Where to Buy Hoverboard Segway? All Shopping Tips Revealed!

Too many brands and suppliers are the main reason why customers come to the wrong choice. Even though there are bunches of articles relating to buying guide to the best hoverboard segway, most people cannot find the suitable one.

In this article, we answer mostly asked questions: where to buy hoverboard segway? But, not giving a long list of distributors, we will point out some trustworthy names and shopping tips so you can shop easily in your own way.

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What Should We Look for When We Choose Hoverboard Segway?

Before you purchase anything, be sure about the features you need from the product. To hoverboard segway, we recommend some aspects to consider.

Is it Safe to Use?

Is it safe to useThere are some recorded explosions caused by hoverboard’s batteries. It’s not that all batteries can go off suddenly but the low-quality ones. For example, some fake products are remade by low-quality materials.

To avoid malfunction, you should go for big names on hoverboard segways. In terms of motor, we can trust Europe and US manufacturers.

If you seek for something cheap from China, you should choose carefully because the Chinese market is complicated.

Trusted manufactures always show off their specifications and battery features. Besides, you might want to studies cases which told us about malfunctions of hoverboard segway by battery so that we can refuse to use those brands.

Besides, products with detailed instruction for charging and battery maintenance are strongly recommended.

How is It Made?

How is it madeNext to consider is how they construct it. We focus on the material. There is steel or PVA plastic for segway coverage. Sometimes, manufacturers blend different elements to build a hoverboard.

Manufacturers might concern on reducing expense or durability or appearance. But as users, we should focus on safety at first. Other criteria, such as color, size, and utilities, could follow. Our advice is seeking products stably framed, sustainably covered, and balanced built.

The second you should check is the wheels. Are you going to ride it on road or off road?

Depending on personal training, people go for different kind of wheels. However, make sure that these wheels operate smoothly and sturdily.

How Long does It Take to Charge?

How long does it take to chargeWe bet that few people show concerns on charging time. And then, when they bring home a hoverboard segway that takes half of the day to fill up.

To get away from such unhappy surprises, it’s necessary to study the time of charging and the capacity of using. You do not want to purchase a board that needs charging after several hours of riding, do you?

All products have this information public in the description or from websites if you buy it online.

How does It Perform?

How does it performUsually, hoverboard segway speed ranges from 2 to 10 mph. However, you can buy special editions with a slower or faster rate.

Depending on the users, we suggest you know the speed range of the products. For example, if you buy it for a kid, make sure that the fastest speed is still safe for him.

Besides, other modes of performance are considerable, too. For example, off-roading performance, going backward, or else. Do you like to ride it up to the hill or just on flat cemented roads?

All that matters in buying a suitable hoverboard segway.

Where to Buy Hoverboard Segway?

Because hoverboard becomes more popular to the young day by day, it’s not hard to find this product sold in all possible channels: sports stores or online shopping pages.


StoresFinding showrooms of manufacturers is the best way to approach high quality and authentic products. Furthermore, buying from the manufacturers will get you a chance of full package guarantee.

But those types of stores are not so popular in many cities. So, you can examine some shops that sell hoverboard, bikes or sport vehicles. However, these products will be sold with tax, and they are all less trustworthy than stores at top 1.

Generally, going around and shopping in stores will lead you to the real products, making real deal and possibility of return. However, you would not have a wide variety of choices.

Why don’t you check prices and models on websites before heading to the stores?

Shopping Pages Online

Shopping pages onlineIf you cannot reach stores, it’s another way to shop: surfing the internet.

Shopping online saves a lot of time and transportation expense while you can make a comparison for price, models, and policies among all brands.

It’s even better if the website belongs to offline shops placed in your city.

But if the page is just an online store or you cannot go for it, the only way to have hoverboard is from pure online shopping. So, you will confront the risk of fakes, malfunctions, bad guarantee, and bad shipping service.

Don’t worry because it’s not always so scary. There are trusted pages such as eBay or Amazon, where you can buy products with belief.

What Makes Amazons Become Trustworthy Suppliers?

One of big retailer of hoverboard segway is Amazon. Amazon is well-known as a prestige page that sells from A to Z.

In this section, we will explain why we should shop hoverboard segway on Amazon.

Public Information

Public informationThe top of a page selling hoverboard on Amazon

One of the features in Amazon website that attract many shoppers is how it describes the product. On the top of the page, you see all data about price, sale-off programs, and remarks about the product.

For hoverboard segway items, we can see almost every piece of information relating to capacity, specification, speed, outstanding features, and sometimes, origin. They deprive the info from the manufacturer’s website and present in comprehensive bullets.

Furthermore, Amazon keeps all products in the range with price reference so that customer can compare easily.

Another highlight of the site is the number of buyers and reviews right below the product name.

Generally, you get almost everything you need to know about the product by the first look of the website. This organization is much more convenient than in eBay or Alibaba.

