Yocaher: Best and Worst Longboard Brands 2022

Yocaher, a Chino, California based Skateboard Company established in 1975 and has made quite a name for themself this year with its new models that promise to bring satisfaction to all consumers. From the very beginning when people tried to ride by means of longboards, a few companies served the customer with appropriate longboards. Yocaher is one of them and provides more sophisticated longboards with reinvented and modified versions which can be based on the owner’s wishes and likings. Parents have been looking for safe longboards for their kids and finally choose these longboards. These longboards are perfect reflection of creativity and well defined for riding actions like carving, sliding, turning, and much more.

Top 10 Best Yocaher Longboards

Most of the Yocaher longboards are strong, sturdy and quite durable in nature. If you prefer a high speed riding, then no problem with these longboards and will provide a secure feel for you. Total body parts are made according to riding style and riding surface. Since the Yocaher longboards are very strong and flexible, a rider can sit on the deck at the time of dropdown going. The chance of falling of the riders is almost zero due to the lower center of gravity and it is really enjoyable without any fear.

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Reviews (16/20)

The customer shows their actual feelings as a comment on Amazon. Yocaher longboards are well renowned for their unique look, elegant design and high performance. Average 4.4 stars rating out of 5 has earned by almost all the longboards. Among them, some are totally outstanding such as Special Graphic Complete Longboard PINTAIL skateboard w/ 70mm wheels has earned AMAZING feedback from the user.


Riding Style (15/20)

Yocaher longboards are always ensuring all types of riding action with very high speed. Though all riding features have been found in every longboard, some longboards are made to gain special riding action including Freeriding, Downhilling, and Cruising. The Drop Down board is a perfect example for downhilling due to thicker deck with less flex.

Design / Color (13/15)

The design and color of Yocaher longboards are more than unique. The special designs of these longboards are appreciated by all classes of customers. A customer who likes elegant design must check these boards. Some longboards have taken special care for design and color. An example of such kind of longboard is Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard.

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Deck (12/15)

Most of the decks manufactured by Yocaher have a specialty for its ultimate function. The riding style determines the compactness and flexibility of the deck. The number of ply is increased due to making the decks thicker and such kinds of decks are mainly made of bamboo or maple. YOCAHER uses 9-ply Canadian maple for their main products, this is what we call a top notch material in terms of high quality.

Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Complete Kicktail Cruiser 40' x 10' w/Premium Black Grip Tape, Heavy...
81 Reviews
Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Complete Kicktail Cruiser 40" x 10" w/Premium Black Grip Tape, Heavy...
  • Longboard DECK, 9-Ply Maple Deck for durability, and a shape that is amazing comfortable especially for beginners; all combine to make this the perfect longboard choice
  • Griptape: Black Widow Premium Grade 80A Black Griptape. Best sticky adhesive and grip designed for Longboard and skateboard riders of all levels. Improves rider's grip which leads to better tricks and greater safety.
  • Trucks: 7" HD7 Heavy Duty 2 Tone alluminium alloy trucks, 125mm Hanger, Grade 8 Kingpin, 90A PU Cushion. Precision Components: All of the components on this longboard are created to complement its construction. The heavy duty allow trucks are perfect for maintaining stability.
  • Bearings: ABEC-9 Chrome Bearings. The Abec 9 bearings are excellent when it comes to reliably picking up and maintaining speed.
  • Wheels : 71mm Wheels, 78A Hardness that offers the elasticity of rubber wheels. Our 71mm Q-Ball wheels can easily handle all small cracks, rocks, pebbles, and debris and are rated at a 78A hardness which is perfect for gripping the road and picking up momentum.

Wheels (8/10)


Since the wheel determines the surface condition on which the longboards can ride smoothly, they have made a wheel with special features. Most of the wheels are made with hard plastic and the Pintail has 70x52mm wheels 78A hardness. 78A means the wheels are pretty soft and easily absorb any kind of shock for smooth riding.
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Truck (5/10)

YOCAHER New Complete Longboard KICKTAIL has used a 7” aluminum alloy trucks. Most of the trucks have included the entire requirements feature for a fun and safe riding. Relatively larger and wide trucks ensure adequate riding without any wheel bite.

yocaher truck

Busing (4/5)

Since the bushes used for sharp and smooth carve, the Yocaher longboards have high quality bushes and have a perfect combination. No need to replace it.

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Bearing (4/5)

Abec7, Abec 5 and Abec 3 bearing is commonly used for longboards manufactured by the Yocaher. Most of the parts including the bearing are strong and durable enough that remains unchanged after absorbing any kind of stress or shock of rough or smooth surface.

yocaher bearing


After going through our article on the Yocaher you may have a relatively fair idea about Yocaher brand. So, are you ready to have great fun and put all your energy into learning or riding Yocaher brand longboards now? Pull up your courage and tackle the most difficult challenges in your ride with ease and comfort using Yocaher brand longboards. Every longboard has its own speciality and each one is unique in its own. Besides being very cheesy, these Yocaher longboards are quite creative in nature and very popular among the youngsters. While these longboards do not discriminate amongst the beginners or experts, anyone who would ride them would definitely love it. These longboards are another name for enthusiasm and excitement. Riders get a great feel of enthusiasm and passion.

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