attention to its fabulous features.

No.4: Sure-Grip Wheels

Sure-Grip WheelsIf you are a beginner to the roller skating game, you might consider this product, Sure-Grip boardwalk outdoor wheels. Why? Because they are the key figure to guide beginners in practicing easily and safely.

These skating wheels are designed to be pretty soft and suitable for using outdoors. Because of the softness, Sure-Grip boardwalk outdoor wheels help skaters move smoothly and have a lot of fun.

It is undeniable that these wheelscan last for a very long time. And we are sure that you will feel so comfy with the toughness of these Sure-grips wheels through rolling over cracks and twigs. Sounds great?

To the best of our knowledge, this exciting invention made in the USA has a 36mm width and 65mm height and also 78A hardness. Also, “this guy” made from quality polyurethane has a nylon hub and keeps beautiful colors for a long time.


  • Long outdoor cruise admission
  • Extreme stability
  • Grinding permission
  • Appropriate choice for beginners


  • Getting smaller after a long time
  • A bit costly

Verdict: As we reviewed above, if you are a newcomer to this sport, it’s advisable to choose this Sure-Grip boardwalk outdoor wheels. Despite the relatively high cost, these wheels’ benefits should be taken into account.

No.5: RollerBones Roller Skate Wheels

RollerBones Roller Skate WheelsAt first sight, we guess that you may be rather astonished by its lengthy name, aren’t you? Don’t skim through this product because its advantages will not let you down!

Have you ever known about Skate One Corporation? If not, you need to update your knowledge because this corp is internationally renowned for providing roller skates of the best quality from the early 1990s. Roll One Distribution, a subdivision of this corporation, manufactured this kind of product.

Having such an excellent reputation, this product must follow the highest standards to have the best quality. There is a good combination of a variety of components. These best wheels for outdoor roller skating supply skaters with the ultimate effect in wear, grip and roll.

Likewise, Rollerbones team wheels have proven competitive shapes that attract skaters immediately. Owing to a high rebound, medium-hard and enduring formula, this urethane invention is a powerful supporter that helps skaters enjoy their ride to the fullest.


  • Innovative design
  • No flats and no grooves
  • International fame
  • Extremely smooth ride


  • Pretty high cost

Verdict: This mind-blowing product is ensured to satisfy your needs even if its price is not a cheap one. However, there is no doubt that the price reflects the quality. So why not have a go?

How To Choose The Best Wheels For Outdoor Roller Skating

1. Safety Is The Top Priority

Safety Is The Top PriorityYou should acknowledge that skating outdoors, especially on hard or rough surfaces, needs careful protection. If you have played outdoor roller skating at least one time, you must know that your knees, head, elbows and wrists are the most vulnerable parts.

For that reason, you had better prepare yourself many pads and helmets which are high-quality and robust. You might consider safety first in order not to go cheap on your protective gear. Otherwise, we are not sure that the low-cost gear you chose will hold up in case of a tumble.

Additionally, you should select the suited pads or helmets for yourself. If you unexpectedly purchase the tighter or looser gears, it means that you will not be safeguarded as you wish.

2. Wheels’ Diameter Is Proven To Be Crucial

Diameter Is Proven To Be CrucialOne thing skaters should realize as soon as possible is that the diameter of a wheel has an impact on their roll time, stability, acceleration and weight.

In terms of the roll time/top speed, a larger diameter wheel is good for roll time and a smaller diameter one helps skaters gain top speeds. Knowing why long-distance speed skaters usually choose taller wheels? Larger diameter wheels take them less effort to keep their roller skates moving fast when rolling.

The second factor is stability. Smaller diameter wheels are known to be steadier than larger ones. The less distance between the ground and you, the more stability a smaller diameter wheel will give you.

When it comes to acceleration, smaller diameter wheels take you less effort to move due to faster acceleration.

Finally, a roller skate with shorter wheels is of course lighter than that of taller wheels.

3. Misconception About Roller Skate Wheel Tread

Roller Skate Wheel TreadMany people often misunderstood that tread is one of the important characteristics of a wheel supporting grippiness of a wheel. In fact, most urethane wheels can grip the road better after getting heated up.

When you start skating, the tread helps you keep more balance for a short time. And you also need to know that softer wheels do have more grip than hard wheels.

4. The Budget Factor

The Budget FactorWe bet that before deciding to buy anything, you are often concerned about the price. These best wheels for outdoor roller skating are not an exception, right?

Usually, you can choose a pair of wheels under $30, or a standard set of wheels around $60. Or else, you can buy some high-quality more than $130. That depends on your criteria and plan to use these wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Proper Maintenance For My Wheels?

You should check your roller skate wheels more often to make sure that they have not become too worn and still work well. If your wheels are destroyed, replace them with hefty ones. If they are dirty, please consider removing and cleaning them in water.

2. How Do I Change The Wheels On My Quad Skates?

  • Take off the nuts from the wheels.
  • Turn the tool anticlockwise until the nut comes off after placing the tool over the nut.
  • Detach the wheels from their bolts.
  • Replace these old wheels with new ones.
  • Return the nuts on the bolts and flat end.
  • Rotate it clockwise and fasten the nuts.

Notice that don’t tighten the nuts too much. Use your fingers to spin each wheel freely. If it doesn’t spin or is jerky when spinning, the nuts need to be loosened.

3. How Do I Tighten Or Loosen The Wheels On My Quad Skates?

The first thing you have to do is to flip over the first skate and up the wheel side. Identify the location of the two external tension nuts at their hubs

  • Attach the right socket wrench to your wrench’s ratchet body.
  • Fit the wrench on to the bolt and turn the handle right and left properly.
  • Test the tightness of the nut with your fingers. Loosen or tighten as necessary. It should be mediumly tight.
  • Do the same with other nuts.

Wrapping up

We hope that you will refer to our advice to choose your desired wheels. If you have any questions, leave your comments in the box below and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Anyway, from all the best wheels for outdoor roller skating we introduced, is there any product that captures your attention at present? If not, what about picking one of those five best wheels for yourself?

Best wishes for you!

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