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Yocaher is one of the best skateboard brands offering a wide range of skateboards and longboards for beginners as well as professionals. Although manufacturing company of Yocaher is located in California, you can always check out its outstanding collection online. No matter whichever boarding style you like, this brand offers it all from cruisers to downhill boards. With Yocaher boards, you don’t need to compromise on quality while saving money.

Top 5 Best Yocaher Skateboard Brand

Yocaher Skateboard Brand



People always go through customer reviews before making a valuable purchase. All models of longboards and skateboards released by Yocaher have been receiving great appreciation by users. The incredible features and performance of each model has managed to earn no less than 4.5 out of 5. The high ratings of Yocaher models make this brand a reliable supplier of skateboards for beginners as well experts. Their boards are undoubtedly worthy of customer satisfaction.



The thing that makes a board a perfect choice is its smooth and convenient riding. Yocaher skateboards are manufactured while implementing great strategies to offer a delightful ride. From speed to comfort, everything is kept in mind when a Yocaher board is designed and crafted. All features including deck and wheels are well-made to allow riders go smooth on even and uneven surfaces. Trucks, bearings and wheels are made with high quality materials to enhance the speed, rolling and turns of the boards. From even plains to bumpy areas, Yocaher skateboards are a best option to deal with all sorts of surfaces



Yocaher boards are also widely appreciated due to their error-free designs. Every skateboard by this reliable company is versatile and flexible. Experts create innovative designs while considering the essentials of skateboarding and needs of riders. Yocaher skateboard designs are quite convenient for both, beginners and professionals. Aside for the performance, Yocaher skateboard designs are also much classy!



The platform of skateboards and longboards where riders stand is called deck. Deck plays an important role in enhancing the experience of riders and Yocaher skateboards have always been appreciated for their outclass decks. This brand allows riders to enjoy higher maneuverability by providing decks with sufficient flex. For people who enjoy downhill style or uneven surface riding can go with stiff decks by Yocaher to experience more control and balance over the deck. From speed to grip and shape to size, every feature is taken into great care while designing Yocaher decks so you may not feel uncomfortable or unsafe when riding their boards.



You might need to change the wheels of a new board due to its low quality but when it comes to Yocaher skateboards, no such thing is required. In nice color and perfect shape, wheels of  Yoacher skateboard offer smooth rides and top notch quality. From even plains to uneven surfaces, skateboards by this brand have incredible wheels to withstand every kind of ground resistance. They don’t wear too quickly and save riders’ money.



Part of a skateboard used to attach wheels to the deck is called truck. Yocaher skateboards come with reliable trucks that do not wear off soon. They are made up of high quality material and perform pretty impressively. Every board has trucks in a suitable size as this feature directly affects turning and speeding of the board.



When it comes to bushing, Yocaher skateboards are not much satisfactory. You can always replace them with something more good in quality and reliable. As bushings by Yocaher are cheap and easily affordable, you can always replace them when old ones wear off.



Yocaher skateboards come with a good set of bearings but as they wear off sooner, you might need to replace them after a few rides. Initially, they work perfectly fine but deteriorate soon enough especially when you ride at high speeds. The best option is to replace the bearings with good ones and enjoy high speed to make the most of  Yocaher skateboards. You may check the wide variety of bearings offered by Yocaher to find the most suitable for your board and riding style.

Reviews of five Best Yocaher Skateboard

1. Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard

  • Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down

Yocaher is offering a wide range of skateboards with Drop Down style for professionals. This deck style is perfect for riders who want to enjoy higher maneuverability without compromising on speed. These types of boards are specially designed for freestyle drills and tricks. Due to lower center of gravity, riders do not lose balance while performing pro level maneuvers.

As the name suggests, the nose and the tail of drop down skateboard get narrow and cut from the edges allowing wheels to become visible from the upfront. Wheel trucks of this skateboard type are typically top mounted. Due to greater stability and higher comfort, drop down skateboards by Yocaher are a perfect option for cruisers to enjoy smooth and stress-free rides. You can simply stand on them and push around the board to feel free with your body.