Detailed Specifications

Detailed specificationsThere are three spots where you can see specifications: the overview section, the further details, and in shipping details.

For electrical equipment like hoverboard segway, we can find all the information about battery, speed, dimensions, capacity.

Having these numbers revealed, we find it much easier to purchase.

There’s a spot of Q&A where you can find more about the products. Questions and answers are by customers who came for purchase like you, so the data is trustworthy.

Furthermore, Amazon usually places a table before the review spot. The table shows different products from the same producer, including the main item. But the table works as a comparison chart of specification and selling features.

Opened Reviews

Opened reviewsPumping into any pages, you see the number of reviewers and rated stars on the top. Scrolling down to the bottom of the page, you will see bunches of reviews from customers who bought this product.

Good reviews prove outstanding points of the products, apparently under individual viewpoints. Bad reviews reflect actual accidents on shipping or honestly cons that only real users know.

Amazon allows users to post the reviews freely and get updated every time they want. Therefore, further, than usual reflections, you might find some comments that tell the operation of a hoverboard in years.

Good Shipping Policy and Guarantee

Good shipping policy and guaranteeAmazon, besides, is famous for its international shipping policy. Amazon presents in almost all countries all over the world, with local warehouses and supportive shipping fee.

As long as you choose a product, the site tells you immediately if the product can be delivered to your country and how much the cost is.

Shipping cost and dimension cost is present on the same page so that customers know exactly how Amazon calculate the charge.

Amazon is also a site where customers can have a brand new product with the best guarantee policy. Besides the producer’s guarantee, Amazon sometimes offers a return policy for particular items.

Generally, they revealed all the information in the clearest way. You are all safe to trade with Amazon.

The shipping policy of product which can be seen on the right side of the page

Trustworthy Suppliers

Trustworthy suppliersOn Amazon, there are three main types of goods: products distributed from Amazon warehouse, products sold by Amazon, and items posted by visitors.

All of them are brand new, so the price is not so different.

However, products credited by Amazon will be more trustworthy because as a retailer, Amazon has to examine the origin and function of the products. You should keep this tip in mind.

What are Additional Choices Regarding Where to Buy Hoverboard Segway?

Amazon is not the only site where you can purchase hoverboard segway. You can either shop online on other websites such as eBay or pages run by the manufacturers.

How About Other Online Distributors?

How about other online distributorsEbay’s site

eBay is a page which sells products at competitive prices.

On eBay, the price you see is the starting price for the product. For example, the Segway Ninebot Es above will be sold with the lowest rate of 275 USD.

The binding blank is for buyers to type on higher price which they can afford.

So, why do people have to bide for a product?

On eBay, you might not be able to find new brand items by paying less than other retailers, but you can find the second hand hoverboard at a reasonable price. More than that, customers can sell a limited version of products. For specific items, you have to compete with other buyers — the one, who pays the most, will win the item.

Ebay is just a website where people come and post products for sale. Many suppliers with low credit fool customers by selling the wrong products. You should be careful with trading here.

To prevent bad situations, eBay will block accounts reported from a certain number of users based on the violation of policy. Each user will never be doing business on eBay again if they are locked. Furthermore, reviews on eBay will last forever so that all customers can keep track of a retailer from the past.

The Brand Manufacturers

The brand manufacturersIf you find Amazon or eBay is not reliable enough to buy hoverboard segway, we have other places to shop.

The manufactures of each hoverboard will set up a website where they sell their own product. You can access these websites before going to the stores or showrooms. It saves times.

Buying electrical devices like hoverboard segway from manufactures will get you a good guarantee and authentic products.

However, it doesn’t always feel good to shop directly from manufacturers. Why?

On the websites or in showrooms, information about a product is all selling words. They focus on pointing out the unique features of the product and the advantages of buying it. Some pages do not even have review sections where many people want to read before the purchase.

Besides, the site will show only a brand. You might have many models but not from different manufacturers. These sites come in handy when you know precisely the hoverboard you want to buy.

Further Notes

Further notesOffline shopping show more fun because you can touch the product. Sometimes, the seller will allow you to try the hoverboard before persuading you to buy. But going around the city contain losing money and time.

We would recommend you to do so only you have decided the specific item. Going to the store should be the final checking stage.

Online shopping seems to save more time. You can even visit many distributors without going out. But you would never know if the seller is trustworthy. Some retailers offer a return policy in case you dissatisfied with the items. But some do not accept taking it back.

And each site contains the pros and cons that fit the shopping habit of individuals.

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To sum up, we want you to know that no matter how you shop, each place has specific pros and cons. Hope this article will provide you useful information regarding where to buy hoverboard segway.

Like eBay, people feel it convenient when they want a cheap price. But Amazon will be a better choice when you desire new items.

You must identify what you need, do searching it online, make price chart, and finally, come stores for the last check.

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