Why Is Roller Skating Fun? Tips To Have Interesting Experiences

Stop sticking your eyes in the phone screen and look outside. What can you see?It is easy to catch sight of many people skating in the park, they seem to be very happy and comfortable in roller boots.

You find it very interesting and the question “Why is roller skating fun?” seems to dwell on your mind, right? Actually, each sport brings different happiness and today, we will give you some specified enjoyment of roller skating.

Stay tuned and let’s see what miracle roller skating possesses!

What Is Roller Skating?

What Is Roller SkatingIn simple terms, roller skating is the activity of moving on the surface of roller skates.

This sport has won the hearts of lots of players and become a really popular recreational sport among young people all over the world. There are many competitive sports based-on the uses of roller skates such as artistic roller skating, speed skating, aggressive inline, roller hockey and so on.

Roller skating was invented in the 1760s and until 1935, it became the most popular sport in America. In the past, especially in World War II, the United States Army used it as a piece of essential equipment to save gas and fuel when they moved around Europe. And nowadays, people skate mainly to exercise, improve their health and relax.

It can be said that roller skating brings a lot of benefits, both mental and physical. By skating, not only do you become happier but you are also able to get in shape, improve your strength and build muscle. The more you skate, the stronger you can become.

However, roller skating is also a dangerous sport as you may end up wounded if you don’t have a full equipment set and proper skills. Because of moving on a smooth surface on wheels, it’s really difficult to control and keep balance when skating so many people think that this sport is too hard to play.

In spite of its danger, there are players who haven’t had any traumas in a long time thanks to thorough knowledge about roller skating.

Why Is Roller Skating Fun?

Happy Hormone

Happy hormoneIf you are a roller skater, you will find that this sport gives you a strong sense of excitement. Why do you have this excitement and how about its mechanism? When skating, your nerves will produce a “happy hormone’’ called adrenaline that makes you happy and excited.

Adrenaline is a hormone produced when you are frightened, nervous, excited or angry. Every time your body releases this substance, your heart will beat faster and arrange to react to the danger. Adrenaline helps us absorb more oxygen and pumps blood to every body part then our heart, brain and lungs will be stimulated to work harder, creating a refreshing feeling.

In a few first days, we spend lots of time familiarizing ourselves with roller skating, keeping balance and standing on our shoes. And at this time, adrenaline is created because we are afraid of falling and become injured or something like that. How about the next few days?

As a matter of fact, when you have already known how to skate in basic technique, you may want to try harder such as flicking, skating on different terrains or performing difficult skills.

Similarly, your body produces adrenaline that maintains the interest in roller skating and the process will repeat many times when you learn new tricks. Maybe, this “happy hormone” is the origin of skating passion.

Many Benefits

Many benefitsIn this new era, almost all of us go the extra mile to develop ourselves but sometimes we forget that we are facing the physical problem of health and stress from daily working.

Nowadays, many people regard being healthy as their happiness and roller skating can easily help them get there because it is really good exercise for your health.

The first one we want to mention is about mental health. Roller skating not only helps us relax from stress but also boosts personal confidence. Every time you skate, all pressure will be replaced by positive energy that supports solving difficulties at work.

Moreover, the physical stamina we get from skating will improve the risk-taking capability so that we can take on more work and raise our confidence.

Another benefit of roller skating is physical health. By skating, “killing two birds with one stone” is no longer an impractical phrase as you can keep fit as well as get in shape while still having fun.

This sport is an ideal way to lose weight because it can burn calories effectively and if you are able to combine dieting and skating regularly, your body must be very nice. More than that, we can also build muscle, defeat diabetes, improve endurance or get more body power thanks to roller skating.

Awesome Teammates

Awesome teammatesTeammates are indispensable when skating. You may think that it is not necessary to have some friends to play with or you can skate well though you’re alone, oh, it will be right but not in all cases. Imagine being unfortunate, you get injuries suddenly, if you don’t have any teammate right there, it would be really serious.

Roller skating is fun because it brings to us friends those who can share something in common-passion for this sport. Thanks to teammates, we can gossip with them, get together with them, receive support and advice from them, all are fun and awesome.

Furthermore, by communicating with your teammate, you can learn how to work in a group, improve solidarity and show your dynamism and creativity.

So, where do teammates come from and how to make friends with them? A teammate can be a schoolmate, classmate, your neighbor you have acquainted before. They may also be skaters that are often playing in the same place as you or people you have met at roller skating competitions as long as they like this sport and fit your personality.

Then, just start a friendly conversation and get contact information, you might find a suitable teammate. Try the best cause when you have a team or friends, roller skating will become more and more interesting.

Tips To Do Tricks

Tips To Do TricksTrick is an action that players do to form entertainment. It presents the subtlety in maneuvering at a high level of difficulty to attract audiences, and to show interesting tricks, skaters have to practice hard for a long time.

As mentioned above, when doing tricks, your body releases adrenaline which brings to us an amusing feeling, so there are some tips for beginners that may make you excited.

All of roller skating tricks are derived from the basics movements, especially standing on just one leg on the wheels. With the beginners, it’s quite difficult to keep balance due to the slippery of skating boots on a smooth surface.

To do this move, keep your knees slightly bent then shift all focus to one, if necessary, you can slide your arms for better balance. In the last step, you just need to lift one of your legs up and try to stand firmly.

If you want to skate backward, firstly, you have to form a “V” corner shape with your feet, then apply pressure with the toe of your left skate and lift the right foot. Next, drop the right and apply stress to the right toe (remember to look back to avoid falling). Finally, moving faster and finishing the trick.

Another trick that many beginners want to try is jumping in roller skates. You should keep the normal speed at first, then bring your feet together. After that, squat your body and jump up, imagine your feet are springs to make it easier.

Next time, you can practice to jump higher and be more confident to have an interesting performance.

The most important tip is being patient! When you try a new trick, it’s not easy to succeed in a short time, you probably fall, even become injured many times. However, an outstanding performance and recognition from friends and audience are the motivation for us to make a great breakthrough. Keep patient and try your best.

Safety Check

Safety CheckObviously, if you want to have fun with roller skating, safety is the top priority. Nobody wants to get injuries when playing. Therefore, make sure that you have had a careful safety check before skating.

Firstly, you have to prepare the appropriate equipment including roller skates, helmet, elbows, wrists, knee pads and other protective gear. All of them should fit your body parts to limit the pain, create a sense of comfort, and build more confidence.

Next, warm-up and stretch thoroughly, this step is really important for any sport. Your body, especially muscles and feet should be ready to skate to prevent muscle tension, foot pain and improve endurance.

Finally, you should start slowly to familiarize yourself with the surface and equipment, and then you can have interesting experiences.


Wrapping it up, we have explained the main reasons and the question: “why is roller skating fun?” will not bewilder you anymore. The happiness may come from “happy hormone”- adrenaline or many benefits it brings to us or awesome teammates. Do you have any other reasons? Please share it with us in the comments. Thanks for your distribution and hope that you will be excited about roller skating.

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