Why Should You Longboard?

Why should you longboardSimple straight answer to why you should longboard is because you need a physical activity. Look around, everyone is so addicted to screens, be it a mobile, television, laptop, or computer. We go to work place on a car, we use a ride to go to market, our physical activity is ZERO which is making people obese that is the BIGGEST PROBLEM around the globe. It caters the needs of those who want a smooth ride to workplace, school, university, college or market and also of those who want to enjoy it as a thrilling, exciting sport. Life in these days is too busy and when life is on a roller coaster why not ride a longboard? Why long boarding is good for you? Longboarding is one of the best choices you can make to add fun and spice in your life.
In this article we aim to highlight two aspects:

  1. How longboarding is a good sport?
  2. How does it help you in your life to create a balance (which is the most important thing for your mental and physical health).

We will start with perks of longboarding.

Perks of Longboarding – All the Reasons Why You Should Longboard!

1. A Mode of Transportation

Go anywhere and everywhere you wish. O yes, most of the longboards available in the market are all-terrain or you can call them multi-terrain. It means you can ride on your longboard to those tracks, paths you have never thought of riding on your bikes, cars, scooters etc. An easy and fun ride along the road, alleys, dirt, grass, light snow is your choice completely. Who said, don’t take shortcuts? We say “Go ahead, take a shortcut” definitely on your longboard.
You can never be late again from your college, university, office or party. Longboard is a convenient commute which can take you through the shortest possible route in no time. It is a perfect ride to reach the store or crusing over to friend’s place. The bike keeps your both hands and feet occupied but isn’t it a fun having hands free for snacking and waving hi to friends while riding. And the best thing is you do not need a parking lot or a garage. Hurray! what a fun to take your board with you inside the house.

2. An Exercise Board

Riding a longboard is an exercise in itself. It gives you a chance to do a little bit of all exercises; cardio, improve muscle mass and reduce body fat. Longboarding makes you fit as it is a form of exercise. Riding a longboard involves pushing a board with one foot and the second one alternatively which makes it a fun way jogging. It is an excellent workout board to keep you healthy and fit.

An Exercise Board

3. Be in a Spotlight

Everyone gets fed up of a same boring routine of staying indoors. The best is to socialize with new people and make new friends. Longboarding gives you an opportunity to join hands with new people on the board. People who longboard are mostly fun loving, friendly, interesting and good at partying hard. So, what are you thinking? Make new friends longboard to the beach and have fun with your new friends. Longboarding is such a fun sport that it gives you a chance to play tricks and stay in the spotlight.

4. Improve Balance

Longboarding itself is a game of balancing. You can achieve a level of balance by longboarding as it improves the coordination of your body organs and systems. As longboarding is an exercise for fitness too it strengthens your muscles, your ankles, knees and improves your posture. At times when you are in a trouble, you learn to balance yourself on a longboard to save your life. Good balance can be learned and mastered on a longboard.

Improve Balance

5. Pocket Friendly

Now many of you must be thinking how it can be pocket-friendly. Believe me; it is extremely light on your pocket. Read on to know how? There are a variety of choices in the market, you can choose longboard of your own choice which suits your style and personality. Also, price ranges vary so you can buy one within your budget. If your office, university, college is in a town nothing can save you much money as longboarding. When you stop using your personal car daily it will save you lots of money including fuel, maintenance cost, and various other running expenses. Reach destination in time without spending much. We understand TIME IS MONEY.

6. Environment Friendly

This is the time we must have mercy on ourselves and on our beloved planet earth. Longboarding emits zero CO2 thus not adding up any harmful effects to the environment.

7. Spice up Your Life

So, you do not want to make friends, least concerned about a pocket friendly thing, do not care for balancing a game, can become fit by going to a gym? One thing everyone wants in life is thrill, excitement, spiciness, and fun. You will never know how fun it is unless you ride on it. It is so damn fun, don’t miss it.

Safety First

Safety First – Buy Safety Gear if You WANT TO LONGBOARD!

Longboarding no doubt can be the best pleasure one can have but it is a sport and requires safety. If you do not take safety measures you can land straight away from longboard into the emergency room. Riding a longboard without properly following safety measures can leave you a life lasting injury. So, make sure you take necessary precautions before stepping onto the longboard. Have fun but keep these do’s and don’ts in mind.


  • Avoid riding on the busy road, street sides are the best for longboarding. Remember shortcuts we discussed earlier.
  • Stay far away from building debris and sunken manholes.
  • Always wear helmet, knee pads, gloves and wrist guards.
  • Good, comfortable shoe are a must.
  • Trust yourself but not the others on the road. You are responsible for your own safety.


  • Listening to music with earphones on is a bad decision. Be aware of your surroundings
  • Grabbing vehicles to have a thrilling ride is a bad idea.
  • Riding a longboard does not give you freedom of disobeying traffic rules. Do not break the rules.

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