Z-Flex Longboard Review- The Best Choice For Professional

Z-Flex longboard is definitely an outstanding brand in the ‘’street world’’. However, choosing a longboard is not as easy as going to the store and picking a random one. You are choosing your sport partner, who directly affects your performance, so this process would require some research and understanding.

If you don’t have any experience in the field, don’t worry too much. In this article, we will give a detailed Z-Flex Longboard review and some tips to pick one.

Have you felt curious yet? Let’s begin to find your best skateboard.

What Is Z-Flex?

What Is Z-FlexFirst thing first, let’s take time to find why this brand is so famous with skateboarders.

The Z-Flex is known as a long-standing skateboarding brand co-created in 1975 by Jay Adams. Sound familiar? Right, you are not mistaken. He is not only a first generation Z-Boy, but also be the best skateboarder ever in the mythical Dogtown team.

You may not know that in the past, skateboarding was the replacement for surfing when the waves were flat, and it soon became the trend for a street group eager to prove themselves. In this time, Z-Boyz or the Zephyr team became well-known and quickly evolved into a phenomenon.

Finally, in 1976 Jay Adams’ step-dad ( Kent Sherwood), realized that skateboarding is his greatest dream, so he left the Zephyr team and started his own team with most of the original Zephyr skaters.

The first name of this brand is EZ-RYDER. However, it was changed to Z-Flex 6 months later.

Is Z-Flex A Good Longboard Brand?

Is Z-Flex A Good Longboard BrandDefinitely yes!!! Known as the brand with a glamorous history, Z-Flex has always been the pioneer in product innovation. They constantly develop the best quality longboard product.

In particular, they keep their unique retro style such as soul riding, carving, street surfing or bowl riding. That is why Z-Flex is appreciated by design and art.

Moreover, you can’t ignore the smooth glide of this brand. By using their own skateboard wheels called Abrasion Resistant Z, the company creates the smoothest skateboarding experience for users. You can totally feel how different it is from other brands.

How Much Does A Z-Flex Longboard Cost?

You can’t expect high-quality products to be cheap, can you?. If you bought a cheap longboard under 50$, we think you will pretty much end up regretting your decision. Usually, you must pay between $150 and $400 for a good quality product.

Luckily, Z-Flex Longboard is not an expensive brand yet it still allows you to possess the highest quality. Products ranging from 150 to 250 are enough to give you a smooth skateboarding experience.

However, if you are a professional skateboarder, you may want to spend more money than that.

Choice Of Trucks

Choice Of TrucksMost Z-Flex Longboards come with a reputable quality truck. However, the truck is the most perishable part, as they are easily broken after the ‘’Ollie trick’’. In this case, the replacement trucks will be useful.

You can upgrade to higher-end trucks but keep in mind that will increase the cost of your longboard. For example, you must pay between $50 – $110 per truck on the Z-Flex website.

Or you can get another truck option such as Caliber, Randal, Paris, Bear, and Gullwing with a cheaper price can easily run $40 – $60 for a set.

Choice Of Wheel

Choice Of WheelDo you want to customize your longboard? Replace a Z-Flex longboard’s stock wheels with larger ones, or find a replacement wheel that can take a bit off the cost? These wheel also is supplied on their website ( 50$-60$ for a set)


Bearings is the last part in this article, so feel free to pass if you feel unnecessary. The standard bearings going with your longboard can take as little as $10.

If you ask for a smoother skateboarding experience, you can upgrade your longboard with the highest-performance bearings. The Swiss Reds or Swiss Ceramics is a nice choice that will add from $60 to $160 to the original cost.

The Best Z-Flex Longboards Reviews: List Of Top 3

Have you got the key point for the selection? Now, it’s time to take a closer look at top 3 Z-Flex longboards.

  • Z-Flex Pintail Longboard
  • Z-Flex Roundtail Longboard
  • Z-Flex Drop through Longboard

Z-Flex Pintail Longboard

Z-Flex Pintail LongboardFirst thing first, let’s analyze the Z-Flex Pintail Longboard. With riders who love the classic, they often choose a pintail shape because of their design is the combination of both style and power of surfboards.

So, Is the Z-Flex Pintail suitable for a downhill longboard?

We bet you’ve been looking for a longboard that can withstand the rigors of downhill runs and meet your expectations. In my experience, Z-Flex Pintail is ideal for a downhill longboard.

Being the longest-running longboard company, Z-Flex has had a lot of experience in designing skateboards.

For example, the first thing that you notice is the length of the deck.

The Z-Flex Pintail is shorter than other longboard products. At 38 inches, this model can ease your control of this deck.

How about the design? I bet it won’t let you down.

The design of the Z-Flex will satisfy your aesthetic when using visually appealing and vivid graphics. Moreover, the quality of paint is so good that it is difficult to discolor even in extreme conditions.

However, It also has a small minus point. Some customers said that they fell a little loose after the ‘’Ollie trick’’ . This won’t be a big problem, though, as you can always substitute another truck.


  • Easy to control


  • Might be to be too short
  • Looser truck

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Z-Flex Roundtail 39″

Z-Flex Roundtail 39Z-Flex Roundtail seems to be a suitable product for the riders who want to control over the kicktail skill. Different from pintail mode, this unit equips a functional kicktail that improves your maneuverability on the kick turn.

Moreover, the shape of this model is wider and rounder than a pintail that gives you a larger foot platform.

If you pick the pintail shape, you can gain more control and comfort over downhill skateboarding.

Anything else?

You might be surprised at the durability of the deck. Using special construction with a 9-ply deck, this product gives you a certainty board in every skill.

Moreover, the agility of this board must be mentioned. By equipping 180mm RKP 45º trucks and special wheels using the Abrasion Resistant Z formula, Z-Flex Roundtail will give you the best gliding experience.

In short, if you are looking for the smooth gliding that can commute over longer distances, the Z-Flex is definitely worth a try. You can customize the Z-Flex by adding kicktails, extra concave, or extra foot space.


  • Equip a functional kicktail
  • Larger foot platform


  • Not much choice in design
  • Can be pricey for a beginner

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Z-Flex Drop through Longboard

Z-Flex Drop through LongboardAll of the Z-Flex types above don’t impress you? Or you simply look for the lengthier longboard. Then you might consider our final review model a Z-Flex Drop through longboard.

Frankly speaking, this unit will be the best choice for those who learn freeriding and sliding. The most obvious difference is the shape. Unlike the oval pintail shape, the deck typically has wide and long rectangular noise, and big wheel cutouts.

As a result of the special shapes of drop thought style, you totally see the difference in riding behavior.

For instance, the center of the drop thought model significantly lower off the ground than other units, resulting in more stability.

Moreover, by large wheel cutouts on the deck, you can easily catch a wheel to slow down and it is regarded as ideal to perform the kicktail skill.

Overall, if you find a longboard that stabilizes while running at high speed and gives you more foot space, you must consider the Z-Flex drop through longboard.


  • Can stabilize running at high speed
  • Lengthier and more foot space
  • Easily maintain control


  • The uncomfortable feeling when downhillers
  • Less of grip on the field

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As a professional skateboarder, you must pick the right skateboard to enhance your performance. I hope you can get all key points and choose a suitable type in the Z-Flex longboard review article above.

One more thing, you should pick the Pintail model if you are a risk-taker. Besides, the Roundtail model is ideal when you desire smooth sliding experience.

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