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For the past few years, WAVE has been regularly offering its quality services, which has helped the company to secure its place in the top Longboard manufactures list. All the models manufactured by the company are completely different from the models of the renowned brands in terms of looks and design, which has certainly helped the company to climb to the top spot.
The company has moved on with the time as all the models manufactured by the company are designed with modern looks and attractive colour combination. However, the company also has a limited but elegant collection of Longboards, which follow the traditional looks. In short, you can find out the best Longboard, which suits your riding style and design demands. Let’s have a look at the other power packed specifications of WAVE Longboards.

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Customer reviews are one of the important categories, which describe the overall performance of the product. If the customer is not happy with the product, then the customer rating of the product will be at the bottom. If we talk about the WAVE Longboards, then the brand has got a customer rating of 4.4, which means the customer is happy with the performance and quality of the models manufactured by the company.
The only way a product can achieve high customer rating is by offering the services, a customer expects and Wave Longboards has been able to provide excellent services to the customers since its first day.

Riding Style

If you are an experienced rider, then you must know that a different Longboard is required for different riding style. You cannot select a board designed for free ride style to take a ride on rough trails. The company has got a wide collection of boards, which are designed for specific riding style. However, the company also offers some exceptional models that can be used for every riding style.

Design / Color

White Wave Design Color

Longboarding is quite popular among the youth as they are using a Longboard for travelling to colleges and other places. Look is one of the important factors, which matters the most to the youth. Youth can compromise with the specifications, but not with the looks. The models of this brand are being highly appreciated by the youth because of its innovative design and rocking colour combination. Multiple layers of White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboards with durable heat transferred graphics and clear grip tape.

Deck, Wheels

The company’s primary motive is to provide superior quality boards to the customer, which does not affect the customer’s safety. The company uses superior quality of wood for manufacturing deck, which allows the user to take a ride in rough trails with minimal risk of breaking down the deck. Moreover, the company uses PU Wheels and other top rated wheels for most of its models, which reduces the risk of melting wheels. The White Wave Longboards (Plastic) is extremely fun!! It can turn on a dime and is very compact.
Wave Deck Wheels


The company is well-known for using superior quality components, which is the major reason behind the blind trust of customers. Like other components, the company also do not compromise with the truck quality as most of the models come with top rated aluminium trucks. Aluminium trucks are considered as one of the finest options for securing the connection between the deck and the wheels.


The performance of the Longboard bushings is directly affected by the speed. If you are planning to take a fast ride during downhill racing, then it’s important to choose hard bushings as compared to soft bushings. The company uses appropriate bushings for different models designed for specific riding styles, which makes sure the bushings feel more responsive for each riding style and different speeds.


The company uses ABEC 11 bearings, which keeps the Longboard smoothly and makes sure the user enjoys a smooth and stable ride. If you carefully look at the Longboard collection from this brand, then you may notice that most of the models comprise of ABEC 11 bearings with high speed lubricant.The company also prefers to use top rated ABEC bearings for its low segment series. If you ever wanted a surfboard with wheels, The White Wave Bamboo Cheif Longboard (The Big One) is the board for you. Huge standing platform allows for countless hours of fun, practicing all your surfing techniques.


Wave has a huge collection of Longboards, which allows you to pick the best one, which suits your riding style and is equipped with all the features you are looking for. From traditional designed Longboards to modern designed Longboards, you can find out any model with powerful specifications. It is one of the major reasons behind the increasing popularity of WAVE brand.

If we talk about the best boards from the brand, then the first model that comes to our mind is White Wave Bamboo Chief Longboard. This model is equipped with all the features, which allows the user to get the most out of Longboarding.

If you compare with this model with other similar models from other manufacturers, then you will easily find out the difference between the performance levels. This model will definitely offer a smooth ride even in difficult situations, in which other top rated models might give up.

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