  • Due to low center of gravity, Yocaher drop down skateboards are truly stable and extremely comfortable to ride.
  • The design and increased stability allows riders to enjoy higher maneuverability without compromising on speed or overall performance.


  • The bearing wears off sooner so you will need to replace them.
  • Grip tape doesn’t cover all of the deck.

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2. Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail Complete Longboard Skateboard

  • YYocaher Punked Stained Pintail

Here comes another worth buying skateboard by Yocaher brand. It’s a pintail skateboard and totally suitable for beginners. The tear pintail drop shape makes it easier for amateurs to get command on skateboarding and learn the basics. This shape is ideal for protecting wheels from getting bitten by the board. Such type of a deck turns out to be a great cruiser or college going students and freestyle riders.


  • Deck is decent and nicely covered with a high-quality grip tape offering better grip. Wheels also run pretty fine and turns are quite smooth. Overall, quality is great and price is simply affordable.


  • Bushings are so hard that carving becomes pretty difficult.

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3. Punked Lowrider Drop down through Longboard Complete skateboard

  • Punked Lowrider Drop down through

This drop down through skateboard is another option for professionals as well as beginners. The deck is unique and lower than the trucks it is attached to. There are cutouts near wheels, allowing trucks to appear from both sides. Like other Yocaher drop down skateboards, this model also offers great stability and higher maneuverability due to its low center of gravity feature. The deck comes with a concave so riders may fix their feet on the board while enjoying better speed and performing incredible tricks. All other aspects are also in rider’s favor


  • The quality is great for such a cheap price. Riding is smooth whereas speed is pretty easy to handle even for beginners.
  • Wheels and trucks are not too tight or lose so you may enjoy easy and quick turns.


  • Bushing and bearings need an upgrade badly.

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4. Yocaher Blank Complete Skateboard 7.75″ Skateboards

  • Yocaher Blank Complete Skateboard

This complete skateboard by Yocaher is also a great choice for beginners as well as professionals. It offers smooth rides and feels pretty convenient to ride. Where professionals will find its performance up to mark, beginners will find it pretty easy to ride and control. The price is also cheap whereas quality is not less than other expensive, leading skateboard brands. You can always tighten or loosen the trucks and wheels depending on your riding style. This model is highly recommended for beginners due to its incredible features.


  • It’s a good option for beginners to learn basics of skateboarding safely and acquire command on this sport.
  • It’s an easily affordable model of skateboard in a fine quality. Its rides are smooth and deck is quite favorable. Tucks are also top notch and don’t wear off soon.


  • The trucks and wheels come in a little lose that additional screwing is required before riding.
  • Bearings are terrible and need to be replaced.

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5. YOCAHER Drop Through Complete Speed Skateboard

  • YOCAHER Drop Through Complete

Here comes Yocaher’s top selling getaway skateboard. It’s also in drop down style that cutouts on the tail and nose allow trucks to be top mounted. This feature makes deck lower and more stable that even beginners can enjoy high speeds without losing balance. In addition to low flex, there is also a concave in the deck so riders may enjoy carving at high speeds. It’s perfect skateboard for regular fun rides.


  • The wheels are soft hence grip to the surface pretty well and improve the overall ride.
  • The deck is pretty sturdy and easy to board. Concave in the deck makes it easier for riders to get a strong grip for feet.


  • Bearings are awful and need to be replaced for smoother rides.

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Yocaher is a reliable skateboard brand offering a wide range of skateboards and accessories. This brand has become one of the top choices of professionals due to its outstanding products. Incredible features such as design, deck, wheels and trucks have made Yocaher a symbol of perfection. This brand has succeeded in providing high quality skateboards to beginners. Skateboards by this brand offer great performance and higher maneuverability while prices are simply affordable.

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